The Boy With The Curly Hair

Not much to tell! Read it!!:-) (My friend wrote this story for me. its kind of cheesy, but its still sweet!!)

1. <3

Sarah's POV

One day in London I was walking through shops downtown. I saw 'Jack Wills' and instantly thought of him. Harry. Harry styles. He is my long distance boyfriend, oh, and heartthrob boy band member. Yeah, don't ask how we met... I started tearing up, he was on tour and he said he didn't want me getting hurt by the crazed fans, so t stayed here. I decided to text him, no, call.  Ring 1...... Ring 2...... Ring 3..... Ring 4...... Ring 5 "Hello?" I broke into tears "Babe, you there? Sarah?" he asked "Yeah, sorry I miss you so much!" I said ok Sarah pull yourself together! He'll be home soon, well 6 months soon. I thought to myself. "Oh man, I miss you too! how about you go into 'jack wills' and buy us matching sweat shirts?" he said

"Okay" I said smiling

"On me." He said

"Um, Harry, your in Michigan..." I said

"Oh, um, use my card, I left it in your purse, I have five you know" He reminded me (I know harry prob doesn't have 5 credit cards, but I told you my friend wrote it. its silly)
"Okay, thank you! love you!" I said

"No prob darlin', love you to the moon and back!!!<3" Harry announced "Say hi to Jack for me!" he finished

"Okay. See you soon." we never say bye, its kind of our thing.

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