Falling From the Sky Together

Alice and Matt have gone to the same school for ten years (making them sofmores) but never gotten to know each eachother. But when their best friends (Louis and Danielle) start dating they start to spend loads of time together. Read my book to see what happens ;)


2. Love Is In the Air

Matt's P.O.V.

What am I sapposed to say when she walks in? Hi I don't really wanna be here. Why am  so awkward? 


"Oh that's them, Matt?"


"At least try to act happy"

"Yeah whatever.."

When I saw her, my heart started racing. I was frozen I couldn't breath. Every time she looked at me with her dazzeling hazzel eyes I was weak at the knees. I couldn't function around her she was like my own personal kryptonite. I didn't even know this girls last name and I was undeniably in love with her. Never thought I'd say this but I have offially been shot out of the sky by cupids arrow.


Alice's P.O.V.

El and I walked in she yelled to someone across the room, I'm guessing it was Louis. He stood up and walked to her. Then we walked to the table. I saw Matt sitting there dumbfounded. he wouldn't stop stareing at me. It took him a while but he stapped out of it after Louis kept nudgeing him with his elbow! 

After I realized he's not an idiot we actually had a good time. He's a really funny guy. Ok I can't hold it in any longer, I think I'm in love! Matt is amazing all I could think when we were talking is "be cool!" I think I've found my match yep I'm definitely in love. Shot out of the sky by cupids arrow.

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