1D and 5SOS Imagines

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I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


13. Oli and Jc

Oli and Jc had been together almost a year, and love wasn't enough to describe their affection for one another. There was no one in the world more perfect for each other than they were.


Oli dragged Jc out of the car. "Jc!" she groaned. "No matter what you do, we still have to go..."

"I love your family..." Jc resisted, "but they are a handful when they get together!"

Oli pouted with puppy dog eyes.

"Oh don't..." Jc tried to look away. "Ok fine!"

Oli grabbed Jc when he got out of the car and kissed his cheek. "Thanks..."

"You owe me..." Jc laughed, squeezing Oli's arm.

Oli opened the door to her parent's big, crowded house.

They were greeted with large woops and waves.

"Jc! Oli!" Oli's mother yelled, the Spanish accent thick on her tongue. She kissed them both on the cheek and brought them into the living room.

The living room was big, but not big enough for the amount of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents, parents, and more cousins that filled the large space.

The noise was unbearable. "Oh great..." Jc sighed.

"Hey...this is my family and if you want me, you want them too." Oli said sternly, agitated with Jc's rude remarks.

"I know...I'm sorry..." Jc replied.

The couple spent about an hour mingling, but then it was time to eat.

Jc took a seat at the table between Oli and her cousin Sandra.

The room was adorned with festive lights and Spanish-style amenities. The long table was filled up to the top with more food than you could ever imagine. Chicken, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, wings, and much more.

Jc immediately dug in, realizing how much he was enjoying himself. Before Oli fixed her plate, she noticed Sandra eying Jc up and down. Oli was shocked at first, but thought maybe she was just looking at him in a friendly way because everyone at the family party knew they were together. Oli shrugged it off and grabbed a chicken wing.

A few minutes went by before Sandra said something. "I'm sorry, but what is a fine fella like you doing here?" she winked at Jc and bit her lip.

'Oh no she didn't!' Oli thought.

Jc looked taken aback. "Uhhh..." he looked desperately at Oli, as if asking for help.

Oli started to say something but Sandra interrupted.

"Nevermind that...after lunch, I know a place we can go...if you're interested." Sandra licked her lips and smiled seductively at Jc.

That was it. Oli was not about to let her cousin flirt with Jc. "Ummm...excuse me?" she said so loudly, everyone at the table turned to look.

"I got this..." Jc raised his hand to silence Oli. Then he turned to Sandra. "Listen, I'm here with my GIRLFRIEND, your cousin, the girl that I love and am happy with, and I don't want some girl like you asking me to get a room with her. Like what is wrong with you? If you are so desperate to get in a guy's pants, go pick some dude your own age..." Jc yelled, looking straight at Sandra with a face of disgust.

Sandra looked completely shocked, and tears formed in her eyes.

Everyone at the table booed at her, and she quickly got up and ran out of the room crying.

After a few seconds, the tension passed and everyone went back to eating.

Jc looked at Oli, who was shocked and thankful at the same time. Her face filled with a warm and appreciative smile. "I love you..." she said slowly and quietly.

They kissed passionately, and Oli mumbled, "I taste chicken..."

They both burst into a fit of giggles.

"You know, I'm really having fun..." Jc smiled.

Oli bit her lip. "Good cause...after lunch...I know a place we can go...if you're interested..."

They both burst into laughter again.


A/N- Oli, hope you like it! I don't know much about Spanish lifestyle, so sorry about that, and I'm also sorry it took so long for me to update...but there you go!

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