No Ordinary Life

Hi my name is Ashely-Rose. My last name is monteyer. I am in a ophanage my parents died when i Was 6 years old. My dad died in a car accident with my mom i Was in the car accident too. Now i am 17 years old. I have a best friend her name is bella mier. her parents died too in a car accident at the same age as me. She is one one week older than me.
What happens whens someone adopts her and bella and its one direction, she loved them but she is also scared because she doesint know what they might do to to her???
Find out what happens in no Ordinary life.


5. Chapter 5:

Ashely POV :

I walked inside the house with Allison in my hands. Zayn was behind me carrying the bags of baby stuff. (Before we got here we went to the store. ) we went inside of the house. All the boys were there. Louis was staring at me. Bella called me a whore for no reason. " I thought you were my friend " I told her. She just shrugged and took of her clothes and went on top of Louis and made out with him. I went upstairs and left zayn with Allison for a minute. I went downstairs to look for Bella. She was still kissing Louis. I tapped her n her shoulder. She said what do you want whore. " I just wanted to say that you are a slut. She got up and slapped me, I fell on the floor. I got up and looked to the boys. I went up to Bella and pulled her hair I pushed her to the ground still holding her hair. I take her outside and lock the door. I left her naked. I turned around to see the boys. I went upstairs and sat next to zayn. Zayn was holding Allison. " do you want to have sex with me " zayn asked me. I shrugged my shoulders. Then I said no, the doctor said I could only have sex until next week. " aww" he said. I gave him a kiss and layed on the bed. I turned the tv on. Zayn layed next to me. It was 10:00 pm. We decided to watch a scary movie. I got scared. Zayn noticed because I jumped. He hugged me tighter. I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up to the sound of Allison crying. I get up from the bed, but I go back down by zayn pushing me down. " I'll make her a bottle " he said. " thanks " I told him. I snuggled into bed once again. Zayn came back with Allison. He was giving her the bottle. I smiled up at him. " I wish Alison was my real daughter" he said. " we can try next week I promise" I tell him. "Ahhhhhhhhh " I heard it was the screaming from Alison. " oh someone wants milk from booby not from bottle " said zayn in a cute baby voice. I laughed and I Held he run my arms. I grab the blanket and put her up to my chest I put my shirt down. I also pull my bra down. I put Allison on my chest. I put the blanket over her. Zayn turned the tv on. " OWW " I whispered shouted. " what happens" zayn asked. " Allison just but my boob" I told him. He started to laugh. He uncovers the banker and stares at Allison. He puts the blanket over me again and stares at the tv. I felt so happy seeing Allison and zayn.

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