One less lonley girl

Guess what you an your bestie got consent tickets to see JUSTIN BIEBER you both are both belieber's you both are in lie with him and when u go to the concert you end up being the one less loney girl and after the consent it gets even better :) but u must read to find out what happens


3. The after party

* I texted Kayla saying pick me up now *
Kayla : ok I'm here now 
Me : ok  
* in the car luckily we didn't live far away from the arena in holly wood  * 
Me : ok Kayla ill see u tomorrow maybe goodnight * I doped Kayla off at her house *

Justin texted me: hey babe r u home yet 
Me : ya just got home 
Justin: ok ill c u soon 
Me : k I got to get ready bye 
Justin ok I love u bye 
Me love u to 
* I change into my short black dress and heels I straitened my long blonde hair and did my make up then I hear a knock at my door  
Mom: Bree Justin bieber is here asking for u  
Me : ok oh mom I forgot to tell u I was the ollg and he gave me his number then he met me I'm the back if the arena and asked me out and I said yes 
Mom: OMG my girl is dating a super star ok hunny Ill let him in 
Me : ok mom
Justin comes in my room  
Justin : hey sexy he puts his arms around my waist from behind  and kisses my cheek 
I turn around  me : hey cutie

Justin  : r u ready 
Me : yea lets go  
Mom comes in and says : text me when ur coming home if its tonight if u come home tomorrow the door will be open Justin u better take good care of my daughter for me 
Justin : yes mam I will I promise * hugs my mom and says i wouldn't let anything happen to her
Mom : good  ok bye love u 
Me love u too mom bye 
* in the car with Justin * 
Justin :Ok at the party there's probably going to be a lot of pap out there so don't mind them 
Me : ok I won't. 
* at the after party *
The pap is every where taking pics of me and Justin we get into the gate where the after party is and there's no pap here but there's a lot of people her   
Me : wow this is a big house. 
Justin : yea it's my friend Chaz's house 
Me : Chaz as in Chaz summers 
Justin : yep 
* we walk in  * 
JUSTTTINN  it was Chaz 
Justin : hey Chaz 
Chaz : wow who's this 
Justin: Breonna Bree for short 
Chaz: well hello there bree 
Me : hi Chaz 
Justin : heyy hands of she's mine 
Chaz: fine 
Justin :do u want a drink
Me: sure 
Justin : u drink right 
Me : yea
Justin: good * handing me a drink *
Me: mhmm what is this 
Justin: I'm not really sure but it sure dose taste really fucking good 
Me : hahah yea it dose 
We walk in a room I could tell Justin was horney 
Justin: so what do U wanna do 
Me : up to u 
Justin : u already no what I want to do  
Me : yea I do 
Justin so do u wanna do it too 
Me : yes 
* Justin locks the door and takes his shirt  off we start to kiss while where kissing he takes me shirt off and my shorts we stop kissing for a moment and lay on the bed he's pants are off and his shirt and same with me  Jerry was getting really big he was getting a boner from this we kept kissing his hands are on my but and my hangs are around his neck he moves his hands up my back to my bra strap he un hooks my bra * Justin wispers: Boobies  
Me : hehehe
Justin I didn't say that out load right ? 
Me : yea u did hahaha 
Justin oh ok haha
Now we are French kissing and where still laying in the bed he stops kissing me and e starts kissing me straight down my body from my lips down he gets to the bottom of my stomach and says may I 
I smile 
Justin : ill take that as a yes 
He pulls my panties down and  sticks Jerry in going harder and faster each time  
Me: oh Justin ! 
Justin : shhh  
He starts to kiss me we finally stop and  by now where both tired 
Me : this was the best night of my life 
Justin : ya mine too 
Me : I love u Justin
Justin : I love u too baby
Justin: let me c ur phone 
Me : ok here * hands him my phone 
Justin: (on my phone) hey misses karley it's justin Breonna will be staying with me tonight ill bring her home tomorrow 
Mom: ok Justin have fun good night 
Justin: night 
Me : what did u do 
Justin: text ur mom Saying ur staying with me 
Me : oh ok 
We fall asleep cuddling together forgetting were not even dressed 

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