Doctor Who - Predator of The Daleks

The Dalek war is spreading across the galaxy. Soon they will control half the milky way. However a prophecy that one day a creature called "The Predator" will strike the Dalek's down seems to be coming true. The only way the Daleks can survive is to find and destroy the creature. The creature usually known to as The Doctor....

I rarely write fan fiction of any kind but this is a story that has been buzzing round my head for ages: How did The Doctor get the name Predator of The Daleks, (As refereed to in Asylum of The Daleks) ? This story featuring his Seventh Incarnation hopes to answer that. I hope you all enjoy it.


2. Skaro Burning Brightly In The Night, Right in From of Your Sight

You're face to face with the man who sold the world.


"What is justice? What is pain? These concepts are all relative. The Daleks don't feel pain yet the cause it. Psychologically how can we accept this? They cause pain yet we cannot bring about pain for them. Yet these killers have something I admire very much. They do not have a sense of revenge, or justice. In that way they are the perfect organisers for they do not make mistake. They are organic, yet robotic. They are evolution mastered, put under control. Formed to make something better, greater. Purer. " Putting his hand on the book, Professor Jolaz McMurr finished reading. The book automatically closed. He looked at his students. They seemed stunned by what he has said. They had reamined still during the lecture and still seemed to be in a hypnotic look, focusing on the man who had repeated the words written down in their text books.


"This, students is the prime example of a delusional yet organised mind. This man's problem is order; order must in his words, "be supreme". Order must rule over emotions which is of course pure garbage. Interesting, yes but intellectual garbage. Now this ends this session, I hope to see you all next week." The students stood up and began to shuffle out of the auditorium. One man remained however.

"Ah, Professor, may I have a word with you?"

"Of course sir. What is it that you would like to talk to me about?"




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