New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


4. Breakfast With The Queen


Crystal p.o.v

I straightened my dress that I was forced to put on by Louis, bloody prick. I looked down at my white flats , better known as ballet slippers. I had on a beautiful dress expect for the fact it was ... Pink. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. No , this isn't me and I am not changing my style ... Not even for the QUEEN. I threw the dress of quickly and replaced it with my electric blue shirt that said "I don't change for anyone " and put on my black ripped jeans

 I wonder what Jake would wear.

For bottoms I wore some white skinny jeans and to top it all off I put on my white converse. I checked out my work in the mirror. Ahhh much better. I flicked my hair off my shoulders. 

"I look good " I joked to myself leaving my green and white room. 

I jumped down the steps. I saw all the guys in suits. 

"Crystal Amy Horan !-" Niall exclaimed examining my outfit of choice. 

"Okay , Okay I won't wear this you don't have to say it. But i refuse to wear that hideous pink dress"I interrupted stopping him already knowing what he is gonna say. 

"I got this " Harry said pulling something from behind the door. I gawked at the sight of the lovely fabric. 

"Harry it is beautiful" I commented snatching the dress from his grip. (A/N-Picture on the side.) 

I ran to the room to slip it on. 

*Few minute Later*

I looked in the mirror. I am really not used to seeing myself in beautiful dresses though or flats .

I walked down the stairs straightening my dress with my hands.  

All of the guys jaw dropped. 

"Chrissy you look Beautiful" Liam gushed. My cheeks heated a bit and I smiled. 

"Thank you LiLi." I responded hugging him. 

"Are you guys ready to go?" A voice boomed from the stairs. Oh hellz no. 

'Wait Crystal , don't break a leg jumping to conclusions. ' my inner voice spoke. Maybe I am right. 

I turned to see the arrogant prick they call Zayn. 

" Where are you going ?" Please don't say to eat with the Queen. Please. My pleading thought turned to hatred thoughts. This lad has me fucked if he thinks I am letting  him go. 

"To eat breakfast with the Queen " Fuck no. 

"Says who , I don't recall inviting you and if I remember correctly I was invited to bring whom ever I please." I quoted Jake's exact words from earlier that morning. 

"I don't care. You are going to say I was invited." He daised his voice a bit. 

"To hell I am. Over my dead mother fucking body." I scoffed. 

"Crystal Zayn is your uncle and he is coming.You can't and won't disrespect him. You can and will apologize" Niall spoke. I was taken back from his words. Really ....trader. Fuck you too. Zayn nodded with a smirk on his face. 

"Fuck this , shit. You won't tell me what the hell I can and cannot do. Nor what I will and won't do. That bastard is no where near my family and lately it seems as if you aren't either.I wish I was still at the orphanage, or better yet not even born . Especially if it means having to claim you two bloody cunts as my family ." I signed and spoke every word as I showed it. They looked taken back. I pushed past them grabbing my purse . I don't know what it is about him claiming Zayn was my Family that set me off. The last time I spoke and signed at the same time was when a boy trash talked about my father. 

The room was silent. I pushed back past them to the fridge where all the numbers where. Taxi , Taxi ... Oh here it is. I grabbed my phone and dialed it. 

After ending the call , I went to my room and grabbed some euros, Louis had generously gave me after I whopped him in UNO , stuffing them in my purse. I jogged down the steps pushing past the spawn of Satan once more. I heard a horn honk and took that as my que. I went to the door and opened it right before it was slammed again. 

"Where do you think you are going ?" The voice that only belonged to Niall asked. I just gave him the finger and shoved him out of the way prying the door open. 

I ran to the Taxi. Opening the door I slid in shutting it behind me. 

-At the palace -

I was led to a large dinning area. You know for the castle to be so ancient it sure is bright. It is just loads of sunlight in the palace. The long table is covered with an elegant white cloth. On the cloth was all types of fruits from simple apples to pomegranates and Mangos , not only were they perfectly ripped , they were shaped into flowers and little birds with much detail. There were pancakes and omelets , waffles , bacon, sausage. Everything , you name it. 

Jake rose from his seat and quickly walked towards me. I couldn't help but admire how cute Jake looked in this little tuxedo. I guess I should bow or whatever, you know , he is still the prince . I went to bow but Jake put his hand on my arm. 

"You have never bowed before , why start now ?" He whispered in confusion written all over his face. I felt a tinge of heat rise to my cheeks. 

"Well we are in front of the Queen and you are still a prince " I whispered back. He hugged me and kissed me cheek softly, I am really blushing a lot lately because I am scarlet red in front of the QUEEN. He kissed me in front of the QUEEN. 

"Don't change who you are for anyone " He said letting me go and abducting his heat away from my body. 

"Mum this is Crystal Anne Horan "He motioned towards me. I bowed to the queen. 

"Crystal, you heard Jake , you are here as Jake's guest. There is honestly no need to bow " Queen Elizabeth. I was directly spoken to by the queen. 

"Is there anything in specific you would like me to call you?" I asked politely adding a toothy sincere smile to top it all off. 

"Ms.Elizabeth would be splendid." She returned the smile. I don't have to bow or call them your majesty. Wow. 

"Umm Crystal , where are your parents , and there mates. Were you dads not accompanying us " Jake asked turning to me. I stifled a laugh. Did he just say dads? 

"Umm Jake only one of them, I am legally related to me. Niall. Last I was informed about they were coming, they had to cancel some things but wanted to apologize in advance " I informed them both. 

"Okay , well please ," she said motioning to a seat in front of her. Since she was sitting at the head of the table. 

"Thank you"I said walking to the seat and Jake followed me. He pulled the seat out , and pushed it back in for me. I smiled at him and like his mother , he returned the smile. He sat in the seat next to me. 

"So,Crystal tell me about your life how, was it growing up?" Ms.Elizabeth said smiling sipping her drink. 

"Well there really isn't much to tell -" I was cut off by multiple voices. 

"Are we too late to meet the special little love Jake has been talking about since 6 in the morning yelling about how excited he is and how beautiful and different-" Prince Harry. Oh lord Prince Harry. I started to blush again looking at my plate. 

"Harry , that's enough " Jake said blushing furiously. 

"Mum, look we finally have someone that makes Jake blush " Prince Harry gushed pinching his cheeks. 

"Harry" Jake called in a warning tone,his cheeks are getting a darker shade of red by the second. 

"Harry , leave the boy alone and come meet the lovely lady he has invited " Ms.Elizabeth said motioning to me. I stood and introduced myself. 

"Hello, I am Crystal " I introduced myself sticking my hand out. 

"Hello my name is Harry , and I must say you are a very beautiful young lady and very... calm " He added with a slight chuckle shaking my hand. Again with the blushing. 

"Thank you " I smiled retreating to my seat. The queen stared at me. Is there something on my face ??? Oh I was suppose to be telling about myself. 

"Oh, my apologies I lost track. I didn't really have much of a family. I have never meet my father nor mother. Simply for the fact that when my father left for war he didn't return and my mother also fought in the same war and war severely injured. She was so far along that she had to have me on base and she lost so much blood that she passed away. I am guessing no one could handle another child because I grew up in an orphanage. Right away I could tell I wouldn't get along with any of the girls in the orphanage. While they were playing with the pink dolls and teddy bears , I grabbed a skate board  shaped pillow and started giggling my head off as my over seer would say.And just as I had predicted I wasn't I. The girls in crowed and out cast as some would call me. But it all just glided of my wings. I refused to let anyone put me down. I was who I was and no one could change that and I wanted to do what I found interesting so I skated. I was shunned by the girls but thief words didn't mean a thing and I wasn't listening (A/N-Sorry I has to).I had one friend who didn't go to the orphanage, he was a volunteer. He helped me through really rough times and after a while he left to reach the stars and I was stuck there. When he left times got harder for me and I was slowly fading into what other people wanted me to be. So I started dancing and singing as an out let and everything was instantly better. A few days ago I was adopted by five guys. One of them being a person I never thought I would see again. Unfortunately one person disliked me , and everything went down hill- " Ms.Elizabeth cut me off. 

"Oh, Crystal, I am very sorry for your loss and what you have been through ." She gave me a sympathetic smile. I returned an actual one. I felt something moving in my hand. I quickly looked down to see Jake's hand in mine. How did I not feel that sooner ? I looked at him and smiled he back moving a tiny bit closer to me. 

"There is no need to be. Besides I wasn't finished. Everything went down hill for a second , but then I met little Jake here " I gushed gently nudging him with my elbow. His smile brightened along with his eyes. His cheeks went red again. "We became friends and hung out all yesterday and now I am here eating Breakfast with the Queen and two of the beloved Prince's. And to think that just last week I was -" Jake cut me off already knowing that I was going to say an insult about myself. 

"A beautiful princess that I hadn't found yet " He gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I felt my face burn with embarrassment and shock. I am sure I am redder than the freshly picked strawberries on the table. 

"Aww look Crystal is blushing" Harry (Prince )  cooed. I gave him a playful death glare and his hands went up in surrender. 

"Well you seem like a pretty strong headed young girl. How old are you and when is your birthday ? " Harry (Prince) asked.

"I am 12 , I will be 13 in a month on -"I was interrupted by Jake completing the answer for me. 

"August 3" He completed it,giving me yet another peck on the cheek. Did you notice how I never mentioned the blushing fading away ? Yeah me too because it didn't so now I am twice as red.I probably look like a baboon's bum. 

"Come on Jake let the girl get her color back first ." Prince Harry teased winking. 

"If you don't mind me asking , who were the boys that accepted you into their home?" Ms.Elizabeth asked , adding an endearing smile. 

"Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Harry Styles , Zayn Malik , and Niall Horan " I named them off using my fingers. 

"And which one volunteered? "Harry added to his mum's question. 

"Niall Horan" I answered firmly. 

"Okay, Last question on the boys. Which did you have a falling out with ?" Harry asked. 

"I don't know if you can call it a falling out . I believe you at last had to stand being around each other. But to answer your question Zayn Malik and currently Niall Horan too" I sighed a bit not believing the situation I have myself in.

"Oh I'm sorry." She gave me a heartfelt smile. 

"No need to be , everything happens for a reason." I retorted smiling. 

"Your out look on the world is very positive and I really admire that" Ms.Elizabeth complimented. 

"Thank you-" Voices cut me off.

"Sorry we are tardy your highness" I looked up to see Zayn. That little Twat waffle. I scoffed quietly. I think Jake heard it because he squeezed me hand slightly and when I looked at him he gave me a questioning look. 

"It is quite alright, Crystal has said many great things about you all" Ms. Elizabeth covered for me . I was a bit confused then she sent a small wink. I gave her a smile. 

"Really?!?" Zayn seemed surprised. No not really you ding-a-ling. 

"I have nothing nice to say about you " I mumbled to myself. I felt another squeeze on my hand but I didn't dare look up.

"Will you excuse us for a moment , please?" Jake asked with a hint of worry in his voice. 

"Of course, is everything alright ?" Ms.Elizabeth asked with more worth in her voice than Jake. 

"Yes ," he said with a bit of confidence,"I hope " he whispered. He stood up pulling me up with him. He took me into the far end of the hall the dinner was on. 

As soon as the door closed his arms instantly went around my torso pulling me closer to him and quickly in his embrace. Mine went around his torso. 

"Princess, what's wrong ? Your mood dropped instantly ,you can tell me anything " he whispered in my ear still holding  me in his arms.

"I know , I just had another fight with Zayn except this time Niall was in it and took Zayn's  side." I told him hugging him tighter and tears slipping  down my cheeks. 

"Princess , it is okay , trust me. " He told me rubbing my back. But i still had the tears. 

"It is like he is turning everyone against me fairly quickly." I cried in his chest. I made a noise that sounded like the beginning of a laugh. "Or maybe I am just paranoid or overreacting." I added.

"No Princess I know the feeling , not wanting to lose anyone else yo care about. Even if he is trying to , there is one person that  no matter how hard Zayn tries will never ever turn against you." Jake assured me still rubbing my back. Well this person so wonderful. I looked at him in excitement. 


He nodded up and down. 


"Me" Him saying that one word made all the difference. I felt as if a ray of sunshine hit my face and my mood was compared to the sunlight. 

"Promise?" I asked smiling like an idiot. 

"I promise" he promised looking in my eyes and smiling the way I was. 

I put my head back in his chest and his hold on me tightened , not in a can't breath deadly way. In a calm , loving way , as if he were afraid I would disappear. 

"Ahh Ha " A voice startled us causing me and Jake to jump in fear. Prince Harry. "James you owe me 10 euros. I knew it , I told you." They were betting on what we were out here doing. 

"Harry" Jake groaned put his head down. "Must you ruin the moment all the time ?" He asked rolling his eyes. 

"Actually I do " he winked at him chuckling.

"It isn't what it seems like.  Crystal , wasn't feeling well so she wanted to step out. I brought her here as my friend , nothing more and nothing less. No matter what forever and always my friend , possibly my best friend later.  " Ouch. That really hurt. I really liked him , but I guess the 'date' we had yesterday was just a meet up.I may be 12 but I know when someone gets friend zoned and I have been friend zoned.  I retreated my arms stepping back. Tears threading to spill over, but I just blinked them away. 

"Yeah , just friends," I  repeated stepping back again. "Friends." I tried playing it cool but I was truly hurt. That shoot me down from whatever heaven I was in. I rushed back down the hall back to the dinning room and quickly sat down and fixed myself a plate. 

Ms.Elizabeth put her hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay , Crystal?" She questioned soundings really concerned.The answer was No,I was choking back tears from the rock hard lump I felt in my throat. 

"Yes" I lied to the queen. Once. 

"Did something happen with Jake?"

Yes. "No" Twice.

"Are those tear stains?" She pointed to my cheeks. 

Yes. "No , just water " Three times. 

"Are you sure ?"

No, your son lead me on and crushed my heart , but I was the idiot for giving it away so quickly. "Yes , thank you for asking though." I forced a smile and she returned a genuine one. 

Jake p.o.v

What did I just do? What did I do? Was it something I said ? 

"Why would you do that to that girl?" My brother asked,crossing his arms shaking his head at me. 

"What did I do?" I asked still a little blurry on the whole situation. 

"You lead that girl on , kissing her , complementing her , holding her hand , telling her how much you care , letting her tell you all of her issues , letting her cry in your chest when she just explained how she kept to herself and only let really important people to her in side of her stone walls then saying she is just a friend for all of eternity." He poked me in my chest getting angrier with every word. "You are a major prick , a blind on at that. Can you not see how she is head over heels for you? She met you yesterday and genuinely likes you. Not your title , not your fame, money, or luxury ... she likes you . Or at least she did. I have just met her less than thirty minutes ago and I can tell what kind of person she is and, girls like her are hard to come around. I swear if she was my age or at least close I would sweep her off her feet and since she isn't I can't. But you know I suggest you sweep her off her seat before someone else does. Because I guarantee that once that guy has her he isn't going to let her go. Clearly you being royalty does not phase her, let me know how many of those girls you meet in your lifetime; don't dare say you don't feel the same way , I see the way you look at her and I am sure everyone else around you two can see it too. "I was taken back by his words. I was just dumbstruck. Then the words hit me like a brick wall.  How could I be so blind? My vision blurred and hot tears streamed down my face. I do like ,like her. She is beautiful, smart and funny and intelligent and honest , everything I am looking for. I looked around and saw I was alone. Harry left me alone to cry and let his words sink in. I wiped away my tears and fixed my clothes. I went back to the dinning room and plastered a fake face on. I pretended as if everything was okay. My eyes went straight to Crystal. Her eyes were sparkling and the lighting on her was perfect making every feature on her glow. 

She was eating grapes like a goddess. 

I sat next to her and saw her tense. She slowly started to relax. I reached for her hand and as soon as I came in contact with her soft hands , she jerked her hand away , placing it in her lap. My heart dropped and tears were making their way out of my already burning eyes. I just stared at her as she forced herself to eat. I was still hoping she would at least spare me a glance. But nothing she kept her head down. 

----2 hours later----

I was silently crying as I realized she hated me. She hadn't spared me a glance in two hours. She was completely ignoring me. My heart was aching and when I went to the restroom my eyes were blood shot. So I just kept my head down. As of the moment everyone was in the living area and chatting away. I was silent for two hours, Crystal had talked sparingly. 

I sat next to her again. But like all the times before she was ignoring me and moved away. 

Maybe I should just speak. 

"H-Hey Princess " my voice cracked and she turned to me. 

She smiled and my heart melted once again. 

"Hey Jake " she saw my eyes and gasped. Her hands went to my face. I looked her skin touching mine it sent chills and shock waves down my body. "Jake what happened to you eyes ?" She sounded concerned, maybe she doesn't hate me. 

"I-I was rubbing them. " Lie. 

She touched my face gently stroking it. 

"Nice Lie , but I want the truth. " She demanded dropping her hands from my face. 

She grabbed my hand leading me out of the populated area and to the hall. This hallway had the most natural light in it, from all the windows. We were right by a window. 

"Jake I know you don't like me like that but , and I am not your girlfriend or anything," she kept talking I just couldn't focus on her voice. Only her lips. They looked really soft, and really cute and really kissable. I cut off her talking and smashed my lips onto hers and my eyes snapped closed. She was in complete shock for a moment then slowly moved with me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck. It was so ... Soft the kiss was gentle and fireworks were exploding in my body. I was getting weak I the knees as I was kissing Her. Our lips moved in perfect sync and I was finally happy again. I pulled back in need for air. We rested our foreheads on each other and I hugged her tightly. I snapped out of the trance her lips put me in and I noticed clicks and flashes from outside. Oh god we are by the window. Oh well I want the world to know. Should I ask her to be my girlfriend ? I mean she has already met my mum and brother and they both love her. And so do I. 

I released her and looked into her eyes. 

"Crystal Amy Horan , I have known you for what feels like forever . I know I may be rushing things, but a very wise man told me to one day sweep my special lady off of her feet as soon as I meet her. Another told me to snatch you up and never let you go , because ladies like you don't come around that often. You are a once in a lifetime kind of girl. I know we are both young but that doesn't stop me from feeling this way about you. I know what love feels like. It is the feeling I  get every time I see you. My heart speeds up and when we touch my heart skips a beat. I pray you feel the way I do , because what I am trying to say is I Love you Crystal, ever since I met you at the skate park. I feel head over heels for you. You are so unique and special that , I feel like I am the average person and a regular teen when I am with you. Not a Prince. I know this is all really sudden but I wanna be the shoulder you use to cry on. The chest you use to lie one , the person you can rely on. I want you to be my first girlfriend and hopefully  my only wife in the future. I am sorry I know I am rambling." I chuckled to myself. She had tears rolling down her face with a toothy grin on her face. She nodded understandingly and kept smiling. My arms were still around her waist though hers were on her face. I released my arms from around her. "What I am trying to ask is .... Crystal Amy Horan, will you be my official girlfriend? " I asked running my hands through my hair really nervous. She bit her lip really hard like she was stopping herself from screaming. She wrapped her arms around my neck and mine went around her torso and nodded eagerly and released her lip and kissed mine,my eyes closed on contact .All the sound in the  world was cut off and I only felt her lips on mine. Our lips moved in sync and nothing mattered but us. Sparks and fireworks going off everywhere. I pulled her closer to my body in desperate need for more sparks to set off. We pulled away simultaneously. I leaned in once more and gave her a quick peck. We were breathing hard and looking in each others eyes. 

Them the trance we had each other in disappeared and we heard screams ,saw flashes , heard questions ,  and saw paparazzi and I guess some fan girls who liked me because I heard some threats. I grabbed Crystal's hand and interlocked my fingers with hers. We were both smiling. I guess everything does happen for a reason. We walked back to the living area hand in hand. I right before we got in I planted my lips on hers really quickly. 

"Sorry I couldn't resist,just wanted to make sure everything really happened." I blushed looking down. She giggled a bit.

 "No worries it is all real."she beamed. As we walked through the door frame of the living area. I smiled and put my arm around her shoulder still holding her hand. I lead her to the couch and she sat , as I did the same to the right of her simultaneously so we could keep our position. Unfortunately to my dismay she let go of my hand and stood up yawning and stretching,she was rubbing her eyes and continued stretching. You could tell she was forcing herself to stay awake and was fighting off the sleep. She was winning the battle but losing sleep. She must really be tired or just overwhelmed. 

I grabbed her by her waist and gently pulled her down onto my lap. She turned to were her chest was on mine and wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her face in the crook of my neck. I wrapped my arms around her and played with the piece of her hair that reached the middle of her back. 

"It's okay Princess , you can go to sleep, I got you." I whispered into her ear and she nodded slowly , then it was like peace washed over her. Her breathing slowed into an even smooth pace and her body rose and fell in sync in beat of her breathing. I was deeply interested in her hair get playing with it. Her brunette hair actually really soft and silky -

Someone cleared their throat and my eyes snapped up along with my head. It was my brother , Harry. 

"I see you took my advice " he teased wiggling his eyebrows. Everyone else in the room were to busy conversing among each other to notice my Princess and I. 

An brilliant idea struck in my head. "Harry , do me a favor please " I pleaded. 

"What is it?" He questioned  crossing his arms. 

"Can you please convince mum and Crystal's dad to let her stay the night?" I begged holding onto my Princess tighter. I wanted to kiss her forehead so badly but I would mess up her sleeping position. 

"You feel hard for her, huh?" He already knew the answer so I don't really know why he asked. 

I nodded not being able to deny it if I tried. 

"But your 'friends' are coming over later today , one involving the prince and princess of France ( A/N -I just made this up I am a bit too lazy to do my research.) are coming over. Not to mention the princess likes you and you need her not to hate you so her country will continue being an ally of the United Kingdom" He reminded me. I don't care, I want my Princess with me. Melissa had always been trying to steal my first kiss. She had always said I would be the first and only person she kissed and she would be the same for me, but now that is impossible.

Crystal doesn't know this but I gave my first kiss to her today and hopefully she gave me hers. 

My brother sighed in defeat "Fine but if we lose and ally it is on you" He told be and pointed his finger at me. I had a full on grin on my face. 

"Thank you" I whisper-shouted. I looked at my Princess in my arms. "But,I'm going to take my little Princess here and put her in my bed. If anyone asks say I took Princess to rest" I said standing. Her legs automatically wrapped around my waist and my hands moved to the bottom of her back to support her. 

I removed one of my hands from her bottom back to open the double doors to my chambers. I put my hand back in its original place. I stalked to my king sized bed and pulled the blue silk sheet back to place my baby on the soft bed. I gently laid  her in between the two sheets, slowly retrieving my hands from under her to unwrap her legs from my waist. Once I was untangled from her. I leaned down and pressed my lips on her forehead. I striped off her flats and placed them on the ground beside her. 

"Sweet Dreams,Love" I whispered standing back up, I turned to see , Kelly , one of the newer maids. 

"Your majesty,Prince Harry wanted me to inform you that Ms.Crystal was allowed to slumber. " I hate the fact that they called me 'Your Majesty '. I wish they would just call me Jake- Wait, Crystal can stay !!!!  Yessssss!!!!

"Thank you Mrs.Kelly ," She nodded a small bow. "And Mrs.Kelly" I called to her. 

"Yes , sir Jake ?" She responded at least she didn't say your majesty. 

"Please call me Jake , if anything I should be giving calling you Ma'am  , and on that note I will." I wasn't accepting no as an answer. She smiled and nodded. 

"Is there anything else you need?" She asked in a broghter tone. 

"No ma'am " I responded respectfully. She nodded did a small bow and exited the room. I smiled and left the room just steps behind Mrs.Kelly.

Crystal p.o.v

My eyes fluttered open and shut quickly. Wow , talk about bright light. 

I slowly opened my eyes. Better. 

Hold on , wait a minute. This is not my room. I quickly sat up. Lordy Jesus , this is some smooth soft shizz, I started rubbing the sheets again. I really wanna stay like this. Naaa , I'd rather play with Jake. 

I hoped out of the bed hitting my feet on the cold hard wood floor. Really cold. I slipped on my flats and rushed to exit the room. I ran down the two flight of stairs , until i reached the main floor and went to the living area.

I don't think anything I have experienced in my life could prepare me for what I saw next. 

Tears pricked my eyes are they started burning. My heart dropped and shattered. I turned of my heels and left quickly but quietly, not daring to make a sound.

As soon as I was far enough down the hall all tears broke loose. 


Yeah longish chapter. So what happened to Crystal ?
Poor girl. 





And stuff...

Thanks for reading 

Love you guys ,


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