Falling From the Sky Together

Alice and Matt have gone to the same school for ten years (making them sofmores) but never gotten to know each eachother. But when their best friends (Louis and Danielle) start dating they start to spend loads of time together. Read my book to see what happens ;)


1. Double Date?

Matt's P.O.V.


"So you've got ANOTHER girlfriend?" He looked a little mad when I said that but he has had his share of girlfriends. 

"Well tecnially yes, but this one's different"

He always says that. "Mhm sure Louis" 

"Thanks for your support her name's Eleanour,and she's really nice. Plus she has a friend I think you'd like"

I hate when he does this. "Louis I told you I don't need your dating help!" He's such an ass.

"I know you said that, but this girl's different, I think you'd really like her"

He sounds pretty serius about this..."I don't know man"

"Come on! Elanour already invited her to a double date with us, you don't want to cancel on her do you?"

Dammit "Fine"


Alice's P.O.V.


Eleanor can be such a pill sometimes "Eleanor I don't need your help finding someone!! I am perfectly capable!!" 

"But Louis and I already set up a date!" Dammit

"You did what?' 

"I set up a dinner date that we could all go to" Mental face palm.

"Wow thanks, well I guess I have to go." This should be fun.

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