More Than This

A short tale about two young people finding the courage to get back together after a harsh break-up and a hard year. Can Brad convince Ash to give him a second chance? Is Ash willing to risk letting Brad shatter her heart again?
(This story was written for a competition and won! Competition made by Selinah <3)


2. Bradley Force - Contemplating

      ''A letter? Force, that's lower than pathetic. You can't do that in a letter; you have to go to her and say it face to face,'' Kipp is so not helping my quickly rising anxiety. I put the barbell back onto its base holder and lift myself from the lying position I was bench-pressing in. I drape my hands over the metal rod blocking me from leaning further and give Kipp a pointed look.

     It already took me 3 days to write an acceptable letter that I can sneakily get to her, and 2 minutes after slipping it into her coat pocket I started listing everything that was wrong on the letter. I am pathetic, but at least I am finally doing something. Kipp just straightens his back and crosses his hands in front of his chest. I know he is right, but I am too much of a scaredy-cat to go up to her and say it. I wait a couple seconds and when Kipp doesn't say anything and turns to check a chick's ass out, I grumble under my breath and lay back down, resuming my workout.

     I think about what he said and contemplate showing up at her house later, telling her in person too. Knowing Ash, she'd either kick the door in my face or invite that slimy Simon over so they can suck faces while I sit there mentally choosing between throwing myself into a den of hungry lions or grating myself to death with a cheese grater. Just thinking about them together makes me wanna vomit. I don't think going there is a good idea. But the more I think about it the more convinced I am that there is a better chance of this working if she doesn't read it on a paper but hears it from me in person. Only one teeny tiny issue with this: I already put the letter in her coat pocket and she probably already read it and tore it to bits before inviting that poor excuse of a boyfriend over so they can have dirty sex on top of the shredded paper-bits of my heart. Wow, that was a horrifying image. Not Ash naked, no, that's every guy's dream, but the rest is really disgusting. I shudder from the vision and sigh, putting the barbell back. I have made my mind up, I am going to her house to confront her. But I will shower first because I reek of sweat.

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