New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


2. Hate and Jake

Crystal p.o.v

"Ni" I begged shaking his shoulders. He groaned pulling the pillow back over his head. 
"Go away Shorty " He shouted from underneath the pillow. I swear this boy is harder to wake up than Harry. 

"Niall fire trucking Horan , if you don't get your fat bum up and outta this bed , I am gonna eat all of your food and-" He cut me off popping up faster than the speed of light, knocking me down , so now I am lying on the cold hard ground ( Sorry I couldn't resist ). 

"Well that was easy" i mumbled to myself. I pulled myself up.  I felt a breeze pass me. I looked around at his room. The walls were a beautiful turquoise. He had pictures of him and his family all around the room on the walls , but like every other average teenager he had clothes everywhere. Not to mention all the soda cans and food boxes everywhere- . Wait where is Ni? 

I shrugged it off and went down the stairs dodging all the clutter in his room. 

Laughter boomed throughout the home. I went to where i heard the laughter ... The kitchen. 

I walked into the room and all the laughter was hushed. Well this feels awkward. 

"Great she is still here " the dark haired boy grumbled under his breath. I am tired of his shizz already and I have only has two encounters with him. 

I just put my head up and continued to the table. 

"Hey Shorty " Niall gleamed , oblivious to Zayn's rude comments. 

"Well someone is awfully happy considering he pushed a child on her bum " I laughed slightly while say it. His face was a bit pink. 

"Sorry " He mumbled looking at his plate.

"No worries -" Zayn cut me off. 

"Stop talking your voice is really annoying and your breath smells disgusting " He shouted. God flame it. What does he have against me. 

I am pretty sure my face went red of embarrassment and anger. When ever i get really angry I sorta lose my voice and start signing words ... In sign language. I did it a lot when I was younger and Niall wanted to be in on it , so I taught him it. 

" I am sick of this bull. I have done nothing to you . Gosh do you think I asked for you to mess up and have to pick me up and care for me " I signed really quick standing up. 

Niall stood up too and what he did next left the other residents of the house in shock."Shorty calm down , He is just really angry right now. Be meant to nothing by it , on top of that he isn't a morning person. He really loved Perrie and is just heartbroken" He signed with pleading eyes. I am sure there was hate in mine. 

" No that doesn't give him permission to be a twat waffle. Maybe if he wasn't so rude. She would have forgave him " I signed faster than ever looking back into his eyes. I am so ticked.He has no right to be so rude.

"You ," I turned the voice that belonged to the Twat of the year. " Yeah You bitch... Say what ever the hell you are signing. You fucking retard. " He yelled. I was just barley restraining myself from leaping over the table and suffocating him. My eyes shot back to Niall. 

"Zayn that is enough leave her alone. Crystal has done nothing to you. " Harry's deep voice sternly boomed. 

"Why are you defending her. She is nothing but a orphan that nobody wants " He shouted to me and Harry. That is when I cracked. He doesn't know me. 

"My father died in war and my mother died giving birth to me , after fighting in war ,you Twat. So before you fucking dare say another damn thing about me being wanted or not... Just remember that I am the one whose parents died a Hero and a Heroine.  But don't just remember that remember that I am not the stupid cunt who cheated on a sweet innocent person with a bimbo, Bitch. Not only that but she dropped you like the undeserving fucker you are. " I growled at him , hatred dripping from every word. He lips were line a thin line and tears were on the brim of eyes. 

"That is what the fuck I thought...and you say I am the unwanted one." I spat at him leaving the dining area to the front door where the coat rack and my skate board is. I threw on my hoodie black 'Who said I care ' hoodie and picked up my black skate board personally signed Tony Hawk ,   Ryan Shecklar ,Rodney Mullen, and Rob Dyrdek. This is by far one of my prized possessions along with the picture of my mum and dad and a beautiful emerald necklace. 

"Crystal , where are you going." The voice I have heard throughout my rough childhood, Niall asked. 

"To Hunt fucking elephants " I shouted sarcastically rushing out of the house. I was immediately surrounded by flashing lights and screaming girls. 

" Who are you?" ,"What is your name?", "Why are you leaving this house?" . Those were just some of the questions they asked. I just simply ignored them and pressed my skateboard tightly to my leg. 

"Who is that ugly bitch? She better not be dating them. What a slut! Why is she leaving One Direction's house " Why are these people here and why are these girls shouting rude things at me?

Whatever. I kept ignoring them till i was at top of the drive way. They started crowding around me and I got a bit claustrophobic and frustrated.  

"Move outta my way or get ran over by my skateboard ... I don't really care " I shouted over the crowd and started skating down the hill. People started moving out of my way once they realized I was serious. My speed picked up and feeling the wind flowing through my thick hair. 

I was finally away from all the people and the snotty community. I was in a more public place. Something caught my eye. I looked over to it and saw a ..... SKATE PARK!!!! JACKPOT!!!

I picked up the speed , super excited that I found the park. 

We had one at the orphanage and it was our Facebook I guess you could say. It's where we went to talk and keep each other updated on our lives and make friends from the other side of the orphanage. The boy side. 

I reached the park and received numerous stares from everyone there. They were all guys. 

I didn't skate thought the entrance. I was walking through since I was getting weird stares from the girls in the area. They were all in dresses or skirts. Why ? I don't know. Not to mention all the make up caked on their face and the high ass heels clicking around. At least my converse are quiet. 

The boys gave me confused looks, I suddenly felt self conscious as I continued to walk to the tallest deepest half pipe I saw. 

" What is this girl doing at my half pipe " One boy questioned sounding quite cocky. I inspected the area. 
"Oh god what are you doing ? And why are you dressed as me ?" He questioned again. 

" Oh yeah I don't even have the info I need , What's your name again?" I asked looking at him. All eyes were on us. 

"Jake" He said with a sly smile. I nodded slightly and continued looking at the area. " What are you doing ?" He asked raising his voice small bit trying to get his attention.

"Looking for your name , and I don't see the word 'cocky cunt' anywhere so I am a bit confused on how this is your pipe. And just to answer your question I think you are trying to dress as me. Oh yeah and I still pulled it off better than you and look better in it than you ever will." I said calmly looking him dead in his eyes. His mouth fell open and the ooo's and ahh's and laughter was heard throughout the park. 

"Princess , please everyone knows vans are skater shoes and converse are for dancers" He smirked and continued. "Not to mention you can't skate anyway , I am pretty sure you can't dance either" He added stepping closer. Actually can dance along with skate and I do kick boxing and regular boxing,Bitch. 

"Honey , please , you must not know me at all. Oh that's right you don't know me. I can skate circles around you. Oh and your right , but I am gonna take a wild guess and say you haven't seen me skate or dance. But either way I am still better than you. And my dancing will have you begging for lessons . And as for my converse well honey, hate to break to you but converse look better than vans. But I have a question. When are you going to challenge me to a skate off? We can talk all day but it takes a real skater to skate. " I snapped stepping closer. 

He moved closer "Bring it on Princess" He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine. 

"Gladly" I sassed. He looked at my eyes and then my lips. He leaned in a bit. Wow wasn't he just dissing my shoes and my dancing? This could be fun. I leaned in a bit too. He closed him eyes and moved forward. I ducked from his arms quickly. I made my way to the top of the pipe. 

"Not funny Princess" Jake shouted. I laughed loudly. 

"Not for you " I said in between my fit of laughter and waited on him. 


I bowed after claiming my win in the little skate off.

"Okay I gotta admit you are a great skater , so how about that dancing." He smiled that cute little smile exposing his dimples and wiggling his eyebrows.  Jake actually isn't that bad he is just really cocky. But not to the point to where he is conceded. We were sitting on the top of the pipe I claimed my victory on. 

"Haha , how about no " I slightly laughed playfully hitting his arm. 

" Fine , but will I get to see you dance one day ? " He asked hopefully with a little sparkle in his blue eyes with golden specks in them. 

" Maybe" I shrugged. He did a classic 70's move and did a fake yawn landing his arm on my shoulder. My cheeks got a bit red and I laughed. 

"Really Jake? " I asked raising an eyebrow in amusement. His face went a bit red too. He laughed and sighed. 

"You know you like ." He said cocky like, I just laughed. 

"Whatever helps you sleep at night " I said giving up. I can't honestly say I don't like it, because I really do like it. It felt like a security blanket. 

"You" I heard him mumble. Or was I just hearing things. I don't know it was so quiet I could have easily imagined it. 

"Huh?" I asked , trying to see if he would repeat it. He probably meant like shoe or something. 

" N-Nothing I didn't say anything " He said looking around. Liar. 

" Noo I heard something. Do I know what you said ? No,but it was something." I stated running the memory that happened just seconds ago back in my head. I am absolutely sure he said something now. 

" You might be hearing things Princess" He insisted playing it off. Mmmmhmmm, or someone is lying and it sure as bell isn't me.

But I let it go. If he won't repeat it, it must not be important. 
" I probably am all that Jake whopping has got me tired " I teased poking him stomach, which was rock hard. He laughed, I swear I will never get tired of that laugh. 

"Hardy Har Har , I let you win " He said putting his nose to the air Ina snobbish , playful way. 

"And I let you Lose " I replied smirking,getting an accomplished feeling. He put his hand over heart , pretending to be hurt adding a fake hurt expression. 

" Aww Princess that hurt " He said in a fake hurt tone. 

"Aww I sorry Jakey " I pouted playing along. He cracked a smile. 

"I could never stay mad at you Princess " He sighed giving in. "Wait why do you know my name but I don't know yours?" He asked confused. 

"Because you never asked " I told him in a 'duh' tone. He made an ohhh sound. 

"Okay What's your name Princess ?" He asked looking me in my eyes. 

"Crystal " I replied . He smiled. 

"You have a really beautiful name Princess. " He instantly went red and started stumbling over his words. 
"I-I mean -" I cut him off. 

" I heard you , but don't worry Jake , I like your name too." I said smiling trying to make him feel better. 

*Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz * stupid phone. I pulled out my iPhone.... Dad. Ignore. 

"Princess he has called you numerous time why won't you respond?" He asked , concern filling his voice. 

"Because , Jake . I don't wanna go home with him and his twat waffles he calls friends. 

He shot up. "Are they hurting you Princess? I will single handedly -" I cut him off tugging him back down. Smiling at the fact he was so quick to try

"No Jake , they aren't hurting me . " I said , he relaxed a bit at my words. He sighed in relief. 

His face showed realization and then he burst into laugher. I was so confused. 

"What's so funny ?" I asked scrunching my face up a bit. 

"Twat waffles , Princess , what an insult." He started laughing again. I pushed him off the edging. He grabbed my foot dragging my me along with him. We were the only ones left in the park everyone else left right after the competition. We didn't roll or anything, we just slid down the pipe as if it were a slid. We were laughing the whole way down. I tried stoping but my foot failed me and I went rolling into Jake. We reached the low point of the half pipe and I ended up laying under him. Are laughing went silent and we were looking in each others eyes. He started leaning down we were so close. 

"Crystal" Shoot.


Hope you like it. Thank you for reading. 

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Love you guys,



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