New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


5. Problems In Paradise


Crystal p.o.v
Tears were falling as if they were magnetically attracted to my cheek.   
My hands went to my face and I was blinded but I didn't stop running. That was until I ran into a wall , then the wall wrapped their arms around me. Wait what the fudge , walls don't have arms. I looked up and saw Prince Harry. 

"Crystal what's-" I cut him off shushing him. 

"I don't want them to know I am here." I strained out , barely managing not to let my voice crack. He gave me a confused look , but I just grabbed his hand and went to one of the empty rooms down the hall. 

"Crystal, why are you crying , what's wrong?" I put my head back in my hands and I just couldn't bare repeating what I saw. 

He stopped asking questions and pulled me into his chest. My hands were still on my face as tears continuously fell down my face. I sobbed and sobbed. Her rubbed my back soothingly, and shushed me in an understanding/soothing way. 

"It's okay"he repeated. He doesn't know. No what Jake did is not okay. Kissing another girl after asking another one to be your girlfriend is not okay. Not to mention, you tell her all the sweet things in the world. And I am guessing considering the way she was dressed she was an actual princess, and not just some girl who is absolutely worthless apparently, who no one gives a shit about, a girl who is just called a princess. 

"No-, I-I hate him , I hate him as much as I hate Zayn. He did nothing but lie to me and open deep wounds. I was played as a charity case and I know it." I said-yelled in frustration and pain.pushing myself from his chest ,taking my hands from my face and running them through my hair. "No , wait I was the idiot who thought a fire trucking Prince would like me , and that I was special and I was actually worth something in this world and not just a screw up and a m-mistake." My voice was cracking and my words weren't loud , they were almost as a whisper. Tears still coming down my face. 

Harry pulled me back into his chest again except this time I hugged him back. 

"Trust me Crystal , you have more meaning in this world than anyone I have ever met and as for my brother , give him a chance to explain. I promise it isn't what it seems. You are looking at this from the wrong point of view. He is in a really tough position right now. " He was taking his side. I pulled away from him. Why didn't I see that coming ? They are brothers. 

I made a sound out of my noise in disbelief. "Yeah, sure , everything may not be the way it seems , but I know what I saw and I am sure that I saw the boy that spas suppose to be my boyfriend kissing another girl. And from the looks of it he didn't give a care on the world who saw them. Even if the feeling we had towards each other were real it looks as if they aren't anymore. I may be a lot of things ... But someone's secret is not one of those thing " I raised my voice lowering it at the end, so it could drop to a serious tone. Hot stinging tears were still running down my face and my throat was still aching to let more tears free. But I have to act as if it didn't phase me. I refuse to let him know he has broken me, hurt me more than anyone at the orphanage could. I just have to act as if nothing ever happened. I went back to the living room, the only room were I knew how to work the television. I cleaned my face in the mirror on the wall of the hall. Puffy red eyes, red face and broken heart. I covered it all up with a smile all the time.

I strutted in the living area, they were still pretty close to each other. I just walked by not sparing either one of them a glance. 

I sat on the chair closet to the tv and grabbed the remote off of the tv and turned it on E! Tv. 

'Youngest Prince Jake asks an unknown girl to be his girl'

Pictures of our kiss flashed on the bright screen ,then the video and voice of his proposal to me played behind it. 

'Looks like young love' 

My heart clenched and I couldn't stop the tears from the memory. Someone wrapped their arms around me , Jake , I could tell by the hold. I roughly pushed him off of me. 

"Don't touch me " I managed to sign strongly. I stood and faced the princess. 

"You know kissing someone else's boyfriend isn't really a royal thing to do" I signed , hate dripping from every word. I walked away from the people I never wanted to see in my life. Once I was in the hall I ran to the second floor. I heard footsteps behind me. 

"Princess , wait , please , it wasn't what it looked like " He pleaded , pshh whatever. 

I whipped around so fast it scared me. "Don't call me Princess!" I signed before continuing. "But yes your right , it sure didn't look like my boyfriend was kissing some royal bitch , after he said the kindest words in the world to me , yep sure didn't seem Ike that." I signed throwing in sarcastic facial expressions. 

"Crystal please , hear me out" he begged few tears running down his face. 

"I hear you I am just not going to listen to you or your lies anymore " I signed turning around walking away. A sound boomed through the hall and loud sobs were heard from a mike away. 

"Crystal ... I love you " He whispered, but still loud enough to were I could hear them. My heart dropped further. And I froze. 

"I wish I could say the same for you" The words stung my throat as I spoke the , I know I didn't mean it. I love him so much it hurts ,but I refuse to let him know that. I turned to look at him. 

A aching loud sob broke from his mouth and he kept shaking his head violently in disbelief. 

"You don't mean that , you can't mean that ." He kept repeating to himself. He's right I don't. I couldn't bear to look at his broken state. His body was violently shaking and his face was red, with tears streaming down his face. 

"Why won't you just listen to me." He whispered quieter. I sniffled to keep my nose from running as many hot tears streamed down my face. My body yearning to hug him, and tell him how much I cared and how everything would be alright , but I can't lie to him more than I already have. 

"Because you will just tell me what I wanna her , but what you don't know is I just wanna here the truth but you just-" Jake stopped shaking and stood up cutting me off. 

"Dammit just listen to me" He shouted standing on his feet. His face still red with rage and hurt. My body froze in fear and shock. He has never cursed or even yelled in his life according to his family. 

He grabbed me by my waist. 

"Please just listen ," He begged in a softer voice , his teats falling onto my dress. 

I couldn't do anything but nod. I glanced around and saw all the maids and butlers looking from their room. They need to mind their business.  

"Crystal , I will never lie to you . The girl you saw downstairs , her name Is Melissa Monroe. She is the princess of France. She found out that I was with you and forced herself onto my and if I pushed her , she would tell her father and he and his country would no longer be an ally. All i did was sit there. If I knew that it would hurt you so , and you would find they way you did I would've pushed her away quickly. Since I didn't know I did what I thought was best for the kingdom. C-Crystal , Princess please believe ask Harry he will tell you the same thing I told you , the truth. Crystal Amy Horan , I love you so much its crazy and I have fallen for you so fast it should be impossible and I am praying that you will be there to fall with me. I just can't lose you." He pleaded more tears running down his face and mine. I studied his eyes in silence. He's telling the truth. When he lies his eyes turn three shades darker , but they are a bit lighter. He put his head down , tears dropping from his eyes to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his torso and put my head in his chest. He didn't hesitate to hug me back. 

"I believe you , Jake. But next time just give me a heads up on the plan. I will understand ." I comforted him. He lifted me by my waist and planted his on mine. 

"I will , just never scare me like that again. "He said pulling back. 

"I won't "I promised as he sat me on the ground. 

He kept his arms around my waist and pecked my lips again. I smiled and hugged him. 

"Wait let me het this straight , you're picking this peasant , over moi" A voice asked , moment ruined. We pulled away. 

I stepped up to her breaking from Jake's grip. 

"One, Honey , you and I both know I am a not a peasant. Two, I don't throw myself at guys because I have money. 
Three, have some self respect you plastic boobs are falling out of your shirt , a little too revealing to be thirteen don't you think. Oh that's right you don't think. You have to have a brain to do that. And number four the most important one of all. If you touch my boyfriend again , royalty or not I will kick you plastic ass. You have been throwing yourself at him for years. Get it through your make up covered head. He is just not into you gosh. " I snapped. 

She smirked "Fine I will just tell my father how undeserving you are of our partnership " She said slyly. I laughed and pointed behind her, to her father. 

Her face lost color. 

"Daddy , Jake insulted our -" Her father cut her off. 

"Save it , I heard what you said it won't go without punishment. " He spoke fluent french. Luckily I did too. 

"King Monroe I apologize for what I said towards your daughter, I meant in no way to insult you." I spoke towards him in french. 

"I wasn't , I am happy someone told her about herself " He responded and I smiled at him. 

* 2 hours later*

"Jake come on before they see us " I whispered to him grabbing his hand pulling him out of the bush. We were trying to sneak past the paparazzi to go to the skate park , but Jake is too slow.      

"I am trying !!" He whisper-shouted,grabbing his board as I dragged him along. 

We were finally standing up straight dusting ourselves off. 

'There they are ' Shoot.

"Skate for it !" I dramatically shouted, dropping my board on the pavement of the castle's round drive way. 

Another clack was heard and Jake was skating beside me. We were hand in hand until I let go to speed up. 

"Hey you can't just leave me like this " Jake yelled trying to catch up. I looked over my shoulder and threw him a smile  but sped up again. 

We reached the park at about the same time. 

"Look guys,the chick is back." One guy shouted whistling at me. 

"Do I look like your dog? Want my attention , ask my name you twat " I snapped facing the guy. 

"I know your name babe , it's called my future girlfriend" He responded slyly.

"Actually I believe she is my current one ." Jake said wrapping his arm around my waist. The guy looked shocked. His dirty blonde hair and grayish eyes sure do look mighty familiar. Almost like that boy I knew throughout primary school (elementary school).   

"Oh yeah and just putting it out there I have standards and you wouldn't qualify " I snapped looking him up and down. 
People were oo-ing and ahh-ing  throughout the park. I smirked and started turning away. 

"Well I see your still as snappy as you were in fifth grade , Chrissy !" He shouted. I froze in place causing Jake to halt too. Only one other person called me Chrissy. Khian (Key-an) Jones. He was like my Bestfriend until he moved ... To London!!!

"Khian!?!?" I asked turning just as fast as I turned away.  

"And you said the first thing you would do if you ever saw me again was hug me. But instead I was called a prick ... Ouch " He said holding his hand over his heart. I ran from Jake's grip and into Khian's arms. 

"Bestfriend!!!" I shouted squeezing the life out of him. 

"Woah there Tiger ... Can't ...breathe"He complained gasping for air. 

"Shut up"I exclaimed pulling back, hitting his shoulder. 
"Khian, this is my boyfriend Jake. Jake this is my ...well was my bestfriend Khian." I introduced them. 

"I thought we were still close Chrissy , besides the fact i wasn't informed you snatched you a prince " He playfully winked. I laughed at his foolishness .

"Yeah ," I trailed off facing Jake. "He's  mine" I smiled wrapping my arms around his torso kissing his cheek. He his cheeks turned red and he smiled , with his cute dimples popping in. I poked his dimple curiously. I don't have my own  so this is all a bit crazy to me. 

He looked at me raising an eyebrow and smiling the 'wtf , your lucky your cute ' smile. He leaned down and peck

"Oh gosh ,get a room this is a public place. There are children!!" Khian yelled covering his eyes. 

"Don't get mad that, you aren't my favorite guy anymore. There is always second place " I teased. He put his hand over his heart. 

"Ouch Chrissy , that hurts." He fake cried. But stopped just as fast as he started. "But I guess we are even because I met a girl" He said proudly smiling brightly. 

I jumped. "You met a girl !!!" I shouted. 

"I met a girl!" He repeated smiling. He never actually met a girl as in interested in one relationship wise. 

"When can I meet her ?!?!?"I asked jumping up and down clapping my hands. 

"Right ...Now" He said looking over my shoulders. 

I turned around and saw a beautiful bright red head skating over to where we were. 

" Hey , Khian " She spoke jumping to his side. 

"H-Hey , Ashley " Khian stuttered blushing. 

"Aww , Jake look" I squealed elbowing Jake gently. "He's blushing" I cooed pinching Khian's crimson cheeks. 

His cheeks heat up more. "Crystal shut up" He said through his embarrassed smile, slapping my hand away. 

"Wait, are  you two are the new royal couple ?!?!" She gushed excitedly. Wow the word spreads  mighty fast. Hold on!! Royal couple??

"Umm I guess you could say that " I decided shrugging my shoulders. 

"Well it is an honor to meet you. " She said to both of us , bending so she could bow. I put my hand on her arm. 

"You don't have to bow, we are just teens. " I smiled at her as I spoke my words. 

I looked over to my side were Jake had originally been. He was on the phone a couple feet away. Well he moves quick. 

I looked back and saw Khian struggling to speak to Ashley. Poor Child. 

It was very clear they like each other and one of them needs help. I tapped Ashley's shoulder, she whipped around. 

I leaned over and whispered in her ear:"I know you like Khian , but don't worry he doesn't know it. He likes you too. I am not telling you to make the first move , he is going to make it. If he asks this whole thing was about bra's and what not. " I told her quickly. I winked at her. 

"Thank you " was all she said before blushing like crazy.

I grabbed Khian's shoulder and whispered in his ear. 

"Stop being a wuss and ask her out already, before I set her up with that guy that has been checking her out since she has been here." I harshly told him showing him the fit dark haired guy checking Ashley out. 

He nodded and went to speak to Ashley. Lordy Jesus I am good. 

"We gotta go" Jake said grabbing my arm forcefully dragging me out of the park. 

"Jake we just got here !" I argued. 

"We have to go now " His voice in a serious tone. 

He dragged me to a black limo. I got into the ride and sat my board down and looked out off the window as the car drove. 

"I am sorry for yelling at you and grabbing you ." He apologized. 

"Yeah , Whatever " I had some unintentional attitude in my words. I turned to him and noticed his expression of hurt. I wrapped my arms around him and moved closer to him. 

"I'm sorry . I just don't know the situation and you are honestly getting me worried." I admitted putting my head in his chest. 

He wrapped his arms around me and held me closer. 

"There was an accident .." He said holding me tight. 

"And" I encouraged him to continue was really getting worried. 

"Niall , Zayn, Louis , Liam and Harry were in it " He said barley over a whisper. My heart dropped and I started shaking. My world came crashing down. 


Author's Note

Dun , Dun,Dun

Soo umm sorry ...don't hate me. So recap time , Melissa is a cray beyatch , Crystal has a friend she told no one about and the boys were in a crash. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love you guys,



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