Your mine

When Alyssa suddenly runs into Justin in a parking lot they instantly click , fall in love <3 but what will happen when they begin to date and Justin has to leave for a year and a half for his tour ? What will happen to their relationship? Will it last?


3. First date

 Justins P.O.V

thank goodness there was nothing wrong with Alyssa when she started crying i got so worried! By this point we had already been seated at our table and Alyssa just sat there. ``So what do you want Alyssa?`" i asked her. "um ill get whatever your getting!" she said with a smile on her face. the waiter came around and i ordered, and after a while or pasta had arrived.


Alyssa`s P.O.V

 I was still in awe about the necklace I mean he didn't have to buy me anything! It`s been about 10 minutes and I realize I haven't even touched my food yet! " Alyssa are you okay?" Justin asked a bit worried. I nod my head , smile and begin to eat. Once again Justin and I were having an amazing conversation, by the time it came to pay the bill thats when we began to argue! "ill pay the bill Justin, youve already done enough!" i said. "no Alyssa its ok i will pay!" " no i will!" i said insisting to pay. Then his hazel brown eyes became darker and he started into my eyes and yelled "I AM PAYING ALYSSA!" The whole restaurant went quiet and everyone stared. I out my head down and looked at the floor, the volume in the restaurant resumed once again and i felt his hand lift my head up. "I`m sorry.... i shouldn't have yelled at you please forgive me ?" he whispered. he smiled and i smiled and then he kissed me on the cheek! Justin Drew Bieber kissed me on the cheek!! I mean how can you stay mad at him!! Justin insisted in paying so i didn't argue once again. He payed , I thanked him and then we left. On the way home Justin suddenly let one hand of the wheel and held my hand, I blushed , he gently rubbed my hand with his finger and before I knew it we were  at my home. Justin got out of the car opened my door. we interlocked hands and made our way to my front door. i unlocked my door and I suddenly I  felt a gentle tog on my jacket I turned around and Justin just stared at me until I finally spoke. "Justin.... I never thought this would happen I mean I`ve adored you since 2007 and I never thought this would happen to me... why me Justin?" a smile grew upon Justin's face, he looked into my eyes and said, " Because your you and your amazing and you treat me like im a normal guy, and I need that once and a while! I... I love you Alyssa.....your great!" i blushed A lot and he quickly pecked my cheek. "What do you mean you love me ?" i asked sounding so stupid. " I love you , that's exactly what i meant." " i love you too!" i replied with a huge smile on my face then it became silent Justin looked at me and said" Alyssa will you be my girlfriend?" he said with a smile on his face. "of course " i replied hugging him tight. out of no where i felt his lips on mine. we both smiled through the kiss. "i love you " we both said in sync. we said our goodbyes and i walked inside my house. ran into my room and fell o my bed screaming! what an amazing night ..

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