Almost There

Grace's bestfriends are all members of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, but Luke has always been her closest friend. He never revealed to Grace his true feelings towards her, which causes him to lose her. Luke wants to fight for Grace, but it is hard when she is dating one of his best friends.


6. chapter 6

"So you're in love with this girl and she is dating one of your best friends?"

I couldn't look her in the eye, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what," she laughed, "being in love? You can't control things like that luke."

"That's why calum and Michael wanted me to get out tonight . Her and ashton are out right now."

"Have you tried telling her how you feel?" Cassidy really seemed interested in what I was telling her and really wanted to help me.

"I can't. She is with Ashton now and he is one of my best friends. I can't jeopardize their relationship like that."

"At least talk to ashton about this. He needs to know how you feel."

"I'll think about it." I really meant I would think about it too. Maybe if I told Ashton how I felt I would feel better about the whole thing. It was worth a try.

Cassidy giggled, "come one luke we're still gonna have some fun tonight." She grabbed my hand and led me over to her friends. I was surprised to see Michael and calum dancing with them.

"Having fun yet!" Calum yelled to me over the loud music.

"A little."

He smiled at me and then continued to dance with Cassidy's friends. I don't think michael had noticed my presence. He was too invested

in his dancing. I'm glad they were able to have fun tonight. We have been so busy with tour we all really did need a break. I started to dance a long with everyone.

"Look who is having fun now," Cassidy smiled at me. She grabbed my hands started to dance with me.

"Thank you."

"For what?" She smiled.

"Everything. Helping me with Grace and making me actually have fun tonight."

"It was my pleasure Luke Hemmings."

I leaned and wrapped my arms around her. Her arms reached behind my neck and she placed a quick kiss to my cheek.

Then I saw her.

She had just walked in and appeared to be searching for someone.

"Ash!" Michael yelled. Waving his hands.

Ashton placed his hand on Grace's back and led him over to where we all were on the dance floor.

"You decided to join us," Calum laughed.

"Grace wanted to. She felt bad about ditching you all before." Ashton looked down at grace and smiled. His arm protectively around her waist.

"That's grace?" Cassidy whispered in my ear.

I nodded slightly. Before I knew what was happening Cassidy grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her.

"Play along," she said in my ear.

"Hi I'm Cassidy."

Grace's POV

I turned to the girl sticking her hand out for me to shake. I hadn't noticed her before, but now that I have I noticed Luke's arm slung around her waist. What the hell.

"Grace," I faked a smile grabbing her hand to shake it.

Who was this girl and why was she with luke. Did she meet him here tonight? A million more questions about this girl came into my mind. The real question I had was why I cared about this mystery girl who was with Luke?

She nuzzled her head into his neck and whispered something in his ear. I couldn't read his facial expression to get a clue on what she had said.

She moved herself away from him. "I'm going to go get something to drink. I will be right back Lukey." She didn't leave before placing a quick kiss to his cheek.

I watched her as she moved away from us on the dance floor until I could no longer see her

"Hey Grace."

I turned to Luke. He had a small smile on his face almost as if he was trying to hold back a laugh.

"Who was that?"

"Oh Cassidy? I met her before you got here. Really nice girl. I think you will like her."

More like I will like ripping her hair out. Wait what? Why do I hate this girl she did nothing to me?

"Where's Ashton?" I ignored Luke's comment about Cassidy.

"He was here a little while ago with mike and cal, but they're gone too."


"I'm back!" Cassidy came back to us and wrapped her arms around Luke's waist. "Did you miss me?" She looked up at luke.

"Of course," he laughed.

I really don't like this girl.

Authors note:

Sorry for taking so long to update and that it is so short. My computer wasn't letting me log in so I had to write it on my phone and it took forever but I really wanted to update. I'll try to update again as soon as I can and hopefully my computer will work again.

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