More Than This

A short tale about two young people finding the courage to get back together after a harsh break-up and a hard year. Can Brad convince Ash to give him a second chance? Is Ash willing to risk letting Brad shatter her heart again?
(This story was written for a competition and won! Competition made by Selinah <3)


1. Ashlynn Robbins - Another Bad Break-Up

     I throw the door open angrily as I make my way through the house. I try to blink back the tears hastily before my parents or my little brother notices, but it's useless. ''Mom!? Dad!? Jack!?'' No reply. My parents must be still at work, and Jack at his best friend Henry's house. Good, I don't want them to see me like this. Just in case, I head into my bedroom quickly and lock the door. I plop down on my bed and sigh defeatedly. Simon and I are over. Figures. I am not crying over him, no, I don't miss him. I am crying from the truth of what he said before storming out of the café in town I love to go to. He said that I never loved him and that the only reason I went out with him was because I knew it would piss of Bradley. He was right. Then he stood up, looked at me for a second, as if giving me one more chance to deny it, and stormed off leaving me to pay the bill. It was wrong of me, I know. I knew it then too, but Bradley and I...well, we have a long history. I am not crying because I am a fragile china doll and I can't handle a fight either, I am crying over Bradley. He had to go and mess with my heart and ruin me for everyone else. Not that I will be with anyone else. Simon was just a way to make Bradley think that I got over him quickly.

     Brad and I dated for 4 months our Junior year of high school and we were getting serious. Then one day, while we were having a movie marathon and stuffing our faces with popcorn and giving each other buttery kisses, I told him that I loved him. He said he loved me too and for a moment everything was fine. Perfect, even. The next night he drunk-called me, told me it was over, and that he never actually loved me. He then also told me to say hello to Chelsea, and a female voice went on the phone, but I didn't hear what she said clearly because the club music was too loud to hear. That bastard! I didn't get it, because he and I were really good together, and he was never a dickhead before. Obviously, I was wrong.

     Ever since then Brad and I have been known for despising each other and fighting pretty much whenever we were put in a room together. Everyone in school knows that, and they steer clear of the two of us. Simon just happened to be an unlucky fool who wasn't informed because he doesn't go to our school. I never noticed that Brad and I were left alone after we broke up and started irritating each other publicly, until my friend Lauren pointed it out. I don't mean left us alone as in ignore us, but as in they don't ask us out on dates or the opposite sex don't become too close friends with one of us. We still have our friends we had when we were going out and it's not like we are ugly or anything. Lauren says people do it because it is obvious in the chemistry during our fights that we still love each other, and apparently our short temper and fiestiness makes us perfect for each other. And no one wants to get in the way of us getting back together. As if. I don't believe her. Now graduation is a week away, and I am leaving to study at Rhode Island School of Design in the fall.

     Remembering our memories, I can't help but let one tear drop, but that's it. I won't waste any more tears on him. I know that I still love him, but I will never forgive him. The asshole doesn't do anything in school except annoy the crap out if me and still got accepted to Brown. And our universities are in the same city, life's a bitch, I'll say. I look down and realize that I am still wearing my coat. I put my hands in its pockets to grab my phone and just before I yank it out, I feel a piece of paper poking its sharp edges into my palm in my other pocket. I absentmindedly take my phone out and drop it on my bed before I grab the paper and pull it out. It's a letter with 'Ash' scribbled on it in Brad's handwriting. My heart stops, this can't be good. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and flip the folded letter open.

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