New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


1. Reunited

New Life
Part one

Louis pov

Damn. We really messed up this time I cant believe Liam would let us do some thing like that. It is all his fault. 

" Damn it guys. You've really fucked up this time"Management yelled at us.

  " You can't go around sticking your tongues down random models throat. Especially If three of you have girlfriends. Oh wait my bad used to have girlfriend.  " he exclaimed.he is right. Perrie broke up with Zayn, Danielle broke up with Liam and  Eleanor broke up with Me , This morning. She looked hurt. I feel terrible i cried for 5 hour straight. 

" We were drunk " i said ashamed of my actions. I teared up at the memory of her leaving. 

" It doesn't fucking matter " He growled. Well that shut me up. " Louis your the eldest , now Damnit start acting like it. " he shouted in my face. No thats Liams' job. He took in a deep breath.

 " Liam i never excpected this fom you " he said softly. Oh so he decides to go all snuggly boo boo on Liam but all evil doll on me? Thats messed up. 

" Now since you guys decided not to take responsibility for your actions. Your going to take care of a foster child. She is already at the the main flat. " he said leaving. We all groaned. 

" Thats not fair" Harry shouted. " We cant even take care of ourselves , how the hell are we going to take care of a kid ? " he added. 

" Not my problem" he shrugged and exited the room. 


Crystal p.o.v

Miss.P walked around the doorms gathering all the kids. I guess someone was here to adopt. Yep eeee. Not the sarcasm. It really isnt a big deal. I'm already 12. I have been here for  12  years. Can you imagine spendin'  12 years in hell?

I walked downstairs to see a tall white man ( no racist) rubbing his chin , looking at each and every one of us. 

" You" he said pointing to me. I gave him a up and down stare. 

I squinted my eyes. " Where am i going?"i asked suspiciousley. 

" You are going to live with 5 boys" he said strictly. 

" Are you rapist,murders,sex offenders, child molesters,burglars robbers,thieves,traffickers , serial kill-" i asked fastly until i was rudley interrupted by Miss.P .

" Bell" she said deeply and all scary like. 

" Look Ms.P the world isnt that goody goody place like it as when you were growing up. You know back in the 1600's .  You have to ask these types of questions nowadays " i smirked. She looked pissed , i smiled to myself, proud that i made her mad it was always fun. 

  " Oh and Ms. P my name isnt Bell" I told her in  a mocking tone. " My name is Crystal " i smirked then continued again. " Bell" i laughed at her faced then i quickly composed myself and saw the man signing the papers. Damn how long have i been laughing?


" Where are you taking me ?" i asked Paul. I think thats the mans name. 

" To a flat , whats up with your accent ?"he questioned. Wow i get asked that a lot. 

" I am half British and half Irish so this is what happens "i said pointing to my dark face. ( Well kind of light I guess you could say i was a Light African American)

3 Hours later

" Hi " i said cheerfully opening the door seeing 5  guys. To be honest Im really Happy i got adopted by another Family. I just hope they like me. 

They all looked at me and pushed past me. Maybe they won't like me. They started up the stairs. 

" I'm Crystal " i gleamed. They ignored me. But the blonde one looked as if realization hit him like a brick wall." Uhh I made some cookies" i murmured. 

" We are not Hungry" one yelled at me. I jumped. I dont know why but i was getting really emotional. I teared up. 

"Uhh okay ill just go" i whispered under my breath. I walked into the kitchen to get the freshly baked cookies. On my way out the flat I heard a blonde boy whisper something to me.  

" Can i Have a cookie Crystal?" He asked. Yay someone likes me. 

" Yeah sure help yourself. I was just going to take them down to the cafeteria for the needy. " i replied half smiling. He took 2 cookies. 

"Thank you " he said smiling showing his braces. He took a big bite out of the enormous cookie. " Im Niall, and im really sorry that Zayn yelled at you , he really isnt like that " he whispered. I started  crying. Niall put the cookie down on the plate and pulled me to his chest as I sobbed. 

" Shhh shhh it okay " he said rubbing my back. 

" I just dont understand Niall, what did I do wrong?"i cried. 

" Nothing its just the guys , are in a pissy mode and a currently mad at themselves . " he informed me rubbing my back. 

" But hey look not he bright side " He looked in my eyes that I am pretty sure are blood shot . "At least I have a new daughter and you have a new father." He smiled widely . I grinned , he is my dad . Yeah buddy he is clearly the nice one. 

" You don't have to call me dad or an-" I cut him off with a huge hug.

" Thank you for excepting me" I stated squeezing him. 

He picked me up . 

"  I think I'm  gonna call you Princess " I smiled to myself . I have known him for less than five minutes but , I actually feel like I am cared about , like I am wanted , for once like I am important in about 3 years.

The name princess does ring a bell. Wait is that my Niall? I haven't seen him in about three years. He told me he was going away for a bit but was coming back. I had never seen him again. I always called him hungry hippo because he was always hungry and we always played that game with each other. And he called me Princess Shorty. I guess I was a bit short for my age . I was like 3 feet and 9inches tall and I was 9. 

Could that be him ? This boy reminds me so much of him.  He would always pick me up like this .I guess there is only one way to find out.

" Hungry Hippo ?" I whispered with hope filling my voice.

" I missed you shorty " He whispered squeezing me tighter.Oh sweet baby Jesus it is Him how could I have missed this? Those blue eyes , the accent ? 

He placed me down on the  counter. And looked at me from head to toe. 

" I guess I can't call you shorty anymore " He softly and looked down . Is he okay? He sniffled . Why is he crying?

" Ni, please don't cry. " I pleaded . I hate seeing people cry . When others cry I cry.

" I'm sorry I left you there .... I knew how much you hated it there." He whispered  still crying. He had to leave me. He was too young to take custody of me.

"It wasn't your fault that you were so young , all that matters is that , I am here now." I laughed hopping off the counter. He looked up with tear filled eyes . I touched it face. 

"Puberty hit you like a ton of bricks " He laughed . I missed his laugh . His laughed filled the house .

We spent the rest of the day catching up. Turns out my Hungry Hippo has accomplished his dreams . Words cannot express how proud I am of him.

My new novel. Yes I will wait for the applauds to die down.JK.

Hope you like it .

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