No Ordinary Life

Hi my name is Ashely-Rose. My last name is monteyer. I am in a ophanage my parents died when i Was 6 years old. My dad died in a car accident with my mom i Was in the car accident too. Now i am 17 years old. I have a best friend her name is bella mier. her parents died too in a car accident at the same age as me. She is one one week older than me.
What happens whens someone adopts her and bella and its one direction, she loved them but she is also scared because she doesint know what they might do to to her???
Find out what happens in no Ordinary life.


3. Two months!! Growing belly:

Ashely POV:

Two months went by, and I noticed my belly getting larger and Bella's isint. I told Liam if he can take me to the doctor, he said yeah sure " I said ok thank you well let's go then. When we got to the doctor I entered pretty fast Liam was waiting in the car. The doctor said let me take out some blood and ill give you something to test if you are pregnant I said ok. After all of that he gave me a jar to go the bathroom and check. After I gave the jar back to the doctor and he said ill come back. After a bit he said congratulations you are having a baby I said I am, he said you are and here are some papers who is the dad and some details I checked and it said the dad is Louis tommilson. I said omg I'm pregnant! How many months I said he said two I said ok so I just need eight more months he said yeah you are Ashely I said ok. Then he said wait aren't you Ashely- Rose tommilson I said yeah you're brother is Louis tommilson from one direction, I still said yeah then he said but the one that made out with you is named with that name I said yeah my own brother raped me, we'll he adopted me and my best friend so now I'm pregnant and not my friend, he said ok you can leave now and I promise I won't tell anyone unless you tell me to tell someone that he raped you I said ok thanks and I left. When I got to Liam's car I started to cry, Liam said why are you crying love I said no reason. He said y

ushers is a reason now tell ME he was raising his voice at me. I said you know what I'm outa here then I remembered zayn he is the only one that doesn't live with them and Niall. I got out the car and went to zayn's house. I knocked on the door he opened it he had no shirt on or pants only in boxers. He said Ashely what are you doing here I said can come in and ill tell you, " he said yeah sure come in come in. I sat down on his couch and I told him everything then I Hear a girls voice upstairs then zayn says that's perry with Eleanor I said ok then he said don't worry we are not together anymore and wiped my teers off. After I told him that Louis got me pregnant he said ill come back. He came back down with clothes on and said come on, I didn't say anything I just got in his car and we drove to Louis, Liam, Harry, house and zayn knocked on the door harshly. Harry  opened it and said what happened mate, he said move and where is he screamed" then he sees Louis and goes and punches him and I said he doesn't know then zayn says I won't tell him ill just punch him. Then I spit on Harry because he too wanted me to make out with him. Then he said why did you just do that for. I said because I wanted to. Then he screamed COME HERE but I just stayed there and he came up to me and slapped me and threw me on the couch, I had a small bump on my stomach because of the baby then I scream OWW my stomach my baby he said what I said I'm having a baby now get off me because you are a fat pig he laughed I said no I'm serious then I see Louis bleeding and u decided it was enough and I told zayn ok stop stop STOP ZAYN I had to scream the last one out. Then louis stands up again and wiles of the blood with a towel and said you are having a baby I said yeah and it youres and he said oh great my fame is going to be gone because a slut made out with me. I litterlay told zayn to punch him again and he did punch him.

- Nine Months Later -

This month I'm having the baby, it's going to be a baby girl. I moved with zayn somewhere else. bella stayed with them. Zayn always had to go over to Louis house because of the band. Today zayn was going to go with Louis and I decided to go too, he said ok you sure I said yeah I'm sure and hopped Into the car. When we got to Louis place he looked at me and rubbed my belly zayn snatched it away and Louis said its my baby not youres and he grabbed my hand and took me upstairs and pushed me onto the bed and he over me, I told him he was hurting me and the baby then he slid off me but kissed me I hated that. Then I felt water. My water broke I yelled to Louis and I went downstairs to tell zayn he took me to the hospital they let me in fast. 

- Skip having baby part -

The doctor handed me my baby girl. She was so little and fragile. She was perfect. Then I hear a  knock on the door and it was the rest of the one direction boys with gifts except Louis. I said the father isint here Wow I don't even want him here. Then I see him walk through the door I made him a face. Then the doctor said I recommend you give you're baby a name I said yeah I already picked it with my boyfriend zayn. Her name will be Allison. The doctor said ok well hi there baby Allison. Then he said you should give her breast milk now. I said ok and the doctor left. I saw all the boys there I said I'm not taking my boob out infringing of you guys except zayn. But nobody left,zayn said here's a blanket so they can stay I said ok and took out my boob and fed the baby that's when Louis comes and says we can all see it and snatches the blanket away. Luckily the baby was sleeping and my boob was inside of my robe then zayn gives me back the blanket. Zayn and the boys said they were going to comeback. They all left except Louis he said let me see my baby I said no then he got the baby and put her in the little crib they have in the hospitals, and got on top of me, and kissed me and all that I pushed away but until Harry gets him off me. Then I hear a nurse come in and say you're baby isint breathing wright I said what how? Then she said how many times have you've been feeding her I said two she said have you made out with this person right now I said yeah he was I was pushing away. She said was that before you gave milk the second time I said yeah she said its bad youre baby can die. The. I hit Louis in the balls because of that.

( the picture on top is the baby girl Allison )

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