New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


6. Hospital

Crystal p.o.v

My heart dropped and the world stopped. 

"W-What?!?!" I stammered over the words. 

"I'm Sorry " He said sympathetically. 

Jake p.o.v

The words burned my throat as I spoke them. Her body started shaking violently as her face lost all color. I held her close and she put her face in the crook of my neck. Her hot tears fell from her face to the base of my neck. 

"Noo , Nooo" she shook her head as if it would all just disappear. 

I pulled her closer and rubbed her back. 

"It's going to be okay. They probably just have minor cuts and scrapes" I tried convincing her. 

She shook her head knowing it wasn't the case. "If that were Niall would have called me himself " She cried. I felt so useless. I can only sit here and watch my love cry her eyes out, instead of getting her the answers she needs and deserves. She has a point though, I know they are seriously hurt I can feel it. 

The car stopped and Crystal practically flew out of the limo into the hospital doors. 

I ran to catch her but she moves mighty fast without a board. 

Crystal p.o.v

I practically threw the doors off the hinges. I sprinted to the front desk. 

"I need the room numbers of one direction. " I demanded slamming my hand on the counter. 

She looked at me and scoffed "Nope only I know and I am not telling you " she smirked, pulling out her bedazzled IPhone.  Don't choke her. Maybe I approached the situation wrong. 

"May I please retrieve the room numbers of One Direction's room please " I asked sweetly, putting on my best fake smile. 

She scoffed again. "Wheat the fuck did you not understand about no.They are my patients " Okay I am officially pissed. She looked back at her phone. I grabbed the piece of shit from her hands and slammed the phone on the counter top . I heard it shatter and the girl shout. 

"You are crazy and about to meet security " she threatened bitch please. 

"You are a bitch and about to meet my fucking fist " I promised. 

"Whatever you are just a psychotic fan -" I am tired of her. I reached over the counter and gripped her nurse shirt. 

"My fucking dad is in that goddamn room and I swear to fucking god if you don't give me the goddamn motherfucking room number I am going to beat you senseless and then take the information for myself " I stated holding her close to my face having her onto the countertop actually. 

"I am the biggest directioner alive and I know neither of them have a child, especially not one as ugly as you.  " Bitch please. 

I completely dragged her from the other side of the counter and punched her square in her face. "One , I look better than you and at least it doesn't look like a cake raped my face. Two, do your research bitch. " I said raising my fist to punch her again. 

"Okay young lady , you are in loads of trouble " A voice said picking me off of her. I struggled in his grip, no use he is like a foot taller than me and a hundred pounds heavier. 

"Wait , put her down" I looked towards the entrance. Jake. 

"You majesty , she was caught abusing the receptionist. I am afraid I can't do that " The buff guy stated. 

"Her father and four other really close people to her are here and no one is telling her a  thing. She is going through a rough time right now. I promise all of the damages will get paid for. Not to mention the receptionist should be fired for the words that she spoke to my girlfriend aren't acceptable or professional in any way. I don't think calling anyone psychotic or cursing towards a person. Kn the court of law that wouldn't look so well. I believe it is aggravation." Jake stated professionally . The guy placed me down quickly n

"You are right your Majesty.  " Damn Jake. I guess being prince and professional  has its advantages. They guys a pulled a piece off of the desk and handed it to Jake. Jake thanked him , grabbed my hand and headed towards the elevator. I noticed two other men with him. Bodyguards. When we reached the elevator he pulled me in for a hug, wrapping his arms around my waist, I put my arms around his torso. He rubbed my back. 

"Baby, I know it hurts , but you can't do things like that ." He told me firmly. I know he is right I just , I don't know. 

"I'm sorry, I know , I am just really scared and worried for their health. " I cried in his chest. He placed his chin on my head , it worked because the has about 4 inches on my height. 

"I know Princess , I know " he soothed rubbing my back. He pulled back and placed on hand at the bottom of my back thigh and one on my bottom back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my face in the crook of his neck. I felt a little bit better as he carried me bridal style. 

My tears felt onto his body and he just comforted me. I heard a ding and elevator doors open. He carried me into the elevator. I snuggled closer to him as more tears fell faster onto his neck. 

"Everything is gonna be okay Princess " He promised , I nodded. I need some hope. 

"Okay " I whispered in agreement. I held to him tighter needing someone to be closer. 

The elevator doors slid open and he picked up the pace his vans sounding against the floor. He opened the door and my head popped up from his neck. I saw Niall and my vision got blurry again. Jake set me down on the ground. I ran to Niall's bed. He was sleeping. 

"Daddy" I cried moving his shoulder. Nothing. "Daddy, please wake up " I begged. I began to sob harder. I shook his bruised , battered , and broken body again. 

"Daddy, please . I am sorry. I didn't mean if when I said you weren't my dad. Please wake up." I cried. A hand pulled me from the bedside. Jake. He wrapped his arms around me again. 

"Why isn't he waking up?"  I cried into his chest again. 

"Because he is in a coma" A voice from behind me came. I turned and saw a man in a white jacket. The words repeated in my head. A coma. I broke from Jake's grip and went back to Niall's side. 

"No , he is not " I argued . "He is just sleeping " I tried convincing them. Though I was actually trying to convince myself more than anyone else. 

"Daddy just wake up" I pleaded. 

"Baby, he will just not yet" Jake said hugging me from behind. The tears fell from eyes like a waterfall through rocks.  

"Who was driving the car?" I yelled the question. 

"Zayn Malik , according to records."the policemen , that I didn't notice before, said. I am going to kill him. 

"Is he hurt ?" I asked hopping he was in worse condition. 

"Fortunately , No just a few scrathes and bruises , but Liam Payne ,Louis Tomlinson  and Harry Styles have a few broken things. Minor thin like arms. Except Liam Payne , he has a deep wound on his arm ...other then that everything is fine. You are a very lucky little girl. " The doctor smiled. Did he really just say Lucky. 

"Lucky my ass , the person in control of the wheel should be here not my fucking father. " I shouted in his face. His face lost color. 

I turned to the cop. "What happened?" I asked. 

He hesitated to speak , but did anyway. 

"Zayn Malik was texting on the phone instead of looking at the road and ran a red light , during the same time an eighteen wheeler was going turning and crashed into the car. Niall Horan had the worst side in it all. He was sitting in the passenger seat exactly where the vehicle smashed into the car." He explained. My body started shaking in anger. 

"Ma'am are you okay ?" I guess he noticed my shaking and red angry face.   

"Where is Zayn Malik?" I asked through my gritted teeth, clenching my fist. 

"Room 2907" 

I dashed out of the room straight into his. I kicked the door open and saw him with his head in his hands,sitting straight up. 

"You little fucker " I yelled at him tackling him to the ground. I was on top of him , I smashed my fist to his nose. He groaned a bit. I did it again and again. I heard a crack and I stood up and went to the door locking it. 

"Get the fuck up " I shouted. I only see red. He stumbled up. I charged at him punching him in the gut. He didn't even fight back he just fell to the ground motionless. I punched him in his cheek. His head cocked to the side. 

"You should be in the hospital bed , you should be losing your life. You should be losing precious time of your life. You should be broken and battered. You shouldn't be walking , you shouldn't be breathing. Zayn fucking Malik, I hope you die slowly and painfully. I hope you have to have surgery on every organ and be forced to feel the pain of being torn apart. I fucking Hate you with every ounce of my being. " I shouted in his wet face. 

"Cry a god damn fucking river and drown in it you inconsiderate asshole " I spat at him , my body shaking with hatred. 

"I-I deserve it .. It is all my fault ... I'm sorry" He broke down crying. 

I left the room slamming the door behind me. I stood by the door that I just slammed. I felt something in my heart. Was it guilt ... no ... it shouldn't be it is all his fault. I should hate him. I just cam't bring myself to admit that I hate him. I kept debating on if I should go back or stay mad. Stay pissed was my mind's answer,but my heart ached to apologize ...









I just thought y'all could use some distractions so no emotions started flowing 

And I was joking read on !!!


Back to the story :

 Before I could stop my I rushed back into Zayn's room. I wrapped my arms around him. He froze in shock and I have to admit , I was in shock myself. He wrapped his arms around me. 

"I'm sorry , I should have paid more attention to my surroundings and .... God I am such a fuck up" He cried on my shoulder. His tears started soaking my jacket. 

"It's not your fault Zayn, It was an accident . You didn't mean too. I know neither side will press charges okay " I soothed him , it's time I became the rock instead of needing one. 

"It is my fault , I have been nothing but an ass to you and you didn't , you don't deserve that and I just.... I'm sorry. My one true love left me because I am a dumb fuck and I messed up big time. She won't ever know how much I love her. " He sobbed again , he is really going through a lot. I hugged him tighter and rubbed his back the way Jake does to me. The only way to help him further that I already have is to set him back up with Perrie. 

"Zayn it was a mistake. I am sorry to , When I said you should be broken,... I didn't mean like this. I didn't mean anything I said. I am just as broken as you are. " I admitted. I rubbed his back. 

"Okay Zayn, the others are going to need you to be strong okay " I said in a comforting voice. He nodded understandingly.

Then he shook his head 'no'. "I can't do it " He leaned down and put his head back in the crook of my neck and warm tears fell onto the base of my neck. Back to square one. 

"Honey , yes you can. " I encouraged him , I pulled him back by his shoulders. "Babe, you are strong okay, you can do this. I believe you can okay. You have to let them cry on you. You may be damaged but you are not broken. Okay,"I reassured him. I don't know why but this is like a mother son moment. 

He smiled. "Okay , you remind me of my mom." He smiled giving my a hug. I smiled , Zayn honestly isn't that bad. "Thank you for coming back. The hate you gave me will never amount to the hate I gave myself " He thanked me. 
"I will always come back for you ,Zayn" I informed him. I pulled back,and kissed his forehead. "I'm glad that I can remind you of someone you love." I continued smiling. 

"I love you , mommy" He said kissing my forehead. I laughed a bit. He smiled showing all his pearly whites. 

"Love you too Zaynie " I replied ruffling his hair. "Alright go get 'em tiger " I encouraged him again. 

He smiled a heart warming smilie and jogged out of the room into the hall. I was proud of what I had done but I still think he may need more encouragement. Something shiny and black caught my eye. Zayn's phone.  Score. I smiled evilly to myself and picked it up. I slid my finger across the arrow thingy and it had a pass code. 1234Z. It unlocked. Wow I was just taking a guess. 

I went to the phone app and went to contacts. P...P...P...Paul.....Perrie!!!

Found it. I clicked her name and looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Clear. I tapped the ten digit number and was making the call. I held it to my ear. What if she doesn't answer then what am-

" Zayn , please leave me alone " A voice pleaded in a cracking tone. Poor love has been crying. 

"Ummm Perrie ... This isn't Zayn " I spoke softly into the phone. 

"Who is this an why do you have Zayn's phone ? Never mind forgetbitnI am hanging up " She said. 
"No please" I begged "I can explain if you would let me "  it was silent for a few seconds. Then I heard her sigh. 

"Shoot " Yes. 

"My name is Crystal and I am Niall's daughter. Zayn has gave me a hard time until really recently when he was in a crash -" She gasped. 

"Oh my gosh is he okay?" She sparked her voice cracking again. 

"Yes, just let me finish. In the crash he was fine Liam had few scratches and bruises Louis and Harry had either a broken something... Niall is in a coma" She gasped again and I knew tears were going to start pouring any minute. "I really let him have it for that one , until he started crying. He was already broken , maybe not physically but emotionally and mentally. He is a wreck he opened up to me and told me what he thought of himself. I know what he did is heart breaking, but please all that I ask is you give him another chance or at least stand by his side in all of this. He had to get a pep talk from a 12 year old. He really needs you right now. You may not want to but if you decide to the hospital is Burgundy Tree. You are on the list.Go to Niall's room." I finished what I had to say. 

She was speechless. 

"Just please think about and if possible can you lease convince Danielle and Eleanor to come too. Louis and Liam won't stop talking about how much they miss them. I think I know a bit too much about you three to have never met either of you.   " I sighed ending the call. I placed his phone back where I found it and went to find the rest of the boys. 

I went to Niall's room.  Yep everyone is here. Zayn was letting Harry cry on his shoulder while Liam and Louis had tears rolling down their face but completely quiet. I walked to Liam and Louis. I looked at them both and wrapped my arms around them both. They hugged me back and tears fell faster from them and me. 

I pulled away and they started crying on each other. The guy who got me from the orphanage was here too. Paul , I think he had tears on his face too. I saw Jake sitting in a chair in a corner shedding a few tears. I jogged to him and sat on his lap wrapping my arms around his torso letting my tears call into his shirt. He put a protective arm over me and rubbed my back. 

"It's okay Princess , let it out. Let it all out " He whispered. I had more tears fall.

"What if he doesn't wake up?"I cried my voice really unsteady. 

"Don't say that he will. He is going to do it for you , the rest of his family, his mates and his fans."  He convinced me. I hope so. I buried me head further into his chest. 

"I want him up now " I sobbed looking at my Daddy's motionless body. 

" I know baby, I know " he comforted me. I just cried , that's all I seem to be good for is crying.I didn't mean to say he wasn't anything to me, I was just angry.

"Look at me okay, " Jake demanded , but I couldn't tear my eyes from. Daddy's body. Jake grabbed me by my face and forced me to look at him , not harsh like though it was more like guidance. "Everything is going to be okay. He is just sleeping okay , he will probably wake up soon , okay. Just please stop crying. You have to be strong for them, for Zayn. I know what happened in the room. You instantly became his rock. I know it hurts, I know it does. But crying is only making everyone else hurt more. No one can stand to see you cry. I can't, Liam can't , Louis can't , Zayn can't ,Harry can't, and I know for a fact Niall can't either. I can't bear you crying. I know I said let it all out, but I didn't realize how much it hurt everyone else. I do now." He shed some tears just talking about it. He kissed my cheek , and my heart lifted a little. 

"But what if he doesn't wake up ." I was only thinking negative so I said negative. 

"He is don't worry. Stop thinking negative. Just say what Niall would say right now " Jake suggested. 

The only thing I could think of right now is how hungry he would be. "I'm hungry, are we going to Nando's after this ?" I mimicked his accent since my own accented voice is to high. He smiled and the room instantly lit up. I looked at Zayn who was forcing tears back,by blinking  quickly. 

"I will be right back " I told Jake before getting up and going to Zayn. 

"Come here for moment Zayn. " I called him. He said something to Harry and stood before coming to me. I opened the door and motioned for him back outside. I led him to his hospital room. We walked in and he instantly started letting the tears flow. I guided him to the bed and sat Indian style. He mimicked my position. 

"You are doing really good Zayn" I changed my position to being in my knees hugging him. "They really need you" I informed him. 

"I know , I am trying but it's hard. It hurts knowing that my mistake caused all of the heartache and pain , Mommy. It hurts so much." He cried on my shoulder again. I guess I really do remind him of his mom. 

"I know Zaynie. It's okay. It was just an accident. " I kissed his forehead and rubbed his back. His tears flowed like a river. 

"Do you really hate me Crystal ?" He asked sniffling. In all honesty I don't hate him. 

"No Zayn, I don't hate you. I love you like I love Niall. " I told him hugging him. He hugged me back. 

"I love you just like I love my own mum and my sisters " He responded. I never really had someone love me like family except, Khian and Niall. 

"I figured you call me mommy" I giggled rubbing his back. 

"I know , Mommy . " He said with his arms still wrapped around me and head still buried in my neck. I pulled back. I tilted his head down and planted a kiss on his forehead again. 

"Thank you for caring " He mumbled. 

"I will always care "

With that we walked back to Niall's room. Zayn went back to Harry and I went back to Jake. 

The doorknob twisted and three beautiful girls came in. 

"Is Crystal here?" The blonde asked. I stood up and I guess her speaking caught everyone's attention , because their eyes widened and jaws dropped. Based on their appearances and the boys description of them I already know who is who.  The blonde one is Perrie , the curly haired one is Danielle and The light brunette is Eleanor 

"Thank you for coming " I thanked them. 

Zayn , Liam and Louis stood so fast, I would swear they were already standing. 




Both called the names of their loved ones. 

"I missed you so-" all three of the boys started to say at the same time. 

"We know everything " The Perrie said again. 

"Mummy, did you do all of this ?" Zaynie asked. 

I nodded. "I hated seeing all of your fake smiles and broken hearts. So I just thought that maybe if you had something to smile about that you guys wouldn't be so cranky,depressed and hurt " I spoke looking at my shoes. They had became really interesting lately.

Zayn, came and picked me up. He actually had a genuine smile. 

"Thank you , just... Thank you " He had a few tears of joy slip his closed eyes. 

He put me down and went to Perrie. 

"I love you so much , it was a drunken mistake , but I take full responsibility , I should have handled my alcohol better and I will do whatever it takes just please take me back. I can't stand knowing that I can't wake up to your beautiful smile every morning or not being able to say I love you at random times. I hate knowing that I can't call you mine or be with you because I am so stupid and carless -" Perrie cut him off in the best way she could. She smashed her lips on his. I was in awe. I am good. 

I listened to Liam's apology to Daniele. 

"I need you to function properly and breath properly. I can't live with out you. I need you to like a plant needs water. Please be my baby again. All I can think about is my mistake and how it can affect me for the rest of my life. Please take me back Dani. I think about you 24/7 and how you tend to wave your hands around when you are laughing so hard you can't make a sound or how when ever you wake up , you don't want anyone to talk to you because hate your morning voice, and every time I tell you everything you do is beautiful. I miss having your tiny arms around me. I love you Dani" Daniele was in complete awe, just like me. They leaned forward amped their lips met. 

I move to Louis and Eleanor conversation. 

" Elle , I am so stupid , you are my everything , my world , my breath. Every time I see you , you take it away. I want you to know that I am never lifting another drop of alcohol to my mouth, if drinking means losing and hurting people I love and care about , I will live the rest of my life sober. I fucked up Ellie. I fucked up bad. I can't lose you. I love you ore than I can describe. I need you. You may not need me but I need you. I need your touch , I need your presence. I will give up everything for you, even my dreams. I will quit one-" Eleanor kissed him making him shut up.

I smiled at all the happy couples. 

"You did a great thing , Princess" Jake told me wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. "I am proud of you " he said kissing my cheek. 

"Eww , guys get a room and not one with the previously unconscious boy in it " The original moment ruiner said. 

"Niall , shut up" It took me a moment to register who I was talking to. Daddy. 

"Daddy" I shouted breaking from Jake's grip and ran and jumped onto Daddy's bed. I gave him the biggest hug in the whole wide world. 

"Shorty , can't ... Breathe .... In ... Pain" He said in between breathes. I instantly let go. 

"Sorry Daddy" 




TA - DA 

Hope you liked it, and yeah I hated having to write all the heartbreak but it is all done now.... Maybe. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love you guys,

P.S Crystal's out fit is on the side

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