My first Movella! This is a story about Guardians of the Elements and the Demons of the Myths but sequels will involve other characters. it is set in modern day from the point of view of one of four of the narrating characters -Bradley London


4. Rules and regulations

      “… Fine I’ll have a go … (the rest of his speech appears through thoughts) What are WE supposed to do now, then Mr Bright Spark, with all the ideas?!” Bradley asked in a semi-serious tone.

      “We have to unite the rest of the Guardian Gods … If that wasn’t obvious enough!”

      "Hey, quit the sarcasm there, buddy! None of this is obvious! You are the one that has been preparing for this - not me!” Sheesh, Thor can be annoying. “How do you expect us to do that?”             “Firstly, we locate Phoenix, then Poseidon, then the Dryad Queen, then Nut, then Polaris … I can never remember the other 2 … Oh Well!” Thor droned on, as if it was really that simply!                   “Where do we start?”

      “With some combat and elemental training.”

      Great! We have five Gods to locate - never mind their Guardians and we are combat training! Helpful.

      I suppose the appropriate place to start is the research - current Thor had no idea where the Gods may have hidden themselves so it was MY job to find them! Another reason why I didn’t want to get involved in this. What I found out was spectacular. Basically, along with the legends, each God is said to reveal themselves to one person only if they meet ‘certain standards’. Thor’s must have been my anger and static nature. After a long days research, I decided to hit the hay and drifted off into my sub-conscious.

       … Hey, what am I doing here? It looks like my brain in here!?! Seriously, this is a dream too far, first Asgard and now my own body! Ok, I realise I need to back up a bit - Thor lives inside my head whenever I am conscious which is obvious by the whole two people talking inside my head! The process works both ways - another thing he failed to find out about! I must find the Guardian God handbook and teach him a thing or two! He’s completely useless…

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