New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


11. Fuck

Crystal p.o.v 

"Daddy?" The words came in disbelief ad they slipped my mouth.He jumped and tried to pretend to be hurt. "Cut the shit" I snapped and he stopped instantly. 

"So you just thought that you could pretend to be seriously injured . Did you stop to think about all the feelings Zayn has been feeling? The guilt , the burning hatred for himself. What about the girls on twitter? Those sluts have been calling Zayn many names like terrorist, dumb fuck. Lets not forget that he reads these things !" I practically yelled. I am seriously pissed all those tears everyone has shed for you ,well you know what ,fuck you. 

"Princess let me explain, I really was hurt ... I just didn't have heart failure. I saw everyone getting along and I was getting claustrophobic. I just needed everyone to leave." He looked down. I don't care if he feels guilty. I feel played, and used. 

"So you think Heart Failure is something to joke with? I guess you forgot my mum died because of heart failure. I can't believe you. I literally went apeshit trying to get you help but you just fuck me sideways huh." I yelled , god I can't fucking believe this. I went to the bed. "You don't know the hell that is rising out there. The shit I am putting up with , just for you. 'I just need my little girl to be good' remember those words. Of course you do. Zayn has the bitchiest girlfriend , who I am pretty sure is responsible for what went down earlier with me and jake. It took everything for me not to kill those doctors and not to beat Perrie's face into pulp. Not to set up a interview to tell all your little bitches to fuck off. You wanna know why I didn't? I didn't because you asked me to be good. As your sick words you asked of me that much. If you thought what I was doing before was bad just fucking wait." I shouted at the imposter, my body was shaking with anger. I hadn't noticed I was so close to him face until I heard him sniffle. 

He reached out and grabbed my hand. He pulled it away leading me into his bed. So there I lie with my Daddy. 

"I thought I was doing what was right for you. When I woke up from a coma ,I saw how happy everyone was, how you and Zayn were acting like family. Then it hit me. You two were getting really close because you were actually getting to know each other. So I thought that maybe if I was hurt a bit longer you two would permanently be close. Do you fancy telling me what happened in the hall?" He asked. We were face to face so it was easy to tell he wasn't lying. I hesitated. Maybe it will be best if he didn't know. 

"Nothing" I lied. He frowned a bit. 

"I know it is something, just like I know you and Perrie have some bad business together."

"How'd you know?" I ask looking around at everything but him. 

"I know you better than I know myself , Princess" he smiled kissing my forehead. I hugged him really tightly. 

"I was so scared and worried and  I felt the need to shield Zayn from the hate, to protect him and then Jake got jealous and I know Perrie had something to do with it. It was written all over her face. She was trying to get Jake against me.  It worked. He was yelling and shouting at me. He was jealous of what happened between me and Zayn. I only comforted him. He needed it, so when Jake was yelling at me it was too much for me to bear. All the anger,hatred,jealousy, sorrow and worry was getting to me and I needed an escape. " I cried into his chest. His hand and formed into a fist.  It was so tight his knuckles were white. 

"He yelled at you ?" He repeated through his gritted teeth. 

"Yes, but-" 

"But nothing , I don't give a fuck if he was mad, I'm am going to kill him" He growled. I held him tighter. 

"It's okay , I'm alright. Please don't hurt him" I pleaded, usually his threats like this, I knew were empty , but I'm not too sure.

He wasn't calming down just tensing more. 

"I promise Dad, I'm okay. Please, don't hurt him. Promise me you won't hurt him" I begged. He wrapped his good arm around me. 

"I can promise I won't kill, but I swear if he raises his tone , a hand or even make you shed a tear. I will fucking beat him to death" He said in the most nonchalant tone ever. I giggled a little.

I yawned really loudly. He smiled a little and kissed my forehead. 

"You need some rest ,Love" He insisted pulling his blanket over me and him. I can't even fight it. Stress wears a person out. I nodded and my eyes became heavier and heavier, eventually they closed sealing me into darkness. 


"I swear to fucking god I would kicked your ass if Crystal wasn't right here," I was slowly waking when I heard the threat in a growling sort of way. Daddy? Yep it's him. I opened my eyes, to see Daddy talking to Jake. "You are damn lucky she has a heart of gold. Let me find out that you hurt her again in any sort of way. Breaking her heart, physically, emotionally , mentally I don't really care. Hurt her will end with me killing you. To be honest, I don't really like you, but Harry seems to think you are okay,and Crystal seems to be head over heels for you,falling fast and falling hard. Let her hit the ground and you will be underground. Got it" Daddy's words seem to get though to Jake because he nodded really fast as Niall had his collar. I tried to get a better look from under the covers. Ughh this is difficult, time to 'wake up'.

 I closed my eyes again and slowly pulled back the blanket from over my head. I stretched my arms out and yawned a little before running my hands through my hair. 

Wow my hair got really soft,was it like this before I went to sleep? What made it so soft?

Crystal !! Keep focus. 

Who pissed in your Cheerios. 

Why am I having a battle with myself?

I leaned over blindly landing on what feels like a shoulder. My eyes opened again and was shot by a blinding light. What the fuck,Light?!?! Bloody prick. Let's try this again. I opened my eyes slowly and the blurry images cleared up. I was leaning on Daddy's shoulder. I looked up at him and I swear, I shit you not, his eyes literally changed from a dark shade of blue to a bright blue. He smiled. 

"Good Morning,princess" Daddy greeted  plating a kiss on my forehead. I rubbed my eyes before replying. 

"Good Morning daddy" I responded in a sleepy voice. 

"Good Morning ,beautiful " I heard Jake's voice and my head instantly shot up from Niall's shoulder. I couldn't help but smile. I'm beautiful. He was standing next to where I was laying. I leaned towards him as he kneeled down. I wrapped my arms around him and he mimicked the gesture. 

"Good Morning ,Jake " I whispered, I could only whisper. Whenever we touch I loss my breath and it becomes harder to breath. I felt a pair of really soft plump lips on my cheek. Jake's lips just lingered on my cheek,  slowly he pulled back. Sure enough I felt heat rise in my cheeks. 

"How is Zayn?" I quickly asked trying to change the subject. There was silence. Niall and Jake looked at each other as if they were having having conversation with their eyes. I instantly became alert. I shot up from the bed. Not caring about my hair or my appearance period. 

"Dammit give me a fucking answer!" I demanded running my hands through my hair. Niall opened his mouth but unfortunately closed it before any words slipped out. Shoot. I swung the door open to the hall,my eyes eagerly searching for Zayn. Nothing. 

"Where is Zayn?" The words came out as a cry for help. No one spoke. 

"W-We don't know" Louis mumbled. Those words turned my worry meter to Shit.  

"W-What"I stammered. He looked up at me and sighed. 

"He left around two in the morning" Louis sighed standing in front of me holding my shoulders. I bolted to his hospital room. I looked around for a clue or something to tell me where he was, when something caught my eye. The television was paused on a drinking commercial. A bar maybe?
I looked around and saw a bright little screen on the bed. The map was loaded. Are the coordinates to a bar ? I need to find out really quick, before he does something stupid. 

I ran back to the waiting area where I saw Louis with only an arm cast. Perfect. 

"Louis , Eleanor , I know where Zayn is " I grinned. The Blondie shot up. 

"Great now , tell me so I can get him " She demanded putting her hand on her hip. Bitch please.  

"Ummm let me think .... Uhh how about no. I want Louis and Eleanor to come with me to get him and talk some sense into him." I scoffed. Them I turned my gaze back to Lou and Eleanor. "Are you two up for it?"  I asked raising my eyebrows. They both nodded. Hallelujah!!

They both got up. "Crystal we will be in the car at the front" Louis sniffled as he grabbed Eleanor's hand and they went to they went to the elevator. 

"Umm Liam,Harry , I think you guys show see Niall he probably really misses you two." Perrie suggested in her normal bitch tone. They looked at me and asked for permission with their eyes. I nodded and they rushed to Niall's room , as soon as the door to the room shut she changed. She pointed to my chest.

"Look here you little slut, whatever you are trying to pull with my boyfriend you, won't get away with it. All I have to do, is say a word and he will toss you.  " She threatened. I smirked a little. Ooo I am so scared,who the fuck does she think she is?

I pushed her hand away from my body forcefully. "Last time I checked, I brought you two together. Oh yeah and for it to be one day he surely does seem to trust me,especially since he has cried on my shoulder and not yours" I scoffed. I started to take protective guard over him and snapped on her once more. 

"I would love to stay and chat,but I believe that I need to find MY Zayn ."I smirked. Her caked face went red in anger. 

"Don't you mean MY ZAYN!" Her eyes practically had jealousy all over them. 

"News flash blondie, I'm sure that's what I said" My lips were in a thin line as I nodded. 

"Whatever Zayn loves me more than you anyway" She smirked. 

"Whatever floats your boat." I laughed. 


I wrapped my arms around him,feeling his warmth and unfortunately smelling the alcohol on him. 

"Zayn,come on we need to go right now" I spoke still holding his body. 

"No I fauna lay beer " he slurred. He wants to lay beer? What? Ohhhh. He wants to stay here...

"Zayn mate, come on " Louis grabbed Zayn and  started pulling him away from me and the crowd. Then ,Zayn just stared to freak out. He pushed Louis off of him. 

"Leave me alone, I just wanna talk to my mummy . My lil mummy " He protested (A/N only if his name was Jimmy haha) he stumbled back to me wrapping his arms around me. 

"I know you hate me , you say you don't but I know you do. It's okay though, I hate me too." He completely stopped slurring and I heard the words clearly. 

He thinks I hate him? 

I managed to give him a weak smile , it was probably just the alcohol speaking. 

"Come on Zayn" I mumbled into his ear,as I pulled him with me while I stalked across the room of drunken men. 

A hand grabbed my waist and yanked me from Zayn. 

Another hand snapped my face towards his . 

"Hey little lady aren't you a little young to be here?" The smell of alcohol filled my nose as his breath hit my face. I pushed his hand off of my face and waist as harshly as I could. 

"Get off of me you freak , I am a minor" I slapped the face...with my fist.

He stumbled back a bit. 

"A simple no would have been fine."He mumbled holding his nose backing away. Twat. 

I just need to find Zayn before I get kicked out by a responsible adult. I whipped around , to not find him. Panic Mode initiated. 

"Zayn" I shouted. My eyes frantically searching for anything , anyone that was even a little similar to Zayn.

I pushed through the drunken people to try and at least Louis or Eleanor. 

A body knocked me onto the floor. My eyes shot up to the tackler. Louis. 

"Louis"I beamed. "Louis have you found Zayn, I lost him ." I placed my palms on the cold wooden floor , pushing my body off of the ground. 

"No you had -  You lost him?!?! You lost a drunk , angered, sorrowed,teenager. Crystal, what the hell?"He ran his hands through his hair closing his eyes. 

"Well when you put it that way," I grumbled. "I feel a little guilty" I finished looking at my shoes in the dim light. 

"Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit" he rushed the words at his hands covered his face. 

Where is Zayn?

Author's Note

Omg guys!!' They lost Zayn!!! Where is he? Wait hold that thought, Niall faked his heart failure....did he? Why was he able to move properly in less than a couple hours? Oh amd yeah Perrie's a total jelly bitch. Jake got a pretty serious talk from Niall ... What do you think on that?

On a serious note, guys I honestly do ship Zerrie. The Perrie attitude from this story is just for the plot so you now...calm your tits people!! I love Perrie, just like I love Danielle and Eleanor. Yes I do realize that there is no more Payzer ... But dammit if I want there to be Payzer in my motherfucking story then there will be. So deal with it. I shall forever ship Payzer ....until he gets married I guess. I mean why would I ship my husbands old relationship name? Haha just kidding..maybe. 

On a really serious note: To the girl who took their life because of the things you on your tv , may you and your soul rest in peace. You will be missed dearly and you will always have a spot in our fandom. We love you, so from my heart to yours I hope you realize in your after life you are unique and no one can change you. 

Rant mode: To those bitches that had the audacity to say some shit like that go fuck yourself. If you have the nerve to tell innocent, insecure girls to kill themselves then you should do it. If you wanna tell people to kill themselves then you do it take your own life instead of others. Did you ever stop to think how it can affect someone so deeply when you tell them their idols , probably the only people they can depend on to make their hell a bit cooler , hate them? Or how it will hurt when you say kill themselves? You don't know them or their story , what they are going through or who they are so just get the fuck out of our kitchen and fandom you raggedy bitches. To the person that decided to name us Crazy, fuck yourself. When are a dedicated family, who stick together , you are already on our shit list for the name but then you choose the twats of the world to speak for us. They aren't even family , they are irrelevant, clearly classified as bitches. Why the hell were they chosen? 

On the Alan topic: Alan, dear, dear Alan. If this has any constellation you were damn hot. On a serious note, you deserved better, your remembered as a warrior, you fought cancer and those twat waffles that bullied and beat you. I find it pretty damn hot that you like Justin Bieber and you are a belieber. I say you are because once a beliber always a belieber. You are one of MY Idols for being so strong. May you rest in peace. I love you.

Love you, and thanks for reading,

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