One less lonley girl

Guess what you an your bestie got consent tickets to see JUSTIN BIEBER you both are both belieber's you both are in lie with him and when u go to the concert you end up being the one less loney girl and after the consent it gets even better :) but u must read to find out what happens


4. Th e morning at Chaz's with Justin

     ******** sorry I didn't update sooner I went to a Justin bieber concert on Wednesday the 17th and so I was to busy to do it  but he was amazing too meat day of my life now back to the story  *********  Its 9 am The next morning I wake up to see Justin still sleeping so I get into my panties and bra and walk into the kitchen forgetting that were in Chaz's house I make cereal and walk to the living room to see Chaz sleeping on the couch 
Me: oh shit I forgot that I'm not alone with Justin 
* I speed walk to the room where Justin and I was Justin is half asleep looking at me  
Justin: hey baby come cuddle 
Me : hold on let me get dressed 
 Justin : no it's better like you are now 
Me : finne 
Justin : yay I love u sweetie 
Me : I love u too 
* I lay down next to him in the bed * 
Justin whispers : I really do love u more then I loved anyone else even more then I loved  Selena  
Me: Justin ..
Justin: yess babe 
Me: what if Selena want you back ?
Justin : I would never leave u  I don't want her back she was a bitch anyway she treated me like I was nothing even though I gave her Everything she wanted  and she never appreciated any of it but u ur different ur not the same as the other girls I've dated that's what I like about you.
Me : wow I never even liked Selena either and awe babe ur so sweet :) 
* my phone starts to ring *. Justin :  hahaha  nice ring tone *its one less loney girl song *
Me :shhh it's my mom *i answer it * hey mom
Justin yells : HII MOM 
Mom: hahaha hi justin hey Breonna 
Me : what did u want ?
Mom: I wanted to c if u were ok 
Justin interrupts : ma she will always be ok with me and that's a promos I would never let my baby get hurt 
Mom: ok Justin 
Me : yeah mom I'm fine 
Mom: ok and OMG Bree I still can't believe ur dating ur idol u loved  him since 2009 and now  ur dreams have came true  I just can't believe my baby girl is dating the most famous guy alive ! 
Me : yeah ikr mom I love him and he loves me that's all that matters I wouldn't care if he was famous or not I would still love him 
Mom : ok well gtg love ya 
Me : I love u to
Justin yells again : I love u Melissa 
Mom: hahaha I love u to Justin bye 
*hangs up * 
Me : sorry my moms really weird 
Justin : Nahh don't worry about it u haven't even met my parents yet 
Me : yea ik 
Justin : oh yeah I forgot to ask do you want to meet then tonight ? 
Me : OMB yes  * we get dressed * I grab my extra clothing and I'm wearing shorts and a Justin bieber tank top and my heels from last night 
Justin: nice shirt 
Me: thanks Justin 
Justin is wearing  no shirt and red pants with red supras  ad black boxers that u can c bc of his pants pulled down around his but 
 Justin drives me to my house and I invite him in  to my room with me I change my clothing to meet his parents so I'm wearing a  a short but not to short pink dress with diamonds on it so it sparkles and I straiten my hair  and do my make up its pink eyeshadow with  black eyeliner and mascara 
Justin : u look better without makeup me : we'll I'm not going to where  no make up to meet ur parents 
Justin: but u still look sexy either way no matter what 
Me : thanks juju 
Justin: oh and jazzy and Jaxson is going to be there too   
Me : OMG I love then they are so fucking adorable 
Justin : ha watch out jaxsons a ladies man.  
Me : he takes after his brother dosnt he :) 
Justin : smiles are you ready.  
Me : yeah let's go to my mom quick  
Justin : wait *pulls me close he puts his hands on my hips and kisses me then he lifts me up so I put my hands around his neck and I rap my legs around him *  Justin pulls away and says ur such a good kisser me : thanks  justin (he puts me down and he holds my hand walking up to my mom ) Justin: hey ma (hugs her)
Mom : hey Mr. Bieber lol
Me: hehehe  
Mom : so what are you guys doing  today 
Me : we'll Justin wants me to meet his parents today so were going to meet then right now 
Mom: ok have fun 
Justin : we will bye  
Me:bye mom 
Mom: bye guys 
*We get in Justin's car  and drive off I  recognized this house that where at from some where but idk where* 
Justin: u ready  
Me: yeah( now I Remeber it's Justin's house I could I forget ) 
...... ******* comment for another chapter*********
 Oh and guys there's this rumor that this is Justin biebers phone number I texted it and he said it was his but then he never texted back so find out and c if it is for me thanks guys its 9375586923

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