One less lonley girl

Guess what you an your bestie got consent tickets to see JUSTIN BIEBER you both are both belieber's you both are in lie with him and when u go to the concert you end up being the one less loney girl and after the consent it gets even better :) but u must read to find out what happens


1. The concert

 im bree today is my birthday I turned 17 ad my mom got me Justin bieber front row tickets and 2 backstage passes 1 for me and 1 for my bestfriend  Kayla I have long blonde hair and hazel eyes we both live in California  ok well to the story now (info for story)

Bree : I got ready to go to the concert  I'm wearing a purple Justin bieber shirt and cute jean shorts  I did my make up and left the house to pick Kayla up

kayla : *Bree's calling* hey Bree meet me outside my house 

bree: k bye 

i meet Kayla outside her house and we head off to the concert 

*in the car* one times on the radio where blasting the radio  singing the song 

then the song stops all we see is the huge crowed of belieber's were at the concert now 

kayla : yay where here 

Bree : ya lets get in fast 

*we get in the arena friend our seats  and the show starts *

atfer a few songs one less lony girl starts

justin: alright lets go there's ganna be one less loney girl  

Bree: *all I feel is a tap on the back of my shoulder it's pattie mallette*OMG pattie !!

pattie: hey do u want to be the ollg 

bree: OMB yes *i start to ball my eyes out crying Kayla crying to waiting for me they bring me backstage and do my make up and bring me in stage really fast  just comes near me he's hugging me singing too me then me puts a flower crown on my head and at the end of the song he hands me a piece of paper with his number on it he says to me walking off stage with me text me cutie right after the show so we can hang out asap he gives me a kiss and gose back on stage  I go back to Kayla still crying 

kayla: hey I can't believe that just happend  

me: ikr he said he wants to hang out with me soon 

kayla: OMG ur so lucky lets watch the rest of the show  


*the show ends and it was amazing Justin kept looking at me winking and smiling  when we went to the car I almost forgot I had to text or call Justin * 

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