No Ordinary Life

Hi my name is Ashely-Rose. My last name is monteyer. I am in a ophanage my parents died when i Was 6 years old. My dad died in a car accident with my mom i Was in the car accident too. Now i am 17 years old. I have a best friend her name is bella mier. her parents died too in a car accident at the same age as me. She is one one week older than me.
What happens whens someone adopts her and bella and its one direction, she loved them but she is also scared because she doesint know what they might do to to her???
Find out what happens in no Ordinary life.


4. Zayn's the stepdad:

The doctor came back and told me the results, she said you're baby is not going to die, I said " really thank god," then the doctor said just give her milk tommorow you can make out after that day and still give milk to you're daughter Allison. I said ok and she left. I was alone in the room hugging Allison. I hear a knock on the door, so I say come in and the door opens reaviling zayn I said hi he said umm can I be the fake stepdad I said sure and he said can I hold Allison, I said yeah sure. Zayn layed down on the couch and watched tv. After awhile of watching tv, someone knocked on the door. I said come in, and Louis walked in. He said can I please hold her I said no. Then he said please again so I said fine.i gave him Allison and he was holding her and I said guess who Is the step dad he said who I said he is fast asleep on the couch he said zayn I said no duh Sherlock. He said feisty I like that I said give me Allison and leave he said fine. After he left zayn said I Wasint asleep I just wanted to hear what you were going to say I said ok.

Authors NOTE:

Im sorry this is a short chapter but I'm busy. 

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