Your mine

When Alyssa suddenly runs into Justin in a parking lot they instantly click , fall in love <3 but what will happen when they begin to date and Justin has to leave for a year and a half for his tour ? What will happen to their relationship? Will it last?


1. Dream come true


Chapter 1:

"Mom I'm leaving" You yell from the stairs." Ok Alyssa  be safe out there" your mom replies! You walk out of the house locking the door and jump into your car! You were going to the mall to get some new clothes because you had saved up for it. ~10min later~ 

You get out of the car and hear a bunch of girls screaming and you realize they are chasing someone. You have to look a few times until you realize who it really is ! IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER! You couldn't believe that he was ony like 5 meters away from you ! Then suddenly he started to run towards you, you ran inside the car scared that you were going to get trampled! You look around and see Justin banging  on. your car window mouthing "let me in" you quickly open the door for Him and he jumps in locking the door on the way!  You figure he wanted to get out of the parking lot so you put your keys in and drive away! "Thank you!" He says out of breath! Deep down inside you are fangirling so bad but you know you should keep it cool......
"No problem Justin , do you need me to bring you anywhere or" he cuts you off "you have beautiful eyes and an amazing smile, your very pretty! Did you know that?"  You feel your face get bright red and reply with a nice Thanks! "My name is Alyssa!" You say. At this point you are far away from the mall and justin tells you to turn into the parking lot up ahead! 
You pull up and he doesn't get out of the car not that you wanted him to  but it was kinda awkward.......  
" so...."  You try and start a conversation. "I just wanted to talk to you ! " 

After about 1 hour of You and Justin telling each other about one another Justin had to go ! But before he called for scooter he had to get your #" Alyssa can i get your number I mean I had An amazing time with you although it was in a car and we were just talking!" "Um sure" you reply. You quickly give him your number he says his goodbyes and he tells you he will call you later. As he walks away you saw a car pull up and Justin jumped into it you watched It drive away ! As soon as it was out of sight you began to fangirl! I just meet my idol you thought OMG he has my number, this is crazy! You couldn't believe that this had just happend!

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