New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


17. School Time

Present Day

Crystal p.o.v

"Prince Jake , madam Crystal , please awaken, there is School today." I heard someone plead. My eyes fluttered open, to see a woman in a maid's outfit carrying a tray of various foods. I made a failed attempt to sit up. What the hell. When did I gain so much - ohhhhhh.

Realization hit me like a sack of potatoes, as the sounds of light snoring filled my ears.

" Thank you for waking us up. I will wake up Jake. Ummm can you set the tray on the end of the bed? It looks awfully heavy and I feel horrible that you've been holding it." I smiled at her. "Oh and please just call me Crystal" I added with a smile. She smiled at me before thanking me and exiting.

I tried to get up again , but this seemed to encourage him to hold me tighter, because that's exactly what he did. He snuggled into me a bit more and pulled closer to him. I turned around in his grasp to face his face. I poked his lip , begging him to get up. I kissed his cheek before repeating my pleads.

"Give me a kiss, Crystal" he mumbled before snuggling close. "Beautiful" was heard somewhere between the asking.

" Jake" I shook him again. No response. Awww he was sleep talking. He was dreaming about me. But , I guess I could do it anyway. Its not like he would know.

I leaned down and pressed my lips onto his. It was suppose to be a light simple kiss, but someone decided to wake up and ruin my sweet gesture.

As soon as I pressed my lips to his he responded back in slow movements. He moved and I followed.

This is not a good idea. Making out in a guys bed. Yeah , why am I not admitted to slut school?

I pulled back , but it was followed by a second lighter kiss. From there we pulled back together. We couldn't stop the forming smile on both of our faces.

"You can wake me up anytime you want. " I had to stop a gasp exposing itself. His morning voice. Sweet Baby Jesus.

" You were dreaming about me ," I pointed to me "kissing you." I poked his nose. A very heavy blush spread across his cheeks. I put my finger to my chin pretending to think. "I vaguely remember you saying I was beautiful , somewhere in that mix too." I teased.

"Love, I tell you that even when I am awake ." He kissed my forehead before releasing his hold on me. He sat up and stretched, yawning unbelievably loud.

"Come on , we need to get you home ,can't be late for your first day of High School." He grinned as if it was funny. I could help but to let out a groan.


I stepped out of the car with my dad and Jake . The loud chatter and girls in skirts four sizes too small. I was the only girl in plaid pants. Scratch that only person. I was the only girl in pants. The vest was still in the form of a long sleeved shirt. I still had on a white polo though, it was just underneath it. I had an all black belt on with a pair of black converse. My hair was curled into perfection by the lovely Eleanor Calder. My stylist was the one and only Danielle , while Perrie criticized everything along with Lou. Dad almost had a cow when Perrie suggest to put make up on my face. He said I was 'naturally perfect',plus I hated make up so I was all good there.

I had on some silver hoops owned by Elle herself. I had my solid black backpack slung onto my shoulder. You could sense the snootiness coming off of these people. I felt a hand grab mine and intertwined our fingers. I smiled a bit as we walked together. The moment we entered school grounds whispers began , most likely rumors. When we reached to office Jake turned to me.

"I have to go put my stuff in my locker, but I will be back ,okay?" I nodded and he leaned in to kiss my cheek and before I knew it he was off.

"You ready Shorty?" Dad looked down at me. Hell No.

"Yeah." I lied , putting on my best fake smile. We entered the door and immediately some blonde chick stood up and went into the Dean's office. A few minutes later the Dean came out and a semi smile came upon her face , that was until she saw me. The blonde had a sinister look on her face. Mmmmm so this must be in a mememlittle Bitch Clique I have heard so much about.

My dad but on his dazzling smile and stuck his hand out.

"Hi , my name's Niall Horan, I was told I need to sign some papers on Crystal's first day?" He said in more of a questioning tone. She nodded curtly and shook his hand.

"Yes, come the papers are in my office." We followed the dirty blond woman to her office. Her office looked like the Presidents Oval Office, very strict. She took a seat behind her desk and pulled out the papers and a pen. We both sat in the two seats in front of her desk. She was in a business attire. My dad signed the papers and handed them back to her. She accepted them.

"Her first day will be tomorrow." She said before beginning to stand up. What?

"And why not today ?" My dad asked clearly confused.

"She isn't in dress code. " She spoke as if we insulted her. She handed us the codebook and showed us the dress code section.

"I have broken no rules. I have on plaid pants , not jeans. The fitting has been changed to my accustom. It may not be the usual for girls to where pants but it isn't prohibited. Because I choose to wear converse instead of flat or heels , doesn't mean I have broken a rule. My shoes are still black. I still wear the schools vest, just in a different shape. I still have on the polo styled white shirt. I am not a rule breaker. " I stated calmly. She scanned the rule book. She smiled a real smile.

"You are a very smart girl , very bright. The debate team would love to have a girl like you on our side. Welcome to George Man's Academy ." She stuck her hand out. I met hers with a smile just as bright.

"Thank you." I have her hand a firm shake and stood.

"Go to the secretary for your schedule." She informed. "You may start today. Besides , it's not everyday a young girl comes and challenges the rules and from your placement test you have surpassed two grade levels. Very intelligent. " She smiled , complimenting me.

"Thank you." I said before standing with my father and going to the secretary.

I got my schedule and left with my dad meeting Jake at the door.

"Good job in there , Shorty. Stay out of trouble. " He leaned down and kissed my forehead. "Bye , Baby Girl" he whispered giving me a huge hug.

"Bye Daddy" I said pulling back. He smiled weakly and gave Jake a cold stare.

" I promise to take care of her. Prince's Honor." He put his hand over his heart.

After the good byes, Jake intertwined our fingers again as we walked down the crowded courtyard. It was like we were Moses and everyone else was the Red Sea. That is just how fast everyone moved out of the way. Three girls approached us. There caked faces , high skirts , low shirts and even higher heels said who they were. I recognized the one to the right as the one from the office. I knew it. They were is triangle formation. The leader approached us and looked me up and down.

"Is there something on you mind ?" I asked her sweetly.

She sneered and ripped my hand from Jake's. Hell no.

"Jake is mine. " She got into my face and you could see the cake layers on her face.

"I suggest you get out of my face." I said sweetly , taking off my earring from my left ear, then my right. Handing them off to Jake.

"Or what? Are you gonna go crazy black Mexican bitch on me ?" She laughed. I grabbed my hair tie from my wrist, throwing my hair into a messy pony tail.

Bitch has no right.

" Correction : Crazy, Puerto Rican, British , Irish , African American, Italian , Latin , Mexican ,Bitch. " I snapped taking off my backpack and gave it to Jake. "And no, I know a secret to help you lose at least ten pounds in 10 seconds." I smiled.

"And what's that?" She asked excitedly.

"Oh so Mexican bitch thinks she's bad. I am so scared." She pretended to shake. I will whoop her ass.

"Puta, zorra, culo, perra. Siga probando éstas agua y yo te daré una verdadera ferina culo. No me jodas. Voy a joderte. (Whore, slutty , ass , bitch. Keep testing these water and I will give you a true ass whooping. Don't fuck with me. I will fuck you up. )" *Spanish* I never knew I knew spanish. I was up in her face for real. I was cracking my neck and all. Everyone was asking what I said.

"Say , it , in , en-glish" She laughed as she spoke slowly.

"One more time and one time only before I break that ugly little face of yours. Surely Jake won't want you then , hell he doesn't even want you now." I smirked speaking in clear english. Her smile turned into a major frown then a scowl. Ooo's again. "Maybe it's because you shirt is so low, it can't be lower without it being off. Stop showing what you don't have. Your skirt is so high I could have sworn it was part of you shirt. Stop strutting your less than A-cup and pull your shirt up and have some self respect." I spat at her and her mouth was wide open.

"Your mouth is always open , close it for once along with your legs. " I added before hearing claps and laughter , everywhere. She stomped off angrily along with her clique.

"I like your hair though." I called after her lying through my teeth. Her hair was overly teased. I grabbed my earrings putting them back in. I took my backpack back putting it in place. I took my hair back down , shaking it and running my hands through it in the process. I split it in two part and put it over both my shoulders. I looked at a paralyzed Jake.

"Back up would've been nice." I said yanking my schedule away from him, walking off.

I entered the classroom number 239 on the second floor. Music. I was late though.

"You must be my new student. Come in and introduce yourself." The brunette man said gesturing me in. I walked in further and stood in front of the class.

"Hi my name is Crystal Horan-" Immediately a hand shot up. A ginger guy from the back. "Yeah?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked leaning back in his chair. He received numerous high fives from the guys around him.

"Appropriate questions ." The man warned. I smiled at him.

"It's fine and yes , I do." I answered his question. Another hand shot up. From a dark haired girl.

"Are you related to Niall Horan?" She asked excitedly. I nodded.

"I am from Mullingar, Ireland. I am 13-" Another cut off.

"Shouldn't you be in middle school?" I have no clue who asked that.

"Age wise , yes. , intelligence wise , no. My placement test put me as a sophomore, but I wanted to be a freshman. So I have sophomore A-P core classes and freshmen elective classes. " I described as best as I could. I heard gasps and stuff. Yeah I am a genius.

"My favorite color is black, I love football , American and British style. I love skateboarding , volleyball , track and sports in general. Malls annoy me along with shopping, my favorite part if the mall is the food court, Hot Topic, Zummies , and Snap Back city. I prefer Chuck's over Vans and ummm I hate the color pink. I have a a soft spot for SnapBacks and beanies,I think that's it." I said flicking my hair off my shoulder. I saw they guys in awe and the girls in shock. A new guy raised his hand. "Yeah"

"Marry Me, my family is pretty wealthy , I can make you happy, I promise." He pleaded I cracked a smile at him. I saw Jake lean across his desk and smack the back of his head. "Oww". Jake is in this class?

"Guys, stop proposing to my girlfriend. "He nearly yelled. The class went silent.

A girl with black hair raised her hand. "Yes ,Clarissa." The man notified her.

"Mr.William, I thought you said anyone late to your class had to sing in front of the class a song of their selection. Why isn't little Ms.Too-cool here singing?" She asked smirking. Shit ! A chorus of yeah's were heard by all the girls.

Mr.Williams nodded. "Clarissa , it's only fair if you have been to my class before , Crystal is -" I cut him off staring the girl down.

"Mr.Williams , if I may. Rules are rules and it's fine with me. " I smiled. "Can I put my stuff up first and then do it?" I asked.

"Very well then, you may sit my Alec. Alec raise your hand. "The ginger that I spoke to earlier raised his hand, smirking. I sighed carrying my books to the chair next to him.

"Good luck ,Sexy ." He winked ,as I placed my books down. I felt a pair of eyes burning holes in my back.

"Calm me Sexy again, and you will need the luck. " I smiled and saw a hint of amusement in his eyes.

I walked onto the mini stage at the front of the class.

"Any song suggestions?" I asked. Before anyone else's hand was up , Alec's was.

I huffed in annoyance. "Alec" He smirked.

"Sing Use Somebody, Addicted , or Marry you , oooo or any Beyoncé song." He said smiling.

"Any other suggestions ?" The blonde sitting by the girl that suggested this raised her hand.

"Sing At Last. by Etta James,but sing it with emotion , in fact sing the song you choose with emotion." She grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

"Nevermind I have the song. I will sing a song called I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James ." I said confidently, collective gasps were heard everywhere.

"I doubt you can do it better than I can. " The girl sneered. I laughed.

"Okay, don't you try, then I will do it eh?" I smiled at her. "Just a friendly little challenge. Yeah?" I suggested smiling. She got up angrily.

"Fine." She stood up and came to the stage.

"I am going to dominate this. " I laughed at her remark.

"Go ahead. "

-After her-

She hit numerous amounts of wrong notes, but everyone clapped anyway.

"Beat that!" She smirked. Well if I must.

"I will try , put that is kind a little hard to beat." I faked fear. I guess she thought it was real. But it clearly wasn't.

I took the stage and got comfortable. I am going to win. I began singing.

"Something told me it was over (yeah) when I saw you and her talkin.

Somethin deep down in my soul said cry girl (cry girl)

When I saw you and that girl walkin around whoo ooh." I sung and heard instant applause. I put on a face that showed pain and revengeful.

"I would rather, I would rather go blind boy,

Then to see you walk away from me child no no whoo ooh."I walked off the stage but kept singing. I held eye contact with one person Jake.

"So you see I love you so much that I don't wanna watch you leave me baby

Most of all I just don't,

I just don't wanna be free naw whoo ooh." I added facial expressions and made emphasis on the high and low notes , making sure to hit them perfectly.

"I was just, I was just, I was just sittin here thinking of your kiss

And your warm embrace yeah."I smiled a little as I sung , remembering the events earlier this morning, but changed it as I sung the next part. I added in a fake tear for effect.

"When the reflection in a glass

That I held to my lips now baby

Revealed these tears that are all on my face whoo ooh" I closed my eyes to make sure I hit the notes. I took a deep breath before singing the next note.

"And baby, and baby, baby I'd rather be blind boy then to see you walk away,

Walk away from me yeah" I had to put power on the beginning meaning I had to break contact to close my eyes.

"And baby, and baby, baby I'd rather be blind boy then to see you walk away,

Walk away from me " I had to literally use every once of air in my lungs to hit the last phrase correctly. When I opened my eyes , everyone had there jaw to the ground. Hopefully I didn't suck.

"Holy Shit!" I heard someone yell.

Then all at once an eruption of applause and whistles came.

"That was amazing , Princess " I heard Jake say clapping as well.

I smiled and took a bow, before moving to my seat.After a few minutes a discussion turned into a debate over who was better Justin Bieber or ,believe it or not, One Direction, when I felt a chaste kiss being placed on my cheek. I am pretty sure my eyes widened to the size of golf balls.

"Dude!" I shouted , unintentionally ,every head turned to us. I felt a blush rise to my tainted cheeks.

" Is there something wrong ?" Think fast . Think fast . Think!

"Yeah, there is. It's very clear who is better. One Direction has preformed at the Olympics and continued to set a great example , despite their major success. Where as Justin Bieber let fame and heartbreak get to his head. He also got into the wrong crowed. Growing up in the spotlight doesn't give you an excuse to act irrationally. The gu- I mean One Direction has people on their case 24/7 , but still manage to stay down to Earth. Justin Bieber has the same potential and since I haven't met him on a personal level then I can't judge him on that level. And if you haven't met them on a personal level then none of you have a right to debate on whose better. " I spoke casually.

Snaps for me !!

"Wonderful point , Crystal. I am very happy someone can shed some light onto this situation!" He smiled brightly at me.

"Thank you " I smiled. I turned back to Alec.

"Dude , what the hell?" I whisper shouted rubbing my cheek roughly.

"How was I to know you were going to yell?" He whisper shouted back.

"Well maybe you shouldn't kiss girls you don't know." I whispered back , with a hint of anger.

"I know you well enough to know I want you on my arm. I want you to be my girlfriend. Not that prick Jake, he doesn't deserve you anyway. Not after what he did to Chelsea anyway. Me and you would look perfect together. You are really cute after all. Perfect. " He smiled leaning in slowly. His eyes captured mine and I took the time to notice how unique his eyes were. They were more of a stormy gray color but had blue specs in them like how the sky would look before rain. He leaned a bit closer and the bell rang. Hallelujah ! Saved by the bell.

I sprang out of my seat. I picked up my books and made a bee line to the door.

"Princess!" I heard Jake call after me. I just kept my head down dodging everyone. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and crash me into their chest.

"Princess, Baby , what's wrong ?" I heard Jake asked me, but I just shook my head. I almost kissed a complete stranger. He walled around me and took my books from my hands and grabbed them dragging me to some room. A empty classroom I assume. He closed the door and locked it , leaving the lights off he set down my books and cupped my face. His hazel eyes burning in to mine.

"Princess, what's wrong? Please tell me." He begged. He wiped my cheek , swiping a tear I guess. Jake leaned down and kissed me , unbelievably softly. It was soft but you could feel the worry.

"I'm fine. " I smiled holding his hands to my face. I moved his hands to my middle back and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Crystal, don't lie to me or try and distract me with the sudden need to kiss me." He sternly spoke. I stood onto my tippy toes , which caused his hands too be a bit lower. I pecked his lips.

"I'm not , how do you know I don't just wanna enjoy the last five minutes we have until we go to different classes. Hmmm, Babe?" I heard him cut his breathing short. I kissed his jaw. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. So this is how the older girls at the orphanage got the guys to do what they wanted. This could come in handy.

"Will you drop it?" I whispered before pecking his lips.

" Mhmm" He nodded . I smirked and pulled back. He groaned.

"I can't believe I fell for that. " He groaned again.

"Sorry , but even Prince's can't resist the Crystal power." I joked picking up my books. I turned around to see him pouting , with his arms folded.

"Awww, is Jakey mad he got played?" I laughed then kissed his cheek. "Come one, help me find my class." I smiled.



The will be more soon. I am soo tired though.



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