Doctor Who - Predator of The Daleks

The Dalek war is spreading across the galaxy. Soon they will control half the milky way. However a prophecy that one day a creature called "The Predator" will strike the Dalek's down seems to be coming true. The only way the Daleks can survive is to find and destroy the creature. The creature usually known to as The Doctor....

I rarely write fan fiction of any kind but this is a story that has been buzzing round my head for ages: How did The Doctor get the name Predator of The Daleks, (As refereed to in Asylum of The Daleks) ? This story featuring his Seventh Incarnation hopes to answer that. I hope you all enjoy it.


1. Skaro Burning Brightly In The Night



This act will mark the beginning of your end.”

The dark light from the sun of Skaro shone down on the broken bunker. Weeds slowly gripped around the shattered walls. The stink of decay lay around the rooms that had once held some of the most important Kaleds and Thals talks. In the moss covered conference room, Davros had first told the Kaled elite of his plans for the mark three travel machine. In the dust and the rubble of the laboratory, a short man stood and surveyed the remains of what had once been the most important planet in the twelfth sector. Called the twelfth sector by the higher races, to the lower races it was known simple as “The Death Spiral.” The little man picked up a small battered piece of paper. On the piece of paper was written one word in old low Kaled:


The little man shoved it into his brown coat pocket and walked back to his spaceship, the tall blue box on the other side of the bunker.

“Look, Time Lord.” Kragnor pointed at the small man who had just disappeared inside his blue box.

“How do you know it’s a Time Lord? Could just be a human stupid enough to come into this sector.” Temmosus sighed and got up. He looked at the burning remains of Skaro’s one sun. Once, the planet had two Suns but that had been destroyed by a weapon that the Dalek’s feared, something they called “The Hand.” The Thals that had remained on the planet had been killed due to the lack of heat. Temmosus and Kragnor were Thals from the new Thal home world, Thalos which had Two Suns. Thalos unlike Skaro had many rainforest and was a happy place. Skaro was an arid desert of death and decay. They had been sent on a mission to see if they find anything of use to be taken back to the new home world. All they had found was the corpses of the ancestors, slain by the Daleks centuries past. Temmosus walked slowly back to the spaceship.

“C’mon Kragnor, nothing to see here. All rubble and dust.” Kragnor did not respond. He just stood there. Temmosus walked slowly back to him.

“Kragnor? What the hell is wrong, c’mon!”

“Sorry Tem, I can’t. Look.” Kragnor pointed to the bunker. Slowly, very slowly a creature was coming out of the rubble.

“C-C-C-C” It’s eyestalk slowly began to lift upwards. The two men just stood there. The greatest fear of their people thought long dead, was coming back to haunt them.

Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor was scanning a small piece of paper. Now in his Seventh body, The Doctor had become more accustomed to travelling alone. The white console room no longer looked so white. It looked more like a dirty grey, with only the roundels shining light through. The Doctor wondered why the room had got so dirty. He also wondered why someone would leave a message for him on Skaro that simply said “Predator”. He’d never heard the term used in referring to him but it was defiantly for him. He’d found a note telling him to come here to find that note. The first note had been addressed to him, The Doctor. The next, the one he had just found on the ruined floor of the Kaled bunker was also for him. He was sure of it. The Doctor put the note in his pocket and began to set the TARDIS in flight.

The Dalek’s eyestalk swiveled toward the TARDIS. It slowly began to fade from view. The Dalek said one grating word.


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