New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


14. Embarrassment


Hey Guys , how have you been. Great. Now I have buttered you up I want to apologize. I have failed you all as a writer so umm yeah sorry. I had major writers block and was severely struggling with studies and Shizz , so yeah. Don't kill me. So to make it up to you new chapter on me!!!!!!!! Hopefully I can post at least once a weak for both SB and NL so let's so how it goes.



Third Person p.o.v
Crystal watched in horror as Zayn closed his eyes taking in a deep breath before jumping , backwards. 
Zayn just couldn't leave things the way they are. He needed some type of closure. He didn't want to hurt anyone anymore, but by jumping , it would only cause sorrow. 
Crystal wrapped her tiny arms around his sprawled body on the cold cement she tightened her grip as he slowly wrapped his arms around her. 
"As soon as you are sober I am going to kick your a-" She almost finished threatening. 
"Language young lady " He smiled slowly from ear to ear. Crystal's face had risen into a smile too. 
"I will kick your bum . " She corrected. As her head lay gently on his heaving chest a tear slipped her eye, followed by another. The liquid slipping though his thin white T-shirt hitting his skin. A tsunami of guilt came washing over his body. She was crying because of him. 
Crystal p.o.v
Zayn soothingly rubbed my back as he quietly shushed me. 
"Zayn, please don't ever scare me like that again. I can't bear to lose you ."I pleaded. 
"I won't mummy , I am sorry " 
Jake p.o.v
*2 hours later *
I don't care if she doesn't want to see me. I don't care if she is angry with me. I don't care if we haven't been dating a long time. I don't care about anything but her being angry with me. 
I gripped the bouquet of flowers tighter in the plastic wrapping before knocking on Zayn's hospital room door. Her father said she was in there with Zayn according to Danielle. 
The door swung open and revealed a very beautiful girl also know as my Princess. She took one good glance at me before trying to close the door once more. I stuck my foot in the door before she could close it. I slipped in the room just before the door closed. 
Before she could manage to say anything, I put a hand on her cheek and guided her lips to mine. She hesitated stiffened and didn't move. Her body was still pretty far from mine so I wrapped my arm that held the flowers in it around her waist. She still didn't move. 
"Please kiss me back " I mumbled on her lips pleadingly. She stepped back a little and my heart dropped. She really hates me. 
"I-I'm sorry, I -" She wrapped her arms around my torso and planted her lips on mine. This time she melted into the kiss. It was like her legs gave out on her and I was holding her up completely, not that I minded. It just gave me another reason to hold her so close to me. Our lips moved in unintentional sync , no tongue it was just expressing so much you could say. I missed her so much in the three hours we had been apart. Pathetic , I know. I moved closer to her trying to surpass all of the fireworks exploding in my body. I lifted her a bit so she wouldn't be on the ground. She was as light if not lighter than a feather. I felt her lips move above me so I tilted my head up. I her arms move to my neck and one move so her hand could be on my cheek. Her warmth spread throughout my entire body. 
Unfortunately , we have to breath air so we had to break apart, surely but slowly we did. But not before ending it with a light peck. Our breathing heavy and ragged. I opened my eyes , that I didn't realize I closed , and looked into hers. 
"I missed you so much Princess , I am so sorry. You deserve better , you honestly do ." I whispered our foreheads resting on each other. 
"I missed you too. I am sorry I should 't have went off like that " She apologized sheepishly. I grinned at her getting lost in her beautiful hazel eyes. When I broke the spell that was cast upon me by Crystal's magical eyes. I leaned again and placed another tantalizing kiss on her lips. I slowly lowered my Princess to the ground , tilting my head back down again not breaking the kiss or letting her waist go. I still held her close, they way I like it. I slowly pulled away already missing the sweet taste of her soft pink lips. I felt my cheeks rise into a smile as a I took my hand from her cheek and pull my arm from around her to reveal the lovely flowers. 
Her eyes widened and she cupped both hands over her mouth, my smile only extended. 
"Each flower means something , so they weren't pre packaged , I had our gardener help me hand pick them from the Palace garden. And before you refuse to accept them let me explain what they mean..." I joked. "This is the Yellow Carnation , it means cheerful, I got it because you are always like that and it spreads to everyone around you. This is the Geranium flower it means comfort. You have done this to everyone, you were the strongest person when everything happened. You had your moment and went straight to helping everyone around you. This is the Gladiolus it means strength of character. You have very strong beliefs and you haven't changed at all. This is the Hibiscus flower and it means delicate beauty. Though you aren't fragile on the inside you appear to be that way in the outside. And Princess you are beautiful, of course that goes without saying. This is the Jasmine , it means grace an elegance , quite frankly this should be called The Crystal along with the Rhododendron which means beware, and the Delphinium which means boldness . You are all types of Dangerous just like you are graceful and bold. Like when you gracefully out skated me on my own turf. This lovely flower here is a newly found type of flower. It is the red and white rose. It represents unity. I like this one a lot. It reminds me of us. We may come from different backgrounds but together we make the same future. But this one right here reminds me the most of you. The yellow rose means jealousy. I know you are going to object , but if another girl came in here and hugged me you would blow a fuse. This is the sunflower it means adoration , long story short I adore you and everything about you. This is the pink tulip which means caring , which is something you do a lot. And the Last two are something I like to announce. The Lilac means first love and the Yellow Tulip means hopelessly in love. If you can't guess what I am trying to say , then I will say it. You are the first and hopefully the only girl I will ever say these words to. I love you Crystal Amy-Anne Horan , I am completely, foolishly, utterly , entirely , hopelessly in love with you. I know you probably aren't ready to say it back , that's why I'm not asking you to, I am just telling you this because it is true. I knew I was no longer free to think about others when I first laid my eyes on you. All I could think about was you , all I think about is you. So I also got you this " I reached in my pocket and pulled out a black velvet box and opened , before kneeling down on one knee . 
"This is my promise ring to you. I promise to love you forever and always." Her eyes were as big a golf balls and her cheeks may permanently be crimson. 
"J-Jake, I -I I can't accept that , that ring probably cost more than the hospital I was born in!" She exclaimed pushing it away. I couldn't help but chuckle a little. She was over exaggerating it is worth a little over 1 million euros, considering the pure gold, diamond and silver in it and the fact I had it customized myself for my Princess. That inscription read 'I promise to cherish and love you ~ Jake' and if you looked int to each diamond it promised something , but I'd let her figure that out. 
"Please accept it , I got it made just for you because I love you and I thought that if I got it for you ,you would realize how much I love you . Please , Angel . If you have it then everyone will know you are all mine " I stated. She sighed in defeat before nodding. 
"I accept the promise " She smiled while crying a little. I cheered a bit before standing up and slipping the ring on her finger. I kissed her tears away. "I can't believe , you'd go through all of this trouble to say you
Love me." She sighed in disbelief. 
"It's more of a honor than trouble Beautiful." She blushes every time I call her a pet name. I wrapped my arms around once more and placed my head in the crook of her neck. She wrapped her arms around my torso and I could feel her fiddling with the ring her finger. 
A series of aww's were heard along with someone talking "There it was people a live Cake moment " A voice announced startling me, causing me to snap my head to the direction on the sound. Much to my dismay I turned and saw Louis,Liam,Zayn,Harry,Danielle,Eleanor,Perrie, and worst of all a camera pointed directly towards us. 
I groaned before putting my head back in the crook of her neck, earning a laugh from everyone. 
"What are you guys doing " I questioned , please don't say twitca-
"A twit cam and Eleanor is recording it for the fans who would miss it and put it on youtube. " A cheery voice responded. Noooooo!!!!
"So umm say hello to the .... 9.75 million people that were watching that endearing moment. " I could almost feel Louis smirk. Shitt!!
"Come on Jake, lets go join the group." I heard Crystal suggest. I sighed , earning a slight shiver from my Angel. I looked up at her and noticed how red her cheeks had been this whole time. Completely crimson like blood shot. They probably match mine right about now. 
She didn't wait for me to answer before grabbing my hand , and dragging me to the hospital couch on the far window, plopping us both down. 
I shyly waved to the camera

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