New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


10. Why?

Jake p.o.v 
I watched my Princess and Zayn go into a room together. 
I am happy to know they worked thing out. The girl Zayn was sitting with,Perrie , i think moved to the seat next to me. 
"Do you ever wonder why they are always in that room?" She asked. I thought about it ... Sometimes but I kind of know. 
"Not really, he needs her right now" I stated looking at the blonde. He really does ... Right?
"Take a look. Does she ever sing to you? Or let you cry on her shoulder ? Or simply have a deep intellectual conversation with you ?" She interrogated. I looked at the window on the room door and sure enough Zayn was leaning on her shoulder and she was singing. 
"N-No , but there is nothing to worry about, I have simplg never asked" I tried to defend her but Crystal has never sung to me before. I was getting a little angry. Calm down Jake, you never needed it. 
I stared and saw her kissing his forehead. 
Why the hell does she kiss everyone's head but mine ?
"I have noticed she sure does kiss Zayn a lot since I have been here which has only been and hour eh? They have even gotten really close, Have you heard the nickname she has for him?How much he makes her smile? Does she have a nickname for you ?" She asked dearly. 
As a matter of fact she has never given me a nickname. And he makes her smile a lot. I was growing angrier by the second. Why the hell can she do all of this for him and not me? I was there when he made her cry, not him. 
That door swung open and by that point I was furious. 
Crystal p.o.v
I swung the door open to see a furious Jake and a smirking Perrie. 
Drama again...
My face scrunched in confusion. I rushed to Jake grabbed his face. 
"Jake , what's wrong?" In all honesty I really am worried. He roughly shoved my hands away. Umm ouch , okay...
"Jake I can't read your mind , can you tell me whats wrong?" I asked sitting on his lap. He pushed me off , I landed flat on my ass. What the fuck. 
"Whoa , don't push her"All they boys said in sync. 
"I got this guys "I stood up, dusting myself off. 
"Why can you do all of this stuff for Zayn but when it comes to me , you do absolutely nothing?" He practically shouted at me. Oh Helllll No. 
"One , don't raise you goddamn voice at me. Two, what the hell is your problem ?"I tried staying calm replaying what Daddy wanted me to do. 
"You know exactly what my problem is , you can sing and kiss him, but can't do a -"I raised my hand to slap him. "Do it I fucking dare you too" He is really pushing me. I lowered my hand. Niall doesn't want this for me.I turned on my heels and just calmly walked away. I heard multiple footsteps behind me. 
"I wasn't done talking to you " I heard the ass shout. I don't have time for this shit. I won't put up with it, not even from a prince. 
I pushed the stairs door open and ran down 20 flights of stairs. 
When I reached the bottom, I wasn't out of breath, just way calmer. I took the back exit and no longer heard footsteps behind me. I didn't know where else to go but the skate park. I bursted into a sprint to get there. 
My legs ached but I didn't slow down or even think about it. I only sped up when I saw the entrance. I saw Khian with some friend and Ashley. I pushed myself harder to get to him. I ran smack into him. He stumbled back a bit. 
"Whoa , Whoa, Crystal are you okay?" He asked rubbing my back. I shook my head no. 
"I will catch up you guys later," Khian said and I heard their footsteps move further away. 
"Crystal, whats wrong? " He asked. I just started crying and buried my head in his chest. 
He picked me up bridal style and sat me in his lap as he sat on what I'm guessing is a bench. I didn't look I just kept my head in his chest. 
He rubbed my back tears fell onto his black shirt. 
"I just need you right now Kiwi" I snuggled close to his chest. He wrapped his arms protectively around me. 
Why is all this happening to me? Why did my Family have to be in a crash ? Why did Niall have to go into a coma ? Why heart failure ? Why is Jake hating me ? Why am I breathing ? Why am I always aggravating people? Why does the world hate me ? Why can't I just have a happy ever after?
"Niall. A coma. Zayn. Mentally. hurt. Perrie. Hates me. Jake. Mad. At. Me. I. Need. You" I stopped after every word hiccuping from my crying. Khian held me tightly. 
"It is going to be okay, Babe I promise it will be okay." He held me. I slowly stopped crying. I didn't move just laid there. I had been laying there for about 15 minutes after crying for 10. 
"Crystal , I am so sorry . I don't know what I was think. I'm sorry please Princess " I heads Jake's voice and saw his blood shot eyes. 
"You have done more than enough, you know exactly what she is going through and you insist on hurting her more. I don't give a fuck who you are. No one hurts MY Chrissy. You better fucking pray she doesn't want me to bash you fucking face in-" Khian was getting pretty heated, he has never gotten this angry before. I touched his face cutting his words short. 
"Don't do something crazy Khian , " I sniffled looking at Jake. "He isn't worth it " 
I felt two hands pull me away from Khian. A pair of lips smashed on mine. It was rough and i guess passion filled. 
I felt familiar but still shocking fireworks,sparks, and jolts. 
I gave into the kiss quickly and out lips moved in sync. The lips were very familiar soft and plump. He slowly pulled back. I opened my eyes and discovered Jake. 
"I am stupid , sad and pathetic ,a huge dick. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, or you. Zayn needs you and I have to accept that I have to share you with other guys. He needs you and is going insane right now. I love you and i shouldn't have ever made you cry or hurt. I am soo stupid. I cant even go 5 minutes with you not being by my side without losing my mind. I'm so lost with out you. I need you like a heart needs a beat. I love you too much to let jealousy ruin us. " He said wisely. I pecked his lips. I nodded. 
"I forgive you, I have been neglecting you and I'm sorry J, but that doesn't mean I love you any less. " I told him wiping away his stray tears. 
"Wait " Khian said standing , he pushed me back a bit. He punched Jake in his face, luckily nothing cracked. 
"That was from me and Niall, better me than him , trust me" He said pushing us back together. 
"Khian , " I shouted. He raised his hands as if he was innocent. 
I rubbed Jake's cheek it was red. 
"I deserved that," He admitted."but a kiss would make it feel a little better" He played innocent. 
I shook my head and peck his cheek, as I was pulling away ,he grabbed the back of my head smashing my lips onto his. 
Our lips were just there , but I felt all the sparks. 
"That was the one I was going for " He smirked. 
"Shut up" I blushed a bit. 
All of a sudden he burt into song. 
"No I won't , No I won't hush
I say the words that make you blush " He sung quoting Ed Sheeran. He has a fantastic sing voice like damn. That was amazing, like it was angelic. 
I smiled and hugged him. "Can you please stop , stop hating me now?"I begged. He gasped and pulled back.
"Baby, I could never hate you, thats like hating sunshine or hating happiness. I didn't hate you , I was just ..." He trailed off not want to say the word.
"You were .... Jealous" I accused in a dramatic voice. He shook his head. I nodded. 
" You were Jealous that I sang to Zayn, gave him nicknames , kissed him repeatedly. I held him close, just like you hold me." I said in a teasing tone. I felt him stiffen. 
"You shouldn't be , I don't give you nicknames because, I like your name , but if you want one , how about J?" His face brightened and he nodded quickly. 
"J, if you want me to kiss you more often then just say it. I just find kissing on the forehead as a comfort thing or a shooting thing" I leaned down and kissed him quickly. "That is a love thing" I told him gesturing to the kiss we had just shared. 
"I can hold people close, but I think I like it when people hold me close. " I continued wrapping my arms around him. 
"I will sing to you one day, but if I did it now what would you have to look forward to?" I asked rhetorically. He nodded gesturing that , that was how he was feeling. 
"So tell me J,was that how you were feeling" I asked and he looked down and nodded. 
"What is that called?" I teased.
"You know what ," he looked up. "Damn right I was jealous, no one needs to spend that much time alone with my girl,but me and maybe her father" He looked his arms around my waist."Mine, all mine.No one kisses or gets kissed by my girl,but me. No one get serenaded by my Princess, but me" He got possessive ... I like that. I giggle a little.
All yours babe,all yours. 
I pecked his lips. 
"I think I like Zayn better,"I shrugged. Big Mistake. He roughly grabbed my face and slammed his lips on mine. The entire kiss was forceful and demanding, the whole thing made me weak to my knees. 
"Still liking Zayn,Princess?" He teased, already knowing the affect he had on me. I bit my bottom lip to keep from saying no.He bent to my ear "That is what I thought" He whispered sending shiver down my spine and making goosebumps form. 
"Oh Gosh , get a room " Khian shouted covering his eyes. Me and Jake burst into fits of ,laughter. We were there together for about an hour ...then reality set in. I should be at the hospital.
"Khian , meet us here two o'clock tomorrow. We have to go."I said quickly grabbing Jake's hand pulling him out of the park. 
We were ,walking down the hall where Niall's room was located. I pecked Jake's cheek and ran to get a better look at all the commotion. Everyone was huddled around something. 
"Dammit ,where is Crystal when you need her ?" Harry questioned running his hand through his hair. I am right behind him.
"Right here ..." I trailed off not knowing what to say next. His face brightened and he pushed me to the middle of the crowd. I what I saw next broke my heart. 
Zayn was balling his eyes out and Perrie was trying to comfort him. 
"I want my mum right now" He spoke through his powerful sobs. 
"She is still in Bradford , babe" she comforted him. He shook his head. 
"I want my lil mummy" He cried putting his head in his hands and Perrie clung to him like a monkey one a tree. I pushed further in. 
"Zaynie , love come here " I called to him. His head snapped up and he broke from Perrie's grip and collided into me with open arms. I supported him so he could stand right. A path way made so we could get through. I glanced and Jake and saw him smiling. I shot him a smile, a very quick smile. We went to Zayn's room once more. We returned to our now regular spots on his bed. 
"Zaynie , what's wrong ?" I asked him hold him in my arms.
"It hurts so bad, I did this to him. It is all my fault, the guys are on casts and Niall is in intensive care. Everything is all my fault. He has never done anything wrong " He sobbed on my shoulder. "Mum, it is all my fault,and the guilt is killing me slowly." He sobbed in the crook of my neck. I rubbed his back , wishing I could rub the guilt away. 
"Zaynie, it isn't you fault. Why are you still thinking this?" He wasn't thinking about it when I left. 
He pulled out his phone and handed it to me . I slid the arrow button and twitter opened. 

Are they fucking serious? Hell no des bitches gone get hurt...after I help Zayn. I put Zayn's phone in my pocket he is never getting this back. 
"They are some assholes who want you to feel like this. No one deserves all of this pain. But you fucking deserve to be in the band. Babe , you can't let them win,they want you to quit and hurt yourself " I gave it to him straight. He deserves the truth. I held him really close. "Zaynie you are still Niall's best mate no matter what. He loves you just like I do. I have heard that only fans send hate, but directioners are always there supporting you all no matter what. Y'all just get blinded by all of the hate you can't see the love." I comforted him. I pulled out his phone and went to his Facebook. There are a few fan pages I know about them like TRUE DIRECTION. I typed it in and clicked on their page. Just as I suspected, they were supporting the boys. 
I smiled at the post. 
'All you fuckers who keep fucking with Zayn , go to hell. It is called an accident for a reason you sons a bitches. He is amZAYN. Quit saying he should die and he is a terrorist , muthafuka's puh-lease. If anything he is a thief!! He has stolen millions of hearts from North America , South America,Africa,Australia,Asia ,Europe and Antarctica. Which is perfectly fine with us. We don't want it back , for what? To give to some asshole to break? Imagine how hard this is on Zayn. You all are blinded by the negative and not seeing the positive. He has saved millions of girls out there. You fuckers have no right to tell him he deserves death! Last I checked Zayn has been , will be and is by Niall's side . I am signing off early you fuckers are pissing me the hell off. To Directioners who are reading this,tweet the boys saying how much you care and love them and add Hashtag'#StophatingZayn'. Bye'
I pushed the phone into Zayn's face. He pushed it away. 
"Zaynie,trust me hun you wanna see this. I would never show you something to hurt you" I tried to said convincingly. He sighed and took it. I watched his eyes tear up again and brighten. He was scrolling down the comments reading great things. He went to twitter and then to trends. Sure enough , #StophatingZayn was trending. He smiled the brightest smile in the entire world. It was so contagious, I started smiling. He officially was off of my shoulder and now laying in my lap reading, retweeting, following and commenting on all the tweets he came across. 
I kissed his forehead. "Told you they love you" I teased in the 'I told you so' tone. 
"Thank you" He said sitting up to hug me. 
"You are like a antidepressant , did you know that?" He asked still holding me tightly, I had immediately responded to his hug. 
"I have never heard that before" I laughed a little. 
"Well then you shall be my official antidepressant/ lil' mum." He insisted in like the a really serious tone. I laughed a little and still had a smile. 
"So now I am a drug? Interesting ." I laughed. 
He pulled back. 
"Oh my goodness I don't know where I would be without you," He sighed hugging me again. 
"I know , you would be lost without me " I joked. He pulled back again. 
"I know" He agreed. Something from the side of my eye caught my attention from the door. It was Perrie in the door window looking pissed. I shrugged it off and focused back on Zayn. He laid his head back in my lap and I heard a knock on the door. I looked at Zayn for approval he nodded. 
"Come in" I shouted , covering Zayn's ears. I released his ears as the door swung open. It was Jake and Perrie. 
"Hey cutie " I said to Jake as he leaned in for a peck on the lips. 
"Hey Princess " He greeted pulling back. 
"I just wanted to make sure Zayn was okay " he informed us. "You okay,mate?"'he asked. Zayn nodded. 
"Yeah just a bit fragile is all" He shrugged still scrolling on his phone. 
"Zayn Malik, it is very rude to stay on your phone while someone is speaking to you" I nagged in a fake strict voice. 
He put his phone down. 
"Sorry mum,Sorry Jake" he apologized. I smiled at his puppy eyes. 
"It is okay, just try and remember,love" I played with his hair. 
"Oh my god Baby are you okay , wait how cam she make you smile and laugh in like 5 minutes but I try for about a hour and nothing" She whined. Ughh she sounds really needy. 
"I don't know ,Crystal just makes me feel better" He shrugged. I smiled to myself. 
"I am going to check on Niall I will see you two later , bye Zaynie "I said, gently lifting Zayn's head off my lap. 
"Bye mummy" He said in a baby voice kissing my cheek. I waved my hand. I grabbed Jake's hand and got off the bed and left the room. Jake pecked my lips again. He sure is touchy today .
I can't say I don't enjoy it though. 
I pushed the door to Niall's room and saw him sitting up watching soccer. 
"Fuck"he cursed snapping his fingers. 
How is he okay ?
Social Media trouble. Perrie Trouble. Just trouble. 
Thanks for reading
Love you guys,


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