1D and 5SOS Imagines

If anyone wants me to do one for you or a friend you know, please comment below and I will work on it as soon as I can...

I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


7. Ryen and Harry/Zayn/Niall

Ryen and One Direction have all been best friends since they were little. Ryen always loved hanging out with them, and looked forward to the jokes they all made. One day, the guys and Ryen were sitting around, wondering what they could do.

"Let's go to an amusement park!" Louis suggested.

"No, how bout surfing?" Liam asked.

"Let's go horse-back riding!" Niall suggested.

"You know I love horses! I'm in!" Ryen said.

"Me too!" Harry and Zayn both said.

"Count me out!" Louis said.

"Me too. That's not my thing!" Liam said, and him and Louis walked off.

"I guess it's just us!" Ryen said. As they went to leave, Zayn whispered to Niall, "She's mine!"

Harry, Zayn, and Niall all had a crush on Ryen.

"No, mate! She'd mine!" Niall said.

"May the best man win!" Harry said.

When they got in the car, the boys fought over who got to sit with Ryen.

"What's going on with you guys?" Ryen asked.

"Nothing!" they all said, nervously.

Once they got to the horse ranch, Ryen got out and ran to the horses. "I'm so excited!" she yelled.

"Hey, everyone. My name is Mark and I will be your instructor for today..." the owner came up to them and said.

Everyone got their own horses and began trying to get on. Ryen easily got on the horse, for she had ridden one before. Harry, Niall, and Zayn were another story.

"C'mon just jump on!" Mark said to Zayn. Zayn finally grabbed on and jumped.

After many attempts, Niall and Harry got on, too.

"That was smooth..." Zayn laughed at them.

When the horse-back riding finally started, Zayn went with Ryen. "Hey, random question, but I was wondering, if you could pick one of us to be your boyfriend, who would you pick?" Zayn asked.

"Um..I don't know..." Ryen said, confused.

Harry rode up to them. "You look really pretty today!" he said, trying to flirt.

"I think you're the prettiest girl in the world!" Niall yelled from behind them.

"Stop!" Ryen yelled. The horses stopped. Ryen jumped off. "Guys, what is going on?" she asked, frustrated.

"Ok, we all like you, and we want you to pick one of us to date!" Zayn said.

"I can't do that!" Ryen yelled.

Niall jumped off and kissed her. "How about now?" he asked, after they finished.

"That's not fair!" Zayn yelled, then kissed her too.

"Wow..." Ryen said, feeling overwhelmed.

Harry just sat there. Ryen looked at him. "You know what, I pick Harry, because he's actually considering my feelings..." she said, after a minute.

Niall and Zayn looked disappointed. Harry's face lit up. He got off the horse and walked over to her. "Now that I have you-" he started to say, before he kissed her softly on the lips. Ryen almost melted. "Wow..." she said again, breathless.

Ryen turned to Niall and Zayn. "I'm sorry, guys..." she said.

"It's ok. I'm happy for you two.." Niall said.

"You two make a cute couple..." Zayn said.

Niall and Zayn went home, but Ryen and Harry rode their horses off into the sunset.

A/N- Ryen, I hope you liked it. Lucky you! :)

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