New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


8. Hospital part 2


Crystal p.o.v

I loosened my grip on him. He looked at me like everyone else was gone. 

"Shorty are you still mad at me. You didn't really speak to me earlier today. I'm sorry , I didn't mean to make you mad or hurt your feelings , you know that is thats thing I wanna do " A tear streamed down his cheek. I put my head in his chest. 

"No I'm sorry Daddy , I was disrespectful and I shouldn't have said any of the words I did. You are my family. I-I love you Daddy," A few tears slipped mu closed eyes.  "Please don't ever leave me Daddy." I let a few more tears slip my eyes. He rubbed my hair with the arm that wasn't in a cast. 

"I would never do that Lollypop,I love you too much to be able to.  " He kissed my forehead. Lollypop? I like it. 

"Awwww" I heard all the girls say. 

"Daddy , are you okay?" I asked sitting on the edge of his bed eyeing his casts bruises and cuts. 

"I'm fine Lollypop" He smiled genuinely. I looked in his eyes. When he lies his eyes flicker to the left really quick. He lied!!

"Daddy , you said lying isn't good . What hurts?" I asked tearing up. I am sorry that I am emotional, but everything is worrying me. 

"I'm not lying " flicker. Liar!!

"LiLi,make him tell the truth " My worried voice croaked throughout the room. Lucky for me Liam wasn't still swapping spit with Danielle. 

"Lollypop , I am" Ni tried convincing me. I know he is lying I can feel it.

"I will figure it out myself then." I am determined now and  will find out what is causing him pain. 

I gently poked his stomach , nothing. Ribcage,nothing. I put my hand in his hair. He flinched hard. Aha I knew it. I jumped off the edge of the bed and went to where Niall's head was. I parted his hair gently and revealed a gash about 3 Inches long. It hadn't been treated , this is what was causing him pain. 

"Daddy, why didn't you just say you were in pain?" I asked , still inspecting the cut without touching it. 

"Behuz my Jen pen hant Lou low Zuri " He mumbled looking down. What?!?!

"A lil bit louder" I encouraged. 

"Because I didn't want you to worry"He said a louder looking up. I have him a almost tight hug. 

"Daddy,I am your daughter... I will always worry about your well being , even if it is minor." I told him wisely, kissing his forehead. He nodded. I turned to Zayn. 

"Zaynie,hit the doctor button for me will you ?" I asked. 

"Yes, mum " he saluted me . 

A minute later the doctor rushed back in. 

Before he spoke I did. "There is a gash that your staff failed to see , it is located on my fathers head . If it is infected , which it could be considering there is glass in it making the pain unbearable for my father , you will not only be sued but shut down from every single job you get offered . Good Luck. " I sassed. His face went pale and he rushed to Niall's bedside. I smirked a bit. Yeah I scare mofos. I went to go help keep Niall calm,but two arms wrapped around my waist pulling me back. I hit a warm body with a hypnotizing  scent , Jake. 

" The doctors will handle it from here nurse Horan " he whispered kissing my cheek. "You know, what you did for those guys was amazing. I am happy I can call you mine " He informed me. I felt my face heat up a bit. He turned me around and pecked my lips quickly. I smiled when we pulled away. 

Zayn stormed over to us. 

"Don't kiss my mummy " He snapped grabbing my hand pulling me to him and Perrie. I glanced back and saw Jake pouting with his arms crossed. Aww he is so cute. 

"Thank you mummy, for everything you have done in the last hour. I guess an angel can only hate for so long ." He smiled hugging me. I instantly responded. 

"I just disliked you Zaynie, but even then you don't deserve what you have been going through, everyone makes mistakes babe" I spoke my words wisely still holding on to him. "But, if you break her heart again...I'm gonna mess you up " I patted his back and pulled away. 

"Hi ,I'm Crystal I'm-"

"Zayn's mum" Gosh this boy. 

"No, I am Niall's daughter-" I tried to finish but interrupted once again. 

"And My Princess " Jake added wrapping his arms around my waist. 

"Wait aren't you Prince Jake " Perrie asked a bit shocked. 
He nodded and she did the usual bow. 

"As I was saying ; I am Niall's daughter , I really wanna say thank you . Zayn was a mess , he did nothing but sob and say how much he loved and missed you and how when you guys used to play fight over if you got to wear make up and he said he would always let you win because-" Zayn cupped his hand over my mouth. I tried moving it but he was too strong. So I stuck my tongue out and licked his palm. He jerked his hand away immediately looking at it in disgust. 

"Did you just lick my hand?!?!" He exclaimed wiping his hand on his jeans. I gave him a fake shocked face. Perrie was laughing so hard her  face was turning red. 

"Mum!!" He exclaimed again. I pinched  his already crimson cheeks.  

"Shouldn't have messed with me hun" I teased. 

He put his head in his hands in embarrassment. 


My head snapped to Niall.  I broke from Jake's grip and rushed to Ni's side. 

"He flat lined " Those words hit my heart hard. 

I punched the doctor square in his nose. 

"Your failing your fucking job." I shouted and reached and clicked the doctor and nurse button. They came immediately. 

I turned to the doctor I punched. 

"Get the fuck out !!" I yelled and he scurried out. Jake wrapped his arms around me. 

"Help him! Why the hell are you just standing there?! ?!"  I shouted at them pointing to my not breathing father. I felt multiple hands pull me back. 

"Let me go!" I shouted , staring at the doctor and nurse hovering over my Daddy. They eventually won and dragged me out of the room , the last thing I head was them yelling clear. 

"God dammit I had one fucking request and you pricks don't fucking listen." I yelled at the group that pulled me out , consisting of Jake, Liam,Louis,Zayn and Harry. Liam Louis and Harry were working with one hand. Jake reached out to me. I jerked away. 

"Don't fucking touch me " I growled. He stood and disobeyed my request once again. He wrapped his arms tightly around me pressing the front of his body against mine. I struggled against his hold, but it was no use. I wiggled and squirmed but that just made him hold me tighter. My struggles became weaker and weaker. I stopped struggling and started sinking into his chest letting all of my tears fall. 

"He is going to be okay " He said rubbing my back. He picked me up bridal style and sat down before placing me in his lap. I snuggled my face against his chest again. I just sobbed and he rubbed my back. I guess he decided I needed to let it out. I couldn't stop thinking about the negative, what if he is gone for good ?

Jake p.o.v

My heart is breaking as she is struggling from my grip. I just held her close. She needs to let it out, just not in anger or violence. Her struggles became weaker and weaker , then she stopped and sobbed into my chest. 

I was sitting in the chair with my angel in my lap. Her tears soaked my shirt as I rubbed her back. 

Ten minutes later --

Her tears stopped and she just laid there. I leaned down and placed my lips on her smooth, soft, plump, pink, lips. Our lips connected and my eyes closed on contact.  I felt sparks and fireworks. It wasn't snogging it was just kissing, like a long peck on the lips. I slowly pulled back , but not without leaning down once more to peck her sweet lips again. My eyes opened to reveal a smiling Crystal opening her eyes. 

"Please keep smiling , you smile makes me smile." I whispered to her meaning every single word. She smiled again hugging me tightly. 

"You make smile by being he there for me." She whispered back smiling. Both sides of my mouth turned up revealing all of my teeth. 

"You guys are so in love it is disgusting " Harry gaged fake throwing up. I stuck my tongue out at him kissing my love again.  

We pulled apart and she still had a smile on her face. I really love her smile. I really love her actually. Everything about her , her laugh,her voice, her everything she is my everything. 

"I want to go back and check on daddy " She whispered in my chest. Probably not the best idea. 

"Babe, that's not a good idea . I don't think you should see him like that" I hated having to dent her but it is for the best. Her smile faded and sh nodded slowly, a tear slipped down her cheek. A pang of guilt hit my heart hard. I didn't mean to make her cry , no I don't wanna see her cry. 

"Noo Baby , I'm sorry , I didn't mean to make you cry we can still go if you want . Please don't cry." I rambled begging her to stop. I fall at this girl's feet, I praise her like people praise gods. 

She shook her head. "You are right , it probably isn't " she sniffled wiping her tear away. I kissed her face repeatedly. From her forehead,to her nose,to both of her cheeks then her lips.

She giggled a little. I smiled , at least she is not crying. 

"Jake , what are you doing ?" She asked giggling a bit more. 

"Trying to make you feel better " I admitted kissing her cheeks again. 

Niall's room door swung open and the doctor came out. 
"Is there any family here ?" Crystal didn't hesitate to stand up. 

"I am his daughter his other family members are flying here now." She replied. 

"Are you Crystal?" He asked.

She nodded. 

"He is asking for you and Prince Jake "He said before walking down the hall with the nurse close behind. I stood and walked with Crystal to the room. We entered and saw Niall lying on the bed looking dangerously weak. 


Okay I lied, this one may be a little sad. It hurt me a bit to write it but the show must go on!!

Thanks for reading ,




And stuff like that. 

Love you guys,


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