false alarm

sometimes, when I lay alone in my bed, I dream about someone loving me. when I open my eyes and look around to see that I'm alone, the lyrics of The Smiths song's runs through my mind; "last night I dreamt, that somebody loved me. no hope no harm, just another false alarm."


1. false alarm

I just imagine me with someone

I imagine someone holding me
In his arms
And we are watching movie

I imagine someone holding my hand
Taking walks to the park
And laughing at each other's stupid jokes

I imagine him at my house
Lying next to me
Softly singing to me
Till I fall asleep

I imagine opening my eyes in the morning
And seeing the one I love's sleeping face
We are cuddled up together
And I smile

I imagine me in his kitchen
Having a food fight
And we end making out
On the table

Then I wake up
Knowing that these will never come true
So every now and then
Whenever I wake up from these dreams
I tell myself that it's just a false alarm 
No harm to the brain
Just to the wasted heart

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