Your mine

When Alyssa suddenly runs into Justin in a parking lot they instantly click , fall in love <3 but what will happen when they begin to date and Justin has to leave for a year and a half for his tour ? What will happen to their relationship? Will it last?


2. You didn't have to

Chapter 4:
Alyssa's P.O.V

I wake up in the morning to my phone ringing its Justin! I pick it up . "Hi Justin" I say " Hi beautiful, I'm gonna pick you up at 4:00 cause I made reservations at a special place for 4:30, so where do you live exactly" i will text you my address okay Justin thank you so much I will see you later" "bye babe!" He hung up before I could say Bye ! .I quickly text him my house street and number then I head straight in the shower I mean I want to look amazing so I needed a good 4 hours to get ready and when I look at the clock it's about eleven! After my shower I pick out a nice outfit. I choose a laced black tang top , with grey dress pants along with my black heels, earrings and my greenGucci  bag . I thought that was good enough . Before I got dressed I ran into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup when I was finished I checked the time it was already 3:30 ! How did time fly by so fast! I quickly got my outfit on fixed my makeup and before I knew it there was a knock at my door!


I ran downstairs and opened  the door. There stood this amazingly hot guy ! He looked and me and just stared it was kinda awkward until he said " WOW, I mean I didn't think you'd look this pretty Alyssa!" "Thank you Justin" then he just randomly gave me a hug. I hugged back of course! "Come in so I can get my bag and shoes!" Justin walked in and just stood there, I ran upstairs grabbed my stuff then we went on our way ! Justin opened the car door for me like a gentleman and began to drive. "Where are we going?" " It's  a very special place for my very special lady❤" I blushed I mean I could feel my face go red!  "Your so cute when you blush who am I kidding your always cute!" "Thank you Justin" he smiles at you and gives you a little bag with a box in it. "You didn't have....." He cut me off " yes I did, I mean I now I haven't known you for along time but there's something about you.... Something special !! Open it !" I smiled At him that was the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me! I slowly opened it and saw a necklace that said J+A in the form of a heart!  I couldn't stop looking at it I looked at it until we pulled up at the resteraunt ! "Are you okay?" " J..J..Justin it's so beautiful! I can't believe you did This I mean ..... WOW" I felt a tear go down my face. "*YN* why are you crying please don't cry !" He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over to give me a hug! "I don't know why I'm crying I mean I'm just surprised I've never had someone treat me so Nicely !" " don't you worry ill be here for you always!" He said wiping away my tears! Then he got out of the car and opened my door "Let's go inside!"  He said in a sweet voice.

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