1D and 5SOS Imagines

If anyone wants me to do one for you or a friend you know, please comment below and I will work on it as soon as I can...

I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


2. Amber and Harry

"What do you need?" Amber asked, answering the phone.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a movie with me and Tiffany?" Harry asked.

"Um..." Amber said, nervously.


Amber and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. Last year, Harry started dating Tiffany, the most popular and snobbiest girl in school. Tiffany bullies Amber, but Harry doesn't know...


"Please! I need you here!" Harry pleaded.

"Ok, I guess I'll come..." Amber said.

"Thanks! You're the best! Love you..." Harry said.

After they hung up, Amber started to freak. 'He said "I love you!" ' she thought. She started digging through her closet for something to wear. "I'm going to show Tiffany she can't bully me anymore!" Amber said to herself.

"What's that,honey?" her mom asked, walking in.

"Mom! Can't you knock?" Amber yelled.

"Where are you going?" her mom asked.

"To Harry's..." Amber said.

"Oh, getting dressed up for your "best friend," her mom said with a smile, then left.

At Harry's

"Well, you two know each other, so let's put in the movie!" Harry said.

Amber sat down.

"I can't forget popcorn!" Harry said, running into the kitchen.

Tiffany sat down beside Amber. "So, how long has it been since you've liked Harry?" she asked.

"What? I don't know what you're talking about!" Amber yelled.

"Oh, please. Everyone can tell! I'm surprised Harry hasn't noticed, or he would have started ignoring you by now!" Tiffany yelled back.

"Just don't tell him!" Amber begged.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll let him find out the hard way..." Tiffany whispered into Amber's ear, "And you will surely be humiliated."

Just then, Harry walked out with the popcorn. "What's wrong, Amber?" he asked.

Amber looked at Tiffany. Tiffany gawked back.

"Oh, nothing..." Amber said, as Harry sat down.

Everything was quiet as the movie played. Tiffany said to Amber, "I'm so glad you came!" as fake as ever.

"Aww! I love seeing my two favorite girls getting along!" Harry said.

Tiffany whispered into Amber's ear again, "Listen, I'm done sharing Harry, so either you make up an excuse to leave, or I tell him you like him!"

Amber got up. "Um...my mom just texted and said I have to...um clean my room..." and with that, she ran out.

"Wait!" Harry yelled, and then turned to Tiffany, "I heard what you said, and I didn't realize what a jerk you are! We're done!" he said, getting up and chasing after Amber.

When Harry got outside, it was pouring down rain. "Amber, wait!" he yelled.

"Harry, you're my best friend, but I can't handle Tiffany!" Amber yelled, through the sound of the rain hitting the ground.

"I broke up with her!" Harry yelled back.

Amber looked shocked.

"I realized I only need 1 favorite girl in my life...and that's you!" Harry said, pulling Amber into his arms.

"I can't believe you would do that for me!" Amber said, laying her head on his chest.

"Amber, I love you!" Harry said, moving his head slowly towards hers.

"I love you, too!" Amber said back.

Before the rain could stop, they passionately kissed for the first time.

A/N- Amber, I hope you enjoyed it. I tried my best!

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