1D and 5SOS Imagines

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I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


12. Carrie and Harry?

Carrie opened the door to her house, and hastily walked upstairs, dragging her heavy backpack along with her.

She had so much homework to do tonight, and she was already stressing about the play she had to do in 2 weeks. It was on Shakespeare, and first, she had to pick a stupid partner, and then write a stupid skit, then act it out in front of everyone.

Carrie opened the door, and immediately gasped. Her room was literally torn to shreds. The comforter was ripped in half, her posters were in pieces on the floor, and a sleeping shaggy dog lay in the corner or the room, a pleasant look on its face.

Carrie threw her backpack down, and ran as fast as she could down the stairs.

"Louis!" she screamed, running to the living room. "YOU LET YOUR STUPID DOG IN MY ROOM AGAIN AND HE TORE EVERYTHING T- oh hi..." Carrie stopped shouting and saw a very handsome, curly headed boy sitting next to her brother on the couch.

"Hey.." he coolly said, turning his head back to the video game on the TV screen.

"Calm down Carrie. All your things were trash anyway. Looks like Scruffy did you a favor..." Louis laughed, then Harry joined him.

"I don't care if you're my brother. I disown you!" Carrie shouted.

"I disowned you ever since you came out of mom's-"

Carrie groaned loudly in defeat. Hot tears fell from her eyes out of anger and frustration.

She turned on her heel and stormed out of the room, hearing a faint, "Bye Carrie..."

She closed her bedroom door, and attempted to fix some things. After a couple hours, she was able to stitch her comforter back together and clean up the paper all over the floor. Her room looked semi decent but it was nighttime, and Carrie hadn't even begun to start her homework.

Stupid Louis. Even though he was only a year older than her, he always managed to make her feel small.

"Dinner!" Carrie's mom called from downstairs.

Carrie sighed, and walked downstairs to see Louis, mom, dad, AND Harry already at the dinner table.

"So he's eating with us?" Carrie scowled, pulling out a seat.

"Is that a problem?" her mother asked.

"It is for my eyes..." Carrie mumbled. It wasn't that Harry was ugly. He was actually beyond hot, but Carrie was not in the best mood with really anyone that day.

Harry and Louis were best friends, and it was safe to say Carrie had a little crush on Harry, but she was always rude to him so he wouldn't expect it.

This was how dinner went:

Dad: "So how was school?"

Carrie: "Still a waste of time and effort."

Louis: "But she came home to a nice surprise!"

Mom: "And what would that be?"

Carrie: "Scruffy tore up Louis's clothes and he was running around the house naked."

Louis got up. "That is not true!"

Dad: "Louis, you are seventeen years old! Start acting like it!"

Louis: "But-"

Mom: "But nothing young man."

The rest of dinner was spent with Carrie and Louis exchanging death glares.


"I better be going..." Carrie heard Harry say while she brushed her teeth in the downstairs bathroom. She rinsed, fixed her hair in the mirror, and walked out of the bathroom, only to bump into a Harry.

As she began to tumble backwards, Harry grabbed her waist, and was able to keep her steady.

"Thanks Jerk..." Carrie said. She allowed a second to accept that Harry was basically holding her and then pushed away.

"No problem Drama Queen..." Harry replied.

"Well, you best be on your way." Clare smiled a fake smiled, and pointed her fingers toward the door.

Harry, completely ignoring her said, "That Louis running around naked thing was pretty funny..."

"I know right!"

Harry stared at Carrie for a moment, and said, "I know you like me..."

Carrie was frozen. "Um...change like to hate and you're totally right!"

"Cut the crap..." Harry said calmly.

Carrie just looked ahead of him at the hallway wall, and chewed on the inside of her lip.

"Go on a date with me tomorrow night." Harry demanded.

"Even if I wanted to, what about your GIRLFRIEND?" Carrie asked, pushing the butterflies out of her stomach. He just kinda sorta asked her out.

"We broke up."


"Just now..." Harry winked. "Pick you up at 7."

Before Carrie could protest, Harry was already gone.


The next day was torture. Carrie was so excited, she could hardly bare it! Harry asked her out and then she ran upstairs, thinking of all the possibilities that could happen all night. She didn't even touch her homework, and knew she might fail but it didn't matter because Harry Styles, the hottest guy in school, asked her out.

When Carrie got home, she rushed inside and hastily ran upstairs.

She slammed her bedroom door, and turned around to see Louis laying on her bed.

"Hey ugly..." he laughed.

"Not in the mood today Louis...now get out of my room!" Carrie screamed.

Louis grabbed a pen off of Carrie's desk and twirled it in his fingers. He bit his lip, and concentrated on the pen in his hand, thinking hard about something.

Carrie snatched the pen. "Did you hear me? I said get out of my room!"

She was beyond tired of Louis at that moment. She had to get ready. Harry would be there at 7, and she knew he would be early. That meant she only had 2 hours to do her hair and makeup, and pick out something to wear.

Louis looked up at Carrie. "Carrie..." he paused. "Carrie...Harry told me he asked you out."


"So...I don't think you should go on a date with him." Louis was being dead serious for once.

"You can think all you want. I'm going..." Carrie said, immediately dismissing him.

"No...seriously Carrie. I know Harry. He's my best friend...and well, he's a player. I didn't think he would go for my sister and now I'm really mad at him."

"And that concerns me how?"

"Carrie!" Louis yelled. "I need you to understand. He will use you! That's what he does to girls. He picks an innocent girl, like you, makes them feel special, feel wanted, then sleeps with them and leaves like nothing happened! Carrie, I've watched him go through 20 girls in the last month. He doesn't care about you! He'll break your heart!"

"Shutup!" Carrie yelled, tears pouring down her cheeks. "You just want to tear me down like always!"

"Carrie, I am your big brother and it is my duty to protect you! I know I joke around, but I'm not joking when I say you should stay away from Harry! Please, Carrie..." Louis was practically on his knees.

Carrie couldn't listen anymore. In her eyes, Louis was being Louis. Making her feel unwanted and trying to sabotage her happiness.

She wiped her tears and looked Louis sternly in the eyes. "Get out..." she said with so much hatred that Louis couldn't even believe it. He sighed and left the room silently.

Carrie flopped on the bed, bursting into tears. She was in a battle with herself. On one hand, she hated Louis for trying to make her feel small as always. He never failed to cause her pain and she couldn't stand him as a brother. On the other hand, she couldn't help but believe Louis. He looked so serious, how could he lie about something like that. Maybe he was trying to protect her. After all, he was her big brother.

Carrie shook her head. No. She was going on that date and she wasn't about to let anybody ruin that.


Maybe I should go more causal. I shouldn't overdue it.

Or maybe he wants me to dress up to show how much I care.

No, casual shows I haven't been thinking about him all freaking day.

But I have. So if I want to dress up, he'll understand.

No, casual it is.

Carrie's head was reeling. It was a jumble of things she felt. She was so nervous, yet so ready.

Carrie pulled on her outfit and slipped on some sandals. She glossed her lips with a second coat, brushed her hair for the third time, and finally accepted she had to be ready.

Carrie glanced at the clock. It was 6:50. The doorbell rang.

She knew he would be early.

She hastily grabbed her purse but lost grip, and it fell to the ground. She cursed, but gathered as much as she could, and ran downstairs, yelling, "I got it!"

She stood in front of the door, and took a deep breath.

"Hey Sweet Cheeks, you look hot tonight." Harry smirked, leaning against the door. He was dressed in a Rolling Stones t-shirt, jeans, and Converses.

Good thing I went with casual.

"Oh shutup..." Carrie said playfully.

"I like when you're mean. It's hot. Now c'mon.."

Carrie grabbed Harry's hand, and they walked towards Harry's Camaro.

All she could think about was Louis. What if he was right? No, he wasn't.

"So where are you taking me?" Carrie asked, once Harry started the car.

"The club..."

"Harry, I'm 16. I can't drink."

"I know a guy who can get us in."

Carrie shook her head.

"Oh c'mon..." Harry pouted. "It will be fun." Harry's hand moved to Carrie's thigh and he gently squeezed. "For me?"

How could Carrie resist that face. "Ok...but I have to be home around 10." She remembered her mom so excited that she was finally going on a date. Then her dad looking stern and giving her the talk about sex and drugs. Like she hadn't heard that 50 billion times.


The club was loud, filled with sweaty people, and reeked of alcohol, but Carrie had never felt more awesome. Her mind was focused on Harry's hand...wrapped around hers.

"So...like...what do we do?" Carrie asked nervously.

Harry burst into laughter, like he saw Carrie as the stupidest girl on the planet.

Carrie blushed, beyond embarrassed, and felt like a small child being scolded.

"We dance, drink, then dance some more!" Harry said.

"But..." Carrie began, but was rudely interrupted.

"But nothing." Harry's eyes grew dark, and Carrie was frozen. "You are on a date with me and what I say goes..."

Carrie gulped. "Right...ok." She hadn't seen this side of Harry and couldn't imagine being on his bad side.

Harry ordered a round of shots.

At first, Carrie's plan was to pretend to drink the shots, but when she grabbed the small glass, Harry's eyes were on her. He stroked her back in what was meant as a calming gesture, but Carrie knew he was encouraging her to take the shot.

And she did.

The liquid went down as smooth as butter, and settled in her stomach perfectly. It was so good.

Everything was telling Carrie not to take another shot. But she did.


Twenty shots of tequila later, Carrie was subdued to the world of alcohol. Her mind was fuzzy. The music was somehow louder, the air somehow thicker, and Harry somehow glowed like an angel.

Louis's words were ringing in her ears, but she didn't listen. 

Through her hazy memory, Harry's grabs her hand and leads her to the dance floor.

Carrie stumbled a few times but finally regained her balance, and examined everyone else's dancing habits. She had never seen such a thing. People grinding on each other, grabbing crotches, sucking necks. Nevertheless, Carrie followed their moves as best as possible.

All she wanted to do was please Harry. Please Harry and her life was complete. Pleasing Harry was the only thing that mattered. Out of all the girls, he chose her. She was special. Harry wanted HER. Not Bianca Jones, the prettiest girl in school. Not Sarah Mitchell, the popular cheerleader. Carrie Tomlinson, the somehow no longer invisible Junior.

Harry seemed happy. He liked the way Carrie's body wrapped around his. He liked her tongue running up and down his neck. He moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly, Harry's hand was wrapped around hers again and he was pulling her towards the door.

"Where are we going?" Carrie mumbled, everything a blur. Her mind looked like a puzzle, missing a few pieces. She didn't even care anymore. She just wanted to go to sleep.

Harry pulled her out the door, and headed towards his car.

Harry pushed her in, and climbed on top of her, unfastening his belt.

"What are you doing?" Carrie asked, not understanding. She wanted so badly to close her eyes and go to sleep. She was so tired.

Harry grabbed Carrie's waist and pulled down her pants as well.

"Harry...where...what..." Carrie's words were barely coherent and she didn't know what was going on.

Suddenly, everything clicked inside of her and she pushed Harry off and pulled up her pants. She hurriedly opened the door and climbed out and ran as fast as she could. She heard Harry's screams become more distant. She ran until her feet hurt. She had no idea where she was going, just that she had to run.

Finally, she stopped. Her mind was still a big heap of confusion but she knew Harry had used her. Louis was right. He didn't care about her. All he wanted was to use her and leave. Carrie couldn't believe it. Now she was alone in an unknown place, drunk, and heart-broken.

She searched in her purse for her phone and couldn't find it.

Must have not picked it up when I dropped my purse.

Great. Now she was alone in an unknown place, drunk, and heart-broken with no means of getting home.

Carrie fell to her knees and cried into her hands. She cried for all the wrong reasons. Harry used her but yet she still wanted him so she could feel wanted...Suddenly, she felt sick and puked up all the tequila and shame of the earlier hours.

Could something go right?

Suddenly, she felt arms wrap around her and pull her up. Was she imagining it?

"Louis..." she called out.

"Yes Carrie?"

Was it a miracle?

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to rescue you."

The moon gave little light to the dark area but Carrie faintly saw Louis's outline as she looked up at him.

"Let's go home..." Louis said, so gently and sincerely, Carrie could hardly believe it was him. Everything was moving slower than it probably was.

"You were right. Harry was using me and I'm so...stupid!" Carrie cried more, even though there were no tears left.

"No...you were just easily fooled by his charm...every girl is..." Louis picked Carrie up and walked her towards the car in the distance.

"I wish I had listened to you..."

"I wish you had too..." Louis agreed.

Carrie could feel herself slipping away into the world of sleep.

"Louis...p-please don't let me have to see H-Harry again..."

"You won't...as far as now, Harry is no longer a concern to me."

Louis gently put Carrie in the seat and her head fell back. Before she drifted off, she said one last thing. "I'm sorry..."

She heard a distant, "Me too."

They both knew Carrie wouldn't remember anything the next day, but somehow, through the mess, they had been brought closer together.


A/N- Sorry it was so late! I hope you liked it. I enjoyed writing it. That's why it's so long! But yea...have a good day!

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