1D and 5SOS Imagines

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I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


17. Luke and Rylie (Part 4)

"What do you think happened last night?"

"I'd say they had some fun and decided to come home to frickle-frackle."

"Man, I hope for Rylie Paul doesn't see this."

"I hope for Luke Paul doesn't see this! We might as well start digging his grave."

"Yea, Paul doesn't like Luke. At all."

"Why not?"

"Hmm. Luke was flirting with his only child, his daughter."

Rylie opened her eyes to see Niall, Louis, Michael, and Ashton hovering over her. "Guys! Privacy! There's a reason there's a curtain on these bunks!"

"There's a reason these bunks are so small..." Ashton shot back.

"Yea...they are made for not two, but one person." Niall agreed. holding a finger in the air.

Rylie remembered Luke was beside her. "Oh yea, about that. "

"Rylie! It was your first date!" Louis looked stunned.

"Nothing happened! He was helping me..." Rylie defended herself.

"With what? Taking your pants off?" Michael chuckled.

"No, he was helping me find my plug! Then he made some snide comment, and I...just kinda...let him stay."

"What is going on here?" a voice called from the end of the bus.

Niall grabbed Rylie's arm and pulled her from the bunk. "You better move or your father might murder your boyfriend."

Luke was sound asleep still, and Rylie hurriedly closed the curtain.

Paul reached the end of the bus and looked at the 5 kids.

"What's with the crowd back here?" he asked.

"Oh, the guys decided to wake me up by yelling in my ear and stuff..." Rylie bit her lip nervously.

"Mhmm, and how was your date last night?" Paul said angrily.

Rylie puffed her nose. "You know what? It was amazing! Luke is a sweet, genuine guy and I think he's gonna be my boyfriend, so thanks so much for the advice, but no thanks." Rylie said matter-of-factly, and pushed her father out of the way on her way to the bathroom.

Paul looked worn out. "I wanted a boy, but nooo."


They were on the road to the airport, headed to Milan Italy to kick off the WWA tour.

Rylie sat at the couch watching Niall and Calum argue over some stupid topic. She hadn't seen Luke in a couple hours. She figured he was still asleep but she went to go check.

The bus was quite big for a...well...bus. The front was of course where the driving took place. Then there was a couch, a table, a TV with all the X-box games imaginable, and a small kitchen.

There was about 10 bunks next. The bunks were about 6 by 3 so anyone taller than 6 feet had to squish together. Then there was a very small bathroom with a toilet, a sink, and shower head over the entire thing, so if you wanted a shower, you could just sit on the toilet.

In the back of the bus, there was another sitting area that was entirely sound proof and if the boys weren't in a hotel room, that's where they recorded. How they were going to get this bus to Italy was a different issue.

Anyway, once Rylie checked the bunks and saw no Luke, she assumed he was in the back room. She slid open the door and saw Luke in his own world, lost in thought as he was writing down lyrics with a guitar in his lap.


Luke looked up, and a huge smile crept upon his face. "There is the girl of the hour!"


Luke put  the pencil behind his ear, and looked at Rylie. "So I woke up, and the greatest idea came to mind!"

"What was it?" Rylie sat down.

"Listen." Luke fumbled with his guitar. He started to play some chords and sing the lyrics on the paper.

"How did we end up talking in the first place?
 You said you liked my Cobain shirt
 Now we're walking back to your place
 You're telling me how you love that song
 About living on a prayer
 I'm pretty sure that we're halfway there
 And when I wake up next to you I wonder how
 How did we end up here?"

"Now it's not finished yet. That's just the chorus, but what do you think? I thought our date was perfect inspiration for a song." Luke looked so happy.

"I could literally cry." Rylie said. "No one's ever written a song about me. I've always been the one to help them."

"Well you can help me write about you..." Luke smiled.

Rylie grabbed Luke's cheeks and kissed him.

"I should write a song about you everyday!" Luke laughed.




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