do i exist to you

it just hurts so much sometimes. knowing that you will never love me. or hold my hand. who am I kidding, do even you know that I'm breathing? am I alive to you? can I complicate your breathing?

1. do I?

I can't stop thinking about you
About the way you smile
About the way you make stupid jokes
About the way you laugh
About the way you eyes shine in the sunlight
About the way you sigh when you're too bored
About the way you jump around the classroom at breaks because you're too energetic
About the way you look around the classroom trying to find an escape from the torture called science even though you know you can't
And it makes me smile
Because you don't even realize how happy you make me
Then I get sad all sudden
Because I will never be the reason that you smile
Because I know you'll never be mine
After all
You don't even know my name
And it kills me
Because you fasten my heartbeats 
But you don't even know that I breathe

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