My first Movella! This is a story about Guardians of the Elements and the Demons of the Myths but sequels will involve other characters. it is set in modern day from the point of view of one of four of the narrating characters -Bradley London


1. The Thunder Giant

… Cities destroyed – but they didn’t look familiar! Nor did the burnt blue Sun in the sky! Standing there, towering over the buildings was a scary sight … Crackles of thunder boomed overhead and that was when I woke.

                By boy jolted straight up, like in the Wallace and Gromit films, and I realised that I was drenched in sweat – that makes it the third night in a row this week! I am Bradley London and I am officially haunted! With electric blues eyes and pure blond hair, people would always call me a Norwegian but I’d never understand why… Putting the bizarre dream behind me, I carried on down stairs and began making my breakfast.

                “Did you have that crazy dream last night, Big Bro?” my eco emo of a sister asked.

                “Shouldn’t you be meditating and trying to save some dying tree that is supposedly important to the world, Meg!” I remarked. That shut her up.

                By the time I finished breakfast and had a shower, I was already late meeting up with my friend Matt, so I told Meg to hurry up and left with my key towards Matt’s house. Although Matt lived in the house behind us, it took five minutes to walk up to the junction and back down his side of the road. Arriving at number 33 Burn Street, I knocked on the door and Matt’s babe of a sister, Laura answered.

                “Oh, hey Laura… is Matt still here?” I queried.

                “Yeah, sure hold on a sec. MATT! Get your sorry butt down here and go to school! Bradley’s here!” My she can shout when she wants to. Laura had always been a quiet one but that is the way I liked it as we spent most of our lessons together and neither of us would get in trouble as the teacher could never hear a word we said!

                “Hey, Bud. Let’s go!” Matt practically threw me out of the doorway and down half the street while I ogled his sister waving at me in the doorway. Some small talk later and we were turning the final corner to the school when a gust of wind prevented my movements and I swear I could hear a whisper over the groans of the wind calling my name…

                “Bradley … Bradley… Bradley …” the voice was faint but I was sure it wasn’t a figment of my imagination.

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