Zayn here! This is just a place to let my inner thoughts free.
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1. July 10


            As many of you guys know drawing is a secret talent of mine. Some peolpe a draw for fun. I actually draw because its a simple way of letting my feelings loose. My most recent peice of art is this:


Most of you probably think that its just an eye. Its an eye, but there is something else behind it. No one knows what the world looks like through my eyes. Some people think that my life is going great, don't get me wrong it is, but sometimes I just wish some time away from the fame. Away from everything. So I can just spend time with me and my family. That family includes the lads and the family back home. I love all of our fans and all, but I just sometimes wish there was more privacy. I can't go out in the streets with my friend who is a GIRL, because rumors start. I can't always act brotherly to the lads because of 'gay' rumors. Can't I just have a break?

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