New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


18. Anger Issues


Crystal p.o.v


Hallelujah!!! I sprung out of my seat and basically flew to the gymnasium. Gym is hands down without a doubt ...after Choir. I was dodging people left and right , until I ran into Jake... literally. This isn't a fucking my or story where the guy catches the girl , nope not at fucking all I fell flat on my ass. 

Nooo!!! I was so close. 

"Why the rush, Princess?"He asked  helping me up. 

"I wanna go to the gym!!! I love volleyball and I saw a net from the window and a punching bag!!! So I gotta go!!" I explained quickly trying to run again, but noooo he just had to stop me. He wrapped his arms around my waist effectively stopping me. 

"Good, I have gym too , let me walk with you. " He grinned happily. I find it funny how he said it like he was giving me a choice. I huffed like a child and rolled my eyes before finally saying fine. 

I frowned the whole time we were walking. I could've been there by now.  

"Aww , what's wrong Princess?" Oh like you don't know. I didn't even respond, I  just flipped my hair and crossed my arms. "Oh, you wanted to be there quickly. I'm sorry , I just wanted to spend a little time with my beautiful Princess. You know she is very , very stubborn , but so beautiful. I wonder if she knows that. I hope she knows I just want to be a sweet boyfriend ." He sighed dreamily and manages to out an upset look on his face. 

Anyone order a pound of guilt? I guess it was mean. 

"She does , and she is very sorry. " I assured him p, standing on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek. 


I was finally in my gym clothes , a pair of spandex and the school shirt. Volleyball attire ( knee pads ) on and ready to go. I jogged up the stairs to get to the enormous gym. 

After I finally did my stretches I went to do some serves. 

I grabbed a ball ignoring all the sounds in the gym. Walking to the serving line for Varsity players. I held the ball an arm length from my face and completed a successful jump serve. 

I did it once more , and it worked ... Again!!!

"Hey , your serves are really good . How about a little one on one yeah?" I looked up to see a strawberry blonde girl standing in front of me in the same uniform. Except hers looked customized. 

" ummm... Sure,I'm Crystal by the way. " I smiled , introducing my self as nice as I could.  The girl gave a smile just as warm. 

"The new freshman that bends not breaks , and hooked the Prince?" I couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm. Bends not breaks?

"Yeah, I guess that's me. " I laughed a little , trying to ease the awkwardness. 

"Well I'm Kage , I'm a senior here, so don't feel bad if you can't beat me, I am untouchable ." Kage introduced herself with a playful cocky smirk. Her words were intimidating but her tone wasn't... I like her. "You serve first freshman." She yelled over her shoulder jogging to the other side of the net. 

I waited until she was ready before serving a floater over the net. Kage gracefully maneuvered under the ball , bumping it over. I mimicked her movements to give myself the upper hand in bumping it back. This repeated for 4 minutes before she finally slipped up and didn't bump with force , meaning she only hit it high, not hard. giving me the perfect chance to spike it.

One step, crouch , leap, spring. I sprung next to the net hit it in a harsh downwards motion. Kage slid to retrieve it , but it was too late I had already gained a point as the ball hit the ground. 

"You were right Kage , you are untouchable. You clearly can't touch the ball." I joked , doing a mini victory dance. 

"Pure luck Freshman." Kage defended , pride clearly broken. She rolled the Wilson volleyball under the net. 

Kage and I played some intense volleyball for about thirty minutes. It took thirty minutes for one of us to reach 25 points. Excuse me , thirty minutes for me to reach 25 points to Kage's 23. Applause erupted from out of no where causing me to jump at least two feet off the ground. 

I looked around and noticed we had an audience, the entire class. 

"Damn that freshman is hot." I heard some guy exclaim over the claps. I blushed and turned to Kage. 

"Did you notice them ?" I curiously asked,"Because I obviously didn't ." Kage's laugh rang through my ears. 

"Not at all. " 

"Amazing job , freshman." Coach Gutt praised.  So is that my new name? "We could use a player like you on our team, considering you just beat my captain of the Varsity team.  So what do you say? Practice is after school , come here is you want to be on the team." Coach Gutt finished before leaving me in shock.  

Finally the applause died down and a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, judging by the little sparks, it was Jake. 

"You did really good out there ,Princess." A smile landed on his face as he pressed his forehead against mine. 

"Why thank, Mr.Prince." I smiled back he leaned in and nearly planted his lips on mine .... nearly. I slipped under his arms and ran off. 

"Gonna have to work for these lips , Prince Charming." I teased running through everyone. I was doing great until I hit a brick wall making me fall flat on my ass for the SECOND time today. Ohh wait , I meant person , until I hit a person. 

"Shit! I am so- hey, you're the just beat Kage in volleyball. Hi I'm Luca." Is he gonna help me up? 

"Hi Luca, I'm on the ground. " He gave me a confused look , before realization hit him like I hit the ground. Luca started blushing furiously of embarrassment. 

"I'm sorry, I tend to be a bit um.... slow sometimes..." He apologized sticking his hand out to pull me up. 

"It's fine my name is C-" I was got off by Jake yelling. 

"Luca, did you knock down my fucking girlfriend ? You bloody geek. Keep you fucking hands off of her. Fucking Cunt , apologize to her. Fucking nancy-boy why are you such a fucking nause? Needle-dick motherfucker apologize to her!" Jake shoved Luca down. I cupped my hands over my mouth as started unleashed a round of assaults on him. 

"I-I'm sorry P-Prin-" 

"You fucking asshole !" I yelled pulling Jake off Luca ,slapping him as hard as I could, his head snapped in the direction my hand swung as the sound echoed through the now silent gym. "I ran into Luca , I should be apologizing and on top of the he already did. I understand you don't want me to get hurt, but Prince or not you have no right to treat him in such a way." I all but yelled in his face. I turned to Luca and my eyes softened.

"Luca, are you okay?" I asked , he nodded but I could see the dizziness he felt by his movements when he tried to sit up. Fucking jerk gave him a concussion. 

"Princess, I-" I cut Jake off not wanting to hear his excuses.

"Go to the nurses office and give Luca a wheelchair and an ice pack." I ordered not looking at him. 


"Go, Jake , it's the least you could do." I sighed turning to him. Jake looked down and nodded before running out of the door. 

I turned back to Luca. He was smiling up at me in a hazily way. "Luca I'm so sorry about him , is he usually this cruel towards you?" He nodded slowly. Luca almost closed his eyes as he responded. 

" Yeah , but most of everyone is, especially the guys on the Rugby team. " He sighed closing his eyes. I patted his cheek lightly. 

"Hey keep them open ." I demanded prying on his eye lids. 
Soon after Jake came in with what I ordered. 

"This class in mixed grades, so I need two Rugby players , now. " I shouted towards the audience. I saw Luca's eyes widen in fear. 

"They won't harm you" I reassured him as two buff looking guys stepped forward. 
"One of you put him in the wheelchair , the other take him to the nurse. Touch a hair on his body and I personally serve you an unforgettable beating." I boomed pointing towards Luca. I turned my attention to him and told him I would be down there right behind him. 

While the black haired guy put him in the chair , I put the ice pack on the back of his head. "Luca , I am going to need you to stay awake okay?" I spoke softly , placing my hand on his cheek. " It's very important you stay awake, you could slip into a coma." I added seriously he nodded cautiously. Then the ginger headed guy started towards the door with Luca in the chair. 

I turned to see Jake burning with jealousy , rage and guilt. 

"You don't need to baby him. " Jake insensitively said. I slapped him again, tears threatening to spill over. 

"Connard! Vous venez d'envoyer un enfant innocent à l'infirmière d'une commotion cérébrale possible, à cause de votre jalousie. Comment osez-vous essayez de me dire comment le traiter. Vous n'avez même pas des excuses. Vous avez utilisé votre titre contre lui. Vous lui accusé de quelque chose qu'il est innocent de. Vous êtes une telle disgrâce.  [English:You asshole ! You just sent a innocent kid to the nurse with a possible concussion,because of your jealousy. How dare you try to tell me how to treat him. You didn't even apologize. You used your title against him. You accused him of something he is innocent of. You are such a disgrace.]" I shouted at him. 

"Crystal, calm down-" Did he just tell me to calm down?

"No me digas que me calme. Usted se calma, porque, obviamente, desquitarse con él. ¿Qué clase de monstruo hace eso? Sabes lo que siento por la intimidación. Maldito seas Jake, eres un culo tal. Dejen de joder con la gente! ¡Fuera de mi presencia! ¿Cómo sería su madre siente al respecto?  [English: Don't tell me to calm down. You calm down , because obviously take it out on him. What kind of monster does that? You know how I feel about bullying. God Damn you Jake , you are such an ass. Stop fucking with people! Get out of my presence! How would your mother feel about this?]" Jake's eyes softened and he reached out to me. 

"No follando contacto conmigo. [English : Don't fucking touch me.] " I snapped yanking away from his reach storming off to the nurses office. 

"Princess wait!" Jake yelled after me. I just ignored him and strutted out into the hall, but just my luck a group of cocky Sophomores just had to be in the hall. 

"Damn love, did it hurt when you fell from heaven ?" The brunette asked my throwing his arm around my shoulder. Really?

"No, but I'm pretty sure it hurt when you did, considering the fact you look like you hit every fucking branch there was on the way down, topping it all off with a face slam onto the pavement. Not to mention you must've fell this morning. " I smiled cheerfully throwing his arm off my shoulder, not slowing my pace. The nurses office was on the third floor, and I am on the first. Now I think about it , that is very inconvenient. 

The other guys laughed at his epic failure and thought it was an opening for them. 

A shaggy blonde fell into step next to me and tried. "Has your clothes been on the floor ? Do you want them to be?" Well that's new. 

 "Has your nose been broken? Do you want it to be?" I retorted picking up my pace. 

"Rejection !!! " The rest yelled. 

"These straight motherfuckers just don't know. " I heard one of the guys say. Span after another fell into step with me. But he had soft toned lilac hair. 

"Hi, see my friends are trying to get your number with their very horrible pick up lines. So I won't try that. My name is Nathan, could we possibly go out sometimes?" At least he wasn't a bum about it. 

"Nathan I have a boyfriend-" He cut me off. 

"And I am looking for one. You must know how to tie one down. " His sentence caught me off guard. 


"I'm gay , and not interested. Not that you aren't beautiful .I am just into guys ." I couldn't help but laugh at his struggled attempt to cover his insult. I turned to him and smiled. 

"Well since I am new here how about we meet up for lunch and exchange contacts then. My name is Crystal by the -" Jake's voice cut me off as his arms wrapped around my waist from behind , pulling me into his chest, spun me around. Jake grabbed my hands and dropped to his knees, completely ignoring Nathan's presence. 

"Princess, I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry. I was wrong to do that, I will make the whole team make it up to him, I promise. I will get everyone to personally apologize to him. Just please don't be angry with me. I just freaked out when you were not he ground and I automatically assumed he hurt you. I just can't bear the thought of you hurt and I thought he hurt you. I didn't even ask what happened. I am so sorry ,Baby. So sorry. Please forgive me ,Princess." Jake pleaded kissing my hands , putting them to his cheek. He looked up to me with pleading eyes, and sincerity topped it off. 

"Okay, but you are coming with me to apologize now." I bargained. He nodded furiously and stood up smashing his lips against mine. Butterflies erupted and spread everywhere. His hands grabbed either sides of my waist and pulled me closer. Our lips finally started to move in sync as he held me closer, almost as if I were going to disappear. We slowly pulled apart and I smiled. I heard him sigh in relief and pulled me in for a hug. 

Shit Nathan. I pulled back and saw Nathan wiping away an imaginary tear. 

"See what I mean. Anyway I will catch you at lunch. Bye Crystal , Crystal's boyfriend. " He smiled strutting off to the group of shocked guys. 

"Bye Nate." I called after him. I turned to a jealous Jake. "He's gay. " That two worded phrase made his face soften and he pecked my lips again. "Mine." He mumbled against my shoulder. 

When we finally made it to the nurses office , Luca's ... Brother?... Was there and looked behind pissed. Luca had fear written in his face as his eyes landed on Jake. 

"Is that the asshole who did this to you?" The enraged brother asked pointing towards Jake. Luca slowly nodded. I pushed Jake forward. 

"What do you need to say?" I edged Jake on. 

"Hey, Luca... I'm really sorry man. I just saw Crystal on the floor and you over her, I automatically assumed you hurt her. I really am sorry. If any medical expenses are needed I will pay them. I just thought you hurt my girlfriend , so I just acted on instinct. Damn I really am sorry. " He sighed rubbing the back of his neck. I pushed Jake again and flicked my head towards the angry brother  judging by his uniform he had to at least be a junior here. 

"I apologize for what I did, again I will pay for any medical expenses. I just- " Jake's eyes drifted over to me. "I wanted to protect my girlfriend." I gave him a small encouraging smile. 

Jake turned to the guy again. The guy had an understanding look in his eyes. 

"I get it man. I do. You just wanted to prove you could protect her, but next time don't beat my brother to prove such. " He demanded before leaving. 

"Hey Luca, how are you ,Baby?" I asked touching his bruising cheek. I heard Jake grumble before wrapping his arms around my waist. I saw Luca back up a little. "Don't worry Luca , Jake won't bother you anymore." I turned to Jake. "Isn't that right?" I asked him. He nodded. 

- Lunch -

After waiting in the bloody line for almost an effing eternity, I finally got my tray. Dayummmm there sure are a lot of people here.....

I glanced around the cafeteria looking for the familiar face of Nathan as I walked slowly to the tables. A pair of hands yanked my tray away as another pair of arms wrapped around my waist. My fooood !!!

"Is the new girl looking for a place to sit ?" The mysterious person questioned , who I now know as Jake , placing his head on my shoulder.  

"Myyy Foood!!!" I cried out reaching for it from the evil brunette who stole it. 

"Don't worry about it , Princess meet Collin , Collin meet my Princess, Crystal." Jake introduced us keeping his arms around my waist. If looks could kill Collin would be dead. 

"Nice to meet you, Crystal."   Collin smiled extending his end. I knocked his hand down playfully. 

"My tray you little fucker ." I barked, squinting my eyes at him. He chuckled a little and smiled again. 

"I can't do that , love. Little Jakey over here ordered me to hold it from you until we reached the table." Collin shrugged stalking towards a table. 

"Jake ," I whined pointing to the walking brunette. "Me foood!!" I reminded , struggling to break free. My food!!!! Then the motherfucker laughed like it was funny. A hungry girl is never funny. 

"C'mon Princess , let's go get your food." Jake laughed leading me to the table with a bunch of strange people. I didn't bother introducing myself, I just stole my tray and found Nathan's table , surprisingly Luca was there too. All the girls at that Jake's looked snobby , the guys looked cocky and self absorbed.

"Yo!! Crissy!!" Nathan stood up and yelled making the lunch room silent. He started waving his hand furiously. I couldn't help but let a smile seep into my face along with a slight blush. Everyone was staring at me and my outfit. I guess this the 'outcast' table. Fuck yeah. 


I have a legit excuse. All wifi crashed for months. But luckily I wrote a lot in advance sooooo yayayyayyyyyy


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