New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


12. Hurt

*3 hours from the end of the last chapter*

Crystal p.o.v

"Jake" I cried digging my head in his chest. He rubbed my back and Shh-ed. 

"Princess , I promise we will find him." he held me closer to his chest as I cried. 

"We checked the whole area , and it is all my fault. I -" Jake cut me off by shushing me again. 

"Baby , I promise it isn't your fault. You did everything you could have " He reassured me. Thats's not stopping the tears. I sobbed and sobbed letting my years soak Jake's shirt again. I don't know how I could make it without him. 

"It is my fault. I could have done more " I was being very ignorant ,but it's how I deal with these sort of things. He lifted my face from his chest and used to of his fingers to pull my lips to his. It was like a I'm-here-for-you kiss. Not snogging just a really good kiss , like a really long peck on the mouth that sent fireworks everywhere in my body. He pulled away slowly and stared in my eyes. But I could tell it was deeper than that. He was looking at me. Reading me like a book. 

"Crystal Amy Horan , none of this is your fault. You have done more than enough to help them cope in a day. You need to just get some more rest, I know it may be a bit stressful , but I know for a fact we are going to make it. Okay?" He sincerely convinced me. I nodded and a few tears slipped again. 

"Come here" he pulled me back into his chest , kissing my forehead repeatedly. I was like a rag doll , I was barely moving at all.  I buried my head further into his chest and just laid there. I want to cry so bad ... But all my tears are gone. Zayn is drunk and lost , Niall is in the hospital : he lied about heart failure but recently came from a coma. Every empire I build falls to my feet. Why?
"You know what ?" Yep he is getting idea. I shook my head, of course I don't know. 

"We should go on that second date, I promise it will make you feel better " He swore. I shook my head again does he really think I am going to leave for a few hours while my dad is is the hospital and Zayn is lost , out doing who knows what? Well I already am out. We are eating outside of the hospital considering the food there wasn't worth it. But it is only one hour. 

"It will help get your mind off of things and I already talked to your dad about it, he said he wants you to go.I think it will be really good for you and I know you will love it. " He begged. I sniffled. 

"Fine Jake whatever can we just get this over with already ?" I spat at him getting off of him , more like away from him really. A flash of hurt appeared in his eyes and face. A pang-, a wave-, a tsunami of guilt ran over me. I shouldn't had said that, he is only trying to help. He stood up and was in front of me. 

"I was just trying to make you feel better, it wasn't my intention to upset you, I apologize." He sincerely spoke looking to the ground. Did he just turn all royal and proper on me? Splash. Another tsunami coming through. 

"I-I didn't mean it like that, no don't apologize. I am taking my worry changing it into anger and pushing it onto you. Please. Don't go all proper prince on me , Jake." I pleaded grabbing his hand. Intertwining our fingers , I continued staring at his hand. "If you think it would help me, then I trust you, and I and willing to try it " I finished not taking my eyes off of his hand. 

He pulled away his hand and replaced it on my cheek. He guided my face up towards his. 

He moved his other hand and put it on my other cheek. 

"I know it is really hard to deal with. I just want to help you Princess "his beautiful blue orbs staring into mine. I nodded understanding what he was saying. He had a serious facial expression when he spoke next. 
"Seeing you cry is really hard for me, I just wanna make you smile. I miss it. When you smile I smile. When you cry so do I. I wanna see you smile,that's all" I couldn't help but crack a smile and sure enough so did he. I stood on my tippy toes and pressed my lips gently on his, as my eyes closed.  Just as I had hoped fireworks and explosions burst throughout my body. I am not really sure why , I just really like the feeling I get when we kiss. *Flash*

What the fuck?

*Click * Flash* I pulled apart to see paparazzi. What the - Well we are by a window in McDonald's so...

"Prince Jake,why did you choose Crystal?" 
"Crystal are you dating Prince Jake just for the money" that one really appalled me. 
"Prince Jake, why did you deny the other girls, but choose this one?"

"Just ignore them, they don't understand us they-" Jake was cut off by some bimbo looking girl. He skirt barley covered her arse , her face was clearly raped by a crayon, her shirt was three sizes to small making her non-existent boobs fall out her shirt ,not to mention those ugly ass pink high heels with high white socks. 

"Oh my gosh, your prince Jake! I love you, I even have our wedding planned out. Gosh Jakey , I have waited so long for this moment and your shirt is really hot by the way. So here is my number , we should totally hang out, then we can make out-" Who the fuck I moved Jake's hands from my face and was about to snap on the tramp. 

"Can you not see that he has a girlfriend? For fucks sake have some goddamn self respect. In case you can't tell,we were in the middle of something. Your mum may not have taught you about style but I know she taught you common curtesy. Oh and for safety reasons, don't call my boyfriend Jakey, I believe you refer to him as a prince Jake. Fuck up and call him Jakey again and things will get uglier than when you and your ugly ass heels clicked its way inside here. Got it. " I growled  ready to rip her extensions out. 

She rolled her eyes and was about to speak when Jake grabbed my hand. 

"That's a little harsh Princess, she meant no harm, she is just a fan. " He gave me the what-the-hell look. I jerked my hand from his. 

"Fine socialize, I don't really care anymore. I have better people to care about. Just don't bother coming back to the hospital , it's not like you care anyway. And to answer the whole date thing, hell fucking no.  Don't bother me. " I snapped. I stormed out of the fast food restaurant with him calling after me. I had made it away from the paps and crowd. 

When a hand grabbed mine and spun me around. Jake. Ughhh. 

"Crystal explain to me what just happened , one minute we were kissing and happy , bonding and agreeing on our next date. Then the next you said you didn't want me around. What's wrong Princess? " He exclaimed looking desperately in my eyes. I yanked my hand away from him stronger and faster. 

"Talk to 'cake face' not me." I barked turning again. I picked up my pace and left him behind he. Another hand grabbed me but this time his hand pulled me into some bushes and trees. When I was stopped moving I felt hands on my hips and saw a body in front of me. 

"Jake leave me alo-" I started to say. 

"Hate to burst your bubble cupcake but my name isn't Jake , it's Ryder. But you sure are cute little thing, what's your name?" This particular boy is about 5foot 6, and unlike jake he was a light brunette and not a dark one. He had some black lowlights , and a plain black v-neck shirt one with a dog tag on his neck. He had gray faded jeans on and black converse. His stormy gray eyes stared right into mine. Tall fucker. 

I shoved his hands off of my waist. 

"I don't know why you pulled me off of the street but I won't hesitate to kick your ass!" I shot quickly pointed in his chest, yes I have to look up at him only because he is taller than me. 

"So is that a no on the whole name thing ?" He cocked an eyebrow up,  I rolled my eyes. I can sense his stubbornness. 

"You are really pissing me off, I am seriously fighting the urge to slap you. " I retorted.

"A little too kinky to be so young ehh?" He smirked and had a hint of mischief in his eyes. I don't have time for this. I rolled my turned away. He grabbed my waist again and turned back around, he pulled closer in his chest. "I was only kidding, I pulled you because there is this guy with a camera that has been following you for a bit. Now will you tell me your name cupcake?" He asked. Pineapples ! Too close. I took his hands off my waist once again. 

"Ughh son of a bitch. Why do they follow me? " I questioned. 

"Who is they?" Shit I said that aloud?

"Uhh... Paparazzi...." I mumbled. 

"Ooo, I have a famous girlfriend, that's hot " He smirked putting another hand on my waist.

I heard a bunch of rustling then a voice and I was ripped from Ryder's grip and pulled into someone else's chest. 

"No, I believe I do. " I turned to see that last person I wanted to see right now. Jake. 

"Fuck off Jake, you weren't very interested in what I had to say so I don't want to hear what you have to say. So since you weren't listening last time, I will say it again. Don't bother me. " I growled breaking away from his grip. 

He licked his lips huffing. 

"You are my goddamn girlfriend , I have a fucking right to care about you and feel the need to protect you from harms way. You have to keep in mind that I can't tell every girl that wants to date me to fuck off. I am a prince with problems of my own. I am dealing with your family crisis and your jealousy." He barked back. My ears couldn't have been deceiving me. My heart fell as his words hit me. My voice was caught in my throat and burning hot tears fell down my cheeks. I pushed him away from me as his eyes softened. 

Ryder grabbed me by my waist and pulled me away from Jake. He stepped in front of me. Ryder was a bit taller than Jake. 

3rd person p.o.v

Ryder's fist was clenched was clenched as Prince Jake rudely spoke to spoke to the girl he quickly made an to exception to his 'love at first sight is bullshit' law. Ryder watched painfully as her tears feel from her beautiful hazel eyes. He grabbed Crystal's waist and pulled her behind him protectively. 

"You just stepped over you bounds there , mate. Never make a pretty lady cry ." His voice came out with authority. Prince Jake wasn't listening he just tried to get to his beloved Crystal. 

Crystal on the other hand was heart broken and angry. She could only think about Jake's words. How could he say such a thing after all that he has done to hurt her. Making out with the French witch, yelling at her over jealousy ... Why? 

Jake tried to push Ryder aside, but he wasn't budging. 

"Lad move, let me so I can speak to my girlfriend" Jake's voice cracked but Ryder slightly cringed at the word girlfriend. Ryder but on his stereotypical bad boy face on. 

"You said it as if I were to care " He reached behind him to find a lock of Crystal's soft hair. "I think it would be best if you just left " Ryder suggested trying not to swoon over the small girl behind him. 

"I want her to tell me to go if she says so then I am gone"Jake was begging himself not to break down in front of Ryder but he was in pain. He could have completely lost her. 

Ryder moved aside to reveal a red faced Crystal. Even with her face completely red and wet , both teens found her beautiful. Ryder felt his heart skip and so did Jake. 

Jake felt a tear fall knowing he was the cause of her pain. He took a step towards her and she took one back. Jake's heart was ripped from his body and torn to shreds right before his eyes. He was hurt. 

"Go" was all the broken Horan said. That was all it took for the Prince to leave. 

Hurt , Jake turned and locked eyes with his love. Both slipping a tear simultaneously. 

"I'm sorry and I love you, Princess " was all the broken Prince said before leaving the hiding spot. 

Without thinking Ryder wrapped his arms tightly around the beautiful girl that stood before him. Her tears fell onto his black shirt and he just held her close. 

He never expected such a hurt girl to come in such a strong package.

Meanwhile,Zayn wandered around a area he would remember for the rest of his life. He was sober enough to know what happened at the place. 



And this is the end of this short story !! 




I lied the next chapter will be up before the next Friday since I have a school to go to starting on the 26th. 

I have no comment on the story heart break. 

Love you guys. Thanks for reading,

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