1D and 5SOS Imagines

If anyone wants me to do one for you or a friend you know, please comment below and I will work on it as soon as I can...

I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


5. Rylie and Zayn

Rylie had to get up early that morning to go to work. Starbucks.

She put on her uniform and headed out. Rylie loved working a Starbucks...because she loved coffee!

By the time she got there, the line was packed.

"Rylie! There you are! I need you to take over!" the manager said, motioning her to the counter.

Rylie stepped in front of the cash register and started taking orders. "That will be one mocha latté and a cinnamon pretzel. 5 dollars, please." she said to the customer. "Thank you. Don't forget! You're always a star at Starbucks!" Rylie always hated saying that line! "Next!" she yelled.

"Hey..." this really cute guy said.

"Hi, what can I get you?" Rylie asked, not looking up.

"How bout your number?" the guy said, trying to flirt. Rylie finally looked up. It was Zayn Malik! She was a huge fan of One Direction.

"Seriously, what do you want?" she said, trying not to fangirl.

"You..." Zayn said, smiling.

"You don't even know my name!" Rylie said, shocked he was being so forward.

"Yes I do...it will be in my contacts in a minute..." Zayn said, grinning again.

Rylie was flattered, but also irritated. "Listen, just because you're Zayn Malik doesn't mean you can come here and flirt with every girl you see! Now you're holding up the line!" Rylie yelled.

Zayn looked taken aback. "I'm sorry, and I'm not flirting with every girl. I just think you're really pretty, and I would at least like for you to give me a chance.." Zayn said, giving Rylie the puppy dog eyes.

Rylie felt bad. "Ok, I will, but my shift ends in 20 minutes.." she said, giving him a free coffee.

After Rylie got off, her and Zayn set down at one of the tables and talked for what seemed like for hours.

"That was really nice..." Rylie said, giving him a hug. Zayn kissed her. "I enjoyed it, too!"

They both considered it a first date, but didn't see each other for a while. Until Disneyworld...

A/N- Rylie, I hope you liked it. I told you I would do it about Starbucks! I added the little touch about Disneyworld! I figure you might like that! :)


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