Catch Me?

This is for the Hidden Power contest. Hope you like it!


2. The night before

I woke up to a big comfy bed. Soft sheets, large pillows. You know, the kind of bed you would have in your dream bedroom. Only bigger. So as any normal person would, I panicked. You must be wondering why I panicked. Well, the fact is… that was not my bed. So I panicked. I mean like real panicking. Over-the-edge panicking. Legit panic-mode. What had happened that night? Why was I in someone else’s bed? Had I got date-raped? Slowly my mind returned to what happened the night before.

I had gotten in a fight with my mom. Since my Dad had left us she had never been the same. She was always drinking and always depressed. She even cut herself and burned her arms and thighs. That’s why we got into a fight that night. I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take life anymore. So I ran away from the house, as far and fast as I could.

I remember the pang of guilt I felt for leaving my mother in the house all alone like I did. I knew she did love me, but I also knew she couldn’t take care of me. And I was to broken to care for myself. Friends were out of the option. I didn’t have any. I mean like, back then I didn’t have any REAL friends. Just one person who I hardly talked to who would pity me when I was around her (which was rarely) and would talk poop about me when I wasn’t. Everyone else just said those things upfront. So no, I didn’t have any friends because I was too ugly and useless. Well, at least that’s what my mom (when she was drunk; which was most of the time) and people at school told me. Sometimes I felt as though that was why my dad had left... because of me.

Anyways, I had had enough, and I only knew one way to possibly escape to peace. Death. So I ran and ran. It began to rain as I broke down on the sidewalk, crying and weeping. Gasping for the very breath I saw as a curse. Gasping for breath that I was planning to take away. I got up and ran to a bridge by the nearest lake and for once in my life, I wasn’t scared. I was at peace knowing that I wouldn’t have to go through the pain any longer. I was at peace knowing that God would be there, arms open, on the other side. I climbed up on the ledge, took a deep breath, then let myself all. As my feet left the edge of the bridge, I felt something, someone, hold on to me and pull up. I didn’t know what was happening (as you can see, the unexpected occurs a lot in my life). The thing that scared me most was the fact that someone was following me. This wasn’t what I wanted. I turned to see the person who had ‘supposedly’ saved my life. 

Apparently, it was a guy, which in many cases was worse. He looked straight into my eyes and I looked deep into his. They were vibrant green with sparks of yellow and orange. We stared at each other for what seems like forever and then he said to me “I don’t think you want to do that.” And I was just thinking Whoa, wait up! Who does this guy think he is?

“I’m pretty sure I did want to do that, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.” I snapped.

“Don’t you know your life is worth so much?” he said as if on the verge of tears. This just got me more mad than I was.

“Look. I don’t want your pity; I don’t even want you to be here.” I said as I began to cry, “You don’t know what I’ve been through, and there’s no way you could. Do you know how it feels when no one’s there? Do you know how it feels to cry but no one hears you? NO! You don’t know!” I began to shout “You don’t know how it feels when you’re falling with no one to catch you! You could never know so just leave me alone!”

I turned away from him, but I still felt his eyes staring at me. The whole situation was just getting really creepy to me.

He came closer to me “I was there to catch you when you fell,” he said as a small frown covered his face. I don’t know why but I began to cry. Nope, the simple verb ‘to cry’ could barely explain it. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I sobbed into his chest all the tears I’ve been holding in for so long. I have no idea how long I was crying, I just know he held me the whole time. Slowly I calmed down and focused on breathing. I looked up into his eyes and he looked into mine. Then he said the words I’ve always been longing to hear. The words I’ve never believed to be true until the very moment he'd said them.

He pulled me closer to him and told me “It’s going to be alright.” And with that he left. I’m not even joking, he left. Just like that. I mean like seriously, who does that? Despite his mysteriousness (that’s a word right?) I felt something amazing building up inside of me. A flame. A spark. He revealed to me a kind of hope I’ve never felt before.

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