My first Movella! This is a story about Guardians of the Elements and the Demons of the Myths but sequels will involve other characters. it is set in modern day from the point of view of one of four of the narrating characters -Bradley London


3. Temper, temper!

                As I got there, I was welcomed by the old bat of a Maths teacher as she droned on, “Bradley, why are you late? You’ve missed the start of the test so you’ll have to come back and finish it later! Get to your seat, you ignorant boy!”

                Like I cared what she thought. As I headed towards my back row seat, Laura smiled at me and shook her head. The rest of the class was buried in their papers but Laura was already finished. She is what we like to call the defiant nerd because the teachers always think she never does the test because most of the lesson she just sits there smiling. She is quick at solving problems and exams to do with education. 20 minutes droned on before she tapped my hand under the table and passed me the answers discretely.

                This was expected because I sit next to her in every lesson and she always helps me out – one of the reasons I have come to like her. For the rest of the test, I glanced at her answers and worked backwards to understand what she had done. Even though I was 15 minutes late to the test, Miss Bat-face was astounded by how I could leave the room turning in a complete paper. Her face was priceless.

                At break, everything was pretty normal as I hung out with the guys. What I found odd was that I hadn’t heard from Thor inside my head for the past 3 hours! He was up to something…

                During last period, Meg, Matt, Laura and I all had IT. The guy that sits opposite us always tries to annoy us and make us mad. Today though was different because I was getting wound up and was oblivious to the fact that the computer screens were playing up. The last straw was when he called Bethany a ‘tree’!

                There and then, I lost it! I got up and stood over him and said, “Call my sister a tree one more time! I dare you!” But before he had a chance, my fists clenched and all the electrical equipment around us started short-circuiting and some even created mini explosions. Again, oblivious to the fact, I stormed out of the room and the lights broke all the way down the corridor.

                “… Hey, Brad, buddy? You gotta learn to control that temper! You don’t want to electrocute anyone now, do ya?” Thor cut in. Great timing I must say!

                “What do you want? Get out of my head! You are nothing but trouble!” as I  walked past the reception, the lady at the desk stared at me because what everyone else could see is that I have gone insane and am now talking to myself!

                “Hey, hey. Try and speak through your thoughts! You are drawing attention to us!”

                “Us?! I never asked for this!” but as soon as he said this, something inside me calmed down and forced my body to look around. What I saw was a confused receptionist wondering why her computer had broken down and the overhead lights flickering with my wavering anger.


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