More Than This

A short tale about two young people finding the courage to get back together after a harsh break-up and a hard year. Can Brad convince Ash to give him a second chance? Is Ash willing to risk letting Brad shatter her heart again?
(This story was written for a competition and won! Competition made by Selinah <3)


5. Ash - The Balcony Scene (so not Shakespeare)

      ''I...Brad. Brad? What are you doing?'' I ask frantically. He has turned towards the oak tree by my window and is attempting, quite miserably, to climb on it. He circles the tree twice, thrice, and then a fourth time before he grabs onto two thick, low branches and hoists himself into the middle of the tree. Wide branches spread higher from then on and he continues to climb further as he explains.

     ''I had a burst of, urgh, epiphany, mmm, and decided to, uh, climb up this tree to your balcony, oh, ergh'' I try to decipher what he says, but his random grunting makes it harder. Just as my grain-sized brain comprehends what he means, Brad climbs high enough to be at the same level as me and beams.

     ''Bradley Hail Force, what on earth do you think you are doing. I don't even have a balcony!'' I hiss at him angrily. Which only makes his smile wider. He is holding onto one of the branches to steady himself and leaning to the left so he is in front of me, his eye in line with my hips.

     ''We are clearly not seeing eye-to-eye then,'' he smiles smugly at his own lame attempt to make a joke. I can't supress the smile that grows on my face at his childishness.

     ''And what do you think you are gonna acheive with this? I as sure as hell won't let you come in so you are gonna have to endure this conversation hanging from a tree like a monkey,''

     ''No, like Tarzan,'' he reciprocates. I like this casual bantering, it's not as intense and way more teasing than our ones before.

     ''I thought you were Romeo?''

     ''No, then I'd need a Juliet and your obviously not,'' he scoffs. I feign a hurt expression and gasp,

     ''Not your Juliet that's for sure,'' then getting a little exasperated I ask, ''why did you come, Brad? Let's hurry this on shall we 'cause it's around midnight and I'm growing more tired by the second.'' Brad only guffaws at my comment and with a big leap throws himself through the open window and smacks onto the floor of my bedroom. ''Bradley!'' I yell, my voice threatening to lose my temper, ''you can't just go jumping through unsuspecting innocent girls' bedroom window like that!!''

     ''You? Innocent? Hardly from what I recall,'' Bradley grins, and I return a genuine smile. I become aware of the fact that he is gazing at me intently, waiting for my answer, trying to not rush me. Should I give him another chance?

     I think about the horrible time I have had ever since we broke up, him annoying me only making it worse. Dating in high school means having to see your ex every day in school and at friend's houses. Despite him making it more difficult by becoming an arrogant prick, I know the real reason I had a miserable year was because I was not with him. I think about what it was like to be with Brad, the way he made me feel whenever we would touch, even when we'd been together long ago. I remember his little quirks and cute little things he did that meant the world to me. I miss it so much, I miss him so much. And through the disappointment I had in him since our break up, I know that that wasn't the real him. The real him is the one who was right by my side all the time, seeing only me in the world. The one who cared about others and was not a jerk to everyone who dared lay their eyes upon him. I know that that is the Bradley Hail Force who is the core of it all. The one who cared enough to be a better person.

     Looking at him now, I know he is back. The look in his eyes so sweet and hopeful. I know that he cannot guarantee me everything, and that he is not perfect or personality-wise anything like Prince Charming, but he is my pain-in-the-ass Prince Charming. And you know what? That is more than okay. So I lower my walls, un-lock the doors, step aside and let him in. Maybe even offer a cocktail on a silver plate.

      I walk up to him so quickly he doesn't know what hit him, lock my hands around his neck, and crash my lips against his. He immediately gets his bearings back and kisses me back with equal amount of passion. I missed this so much. I smile against his lips, tilt my head back to look at him and say, ''I don't need anything more than this, because this is perfect for me. You are perfect for me, and I love you too.''


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