No Ordinary Life

Hi my name is Ashely-Rose. My last name is monteyer. I am in a ophanage my parents died when i Was 6 years old. My dad died in a car accident with my mom i Was in the car accident too. Now i am 17 years old. I have a best friend her name is bella mier. her parents died too in a car accident at the same age as me. She is one one week older than me.
What happens whens someone adopts her and bella and its one direction, she loved them but she is also scared because she doesint know what they might do to to her???
Find out what happens in no Ordinary life.


1. Chapter 1:

Ashely- rose POV:

Ashely i Heard someone say my name finding out it Was my best friend named bella mier she Was trying to get me out of my bed i said no. Until the lady that words here her name is lesly comes and screams at me and lifts me up and slaps me across my face. Then i attacked her then she said oh ok time for you to suffer with jake. Jake is a guy that if you be bad he Will rape you he hasint  done it to me or bella i dont know why we are moslty the bad ones this is our first time. Then bella said well if she is going i Will too then the lady, turns around and says works for me and takes us with jake. But when we were half way the speak we went off and said all the girls from 15-19 please come to the orphanage library, i could tell she Was the nice lady named Melissa. Then lesly says youre lucky go change hurry then me and bella went upstairs and we changed. I Was wearing a one direction t-shirt i like it because one direction is my favorite boy band, then i put on my short shorts and put on my black flats with a silver ribbon on top of it and brushed my hair and letting my light Brown hair down put a black hair band it had a silver ribbon on it so it combined with my shoes then i saw bella she Was wearing a harry t-shirt because she loves harry from one direction and she Was wearing short shorts like me and pink sandels and a pink hairband with white pokadots then we said why do we have to go the library" bella said mabye its food or free books or something " then i said why would they give out food and they already give out books then she said yeah youre right. We were hungry but i saw lesly in the kitchen because we were passing by there and she said what are you looking at, i said at youre ugly face eating like a pig then she said oh really and o said yes and took her plate away and spot on it and left with bella. When we got to the library and there Was a bunch of girls there i already know them ive Been here since i Was a kid even bella. They were the same age as me and bella, then mellissa said please sit down there is some guys that Want to adopt two girls i cant tell you who they are but you Will find out in a bit please sit down quietly you Will be called in but if they dont want you you Will have to go to youre room through the othere way. After awhile mellissa says we are going to start and they called in a girl.

- Skip this part -

after awhile there Was only 4 more girls left including us two and two but i knew me and bella wearint going to get adopted. we neve get adopted. Then after awhile the other two girls were gone and bella had to go in i Heard a scream on the other side. I Was left in that Room by my self.

Harry POV:

we checked over 70 girls and we havint chose one i told the boys. Oh wait there comes a girl zayn said i hope she doesint scream like the others Liam said. I Heard as scream i said you were wrong Liam he shook his head saying yes. Then we started to ask her questions then louis said i want to adopt this girl as a sister, then the girl said you are asopting me yay!!!!!! Then louis asked her what Was her name she said bella mier i said that its a buetiful name, then we told her go back to youre Room and we Will call the lesly then she said no no no please no if you tell her you are adopting me  she Will do something bad to me, she said look what she did to me she showed us her leg it had cut marks all over it then Liam said ok then go back out side where you were and wait there and send in Ashely- rose in she said sure and went outside. Then louis said you guys waana Know why im adopting her as my sister we all said why then louis said because she is hot im planning to make out with her or the other girl we choose then evryone said me too exept me and zayn. Then we heard footsteps and zayn said ashely is coming ( they call her Ashely for short )

Ashely- rose POkV:

Bella came back and sat we're I was and told me to go in but I said why did you scream when you went inside she said no reason you will find out when you get inside, I said ok and went inside. I was making loud footsteps every time I stepped, when I got there I knew why Bella screamed it was one direction, so then I screamed and then. Then Liam told me to sit down in the chair I kept seeing Harry staring at my chest. Why?? After awhile of talking about adoption I turned to see zayn he was playing on his phone then zayn lift his head up and stares at me so I turn around, zayn has always be favorite then it was Niall, Harry, Liam, last but not least Louis, Then I saw harrymoving his arm where my leg was so I stand up quickly and say I was going to get water which is in the other room so Harry said ok fine go " he sounded mad because I stood up  I don't know why after I came back from drinking water Louis's said he was going to adopt me as a sister I said yes thank you I'm finally getting rid of this place, rid of lesly then zayn says why is EVRYONE talking that lesly is a bad person then I told him well she is a bad person she cuts me in my hand she cuts EVRYONE and I hate that. Then zayn says please don't say anything else who is going to adopt her or is anyone going to adopt her then Louis says I will then Harry says you are adopting two girls ok then he said Ashely could you please go outside I said sure, and went outside.

Louis POV:

I am adopting Ashely- rose monteyer and Bella mier as my sisters but I really want to make out with the Ashely chick she is hot even if she is 17 I said I looked over at Niall who was telling Melissa to come over here. MelIssa looks fine too but she looks like in her 30s. Then they call Bella and Ashely to come then when they came they both said at the same time said you are getting adopted by Louis and I said yes and Ashely oh my god she is so hot I'm ok with my mates making out with them but all the other girls we made out with always let us make out with us but i don't know about these two. I went to the counter sighted some papers saying these we're going to be my little sisters and they went to pack there stuff and then came down and we left to our house.

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