1D and 5SOS Imagines

If anyone wants me to do one for you or a friend you know, please comment below and I will work on it as soon as I can...

I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


4. Jenn and Zayn

"Beep, Beep!" Jenn's alarm clock went off.

"Urgh, I don't want to got to school today!" Jenn moaned, lazily getting up.

She dragged herself out of her warm, comfy bed and walked in the bathroom to get ready.

After she took a shower, she saw the time. 7:00.

"The bus leaves at 7:15!" Jenn freaked, running to her closet. She quickly threw on ripped jeans and a loose t-shirt. Jenn didn't care what the people thought of her. She was more of the party type.

After she got dressed, Jenn ran downstairs to the bus.

"Did you finish your homework?" her mom called after her.

"No!" Jenn yelled, heading out the door.

When she got to school, it was already time for biology class.

"Hey, did you hear about the new guy, Zayn. I heard he's a bad boy!" Jenn's friend, Lana asked, as Jenn sat down.

"No, but I'm not interested!" Jenn said, throwing her books on the table.

Just then, Marie, the most popular girl in school walked in. "Hey, just wanted to invite you all to my party, tonight!" she said, handing everyone a flyer.

"Are you going?" Lana asked.

"Yeah! I never miss a good party! Woo!" Jenn said, setting her muddy boots on the table.

"Ok, everyone. Get out your books- Jenn, take your feet off the table!" the teacher said, walking in, "Turn to page 97..."

"Sorry I'm late!" the new guy said, running in.

"It's ok... for now! But don't make it a habit!" the teacher said, motioning him to his seat. It was next to Jenn.

"Hey, I'm Zayn..." he said, holding out his hand.

'So much for a bad boy!' Jenn thought.

"Jenn," she said, crossing her arms.

"Um, ok. I see how it is..." Zayn said, setting his hand down.

"Hey, new guy! Are you coming to the party, tonight?" Marie asked.

"Yea, sounds ok..." Zayn said.

"Oh, great..." Jenn whispered under her breath sarcastically.

That night at the party...

The music was so loud, no one could hear each other speak. Jenn got there late, but went straight for the drinks. Zayn was there too.

"Wow, I can't believe you actually showed up!" Jenn said.

"I knew you'd be here..." Zayn said, smiling.

Jenn didn't want to, but couldn't help but smile. "C'mon, let's dance!" she said, grabbing his hand.

Out on the dance floor, Jenn danced like crazy. "Why are you so...wild?" Zayn asked her disappointedly.

"Because I want to be! Stop being a party-killer!" Jenn yelled.

"This party is no fun! I'm leaving!" Zayn yelled, walking away.

"Wait, Zayn!" Jenn said, running after him.

She ran outside to him getting in his car. "Zayn, I'm sorry, but you can't change who I am!" she said.

"I know I can't, but you can!" Zayn said, "Do you really want this kind of life? It may seem easy, but it's not!"

"Ok, but show me how to change!" Jenn pleaded.

"C'mon.." Zayn said, opening the passenger door.

For the rest of the year, Jenn quit partying. She was becoming a sweet, nice girl, even though deep down, she's been one all along. Jenn kept her grades up, and was studying law. She and Zayn started dating a couple of months back. He was the whole reason she changed, and she loved him. He loved her, too.

A/N- Jenn, I hope you liked it. It was challenging , but I tried my best! :)


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