Almost There

Grace's bestfriends are all members of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, but Luke has always been her closest friend. He never revealed to Grace his true feelings towards her, which causes him to lose her. Luke wants to fight for Grace, but it is hard when she is dating one of his best friends.


3. Chapter 3

Luke’s POV

On the screen the killer was just about to kill the last person in the house. As he brought the knife up to her neck Grace screamed and buried her face into Ashton. I groaned, but not loud enough for anyone to hear me. Once the girl was dead the credits began scrolling across the screen. Cal lifted himself from the couch to go turn the lights on. When I glanced back over to Grace she was curled up onto Ash and he was whispering in her ear and kissing her cheek. Fuck. I should be the one comforting her not him.

“Are you ok Grace?” Michael asked her.

She smiled up at Ashton, “Yeah I’m fine now.” She is happy with him I can tell. I should be happy for her.

“I think it’s time to put you to sleep,” Ashton told Grace. He easily picked her up and held her bridal style. She started squirming and complaining for him to put her down, but he had no trouble holding on to her.

“Come on Ashton! Please!” she was serious in the beginning, but now she was just laughing.

I couldn’t watch any more of this, “I’m going to bed.” Grace had stopped laughing to look at me.

“Are you sure Luke? It’s not that late. We could watch another movie,” Grace suggested.

“I’m tired,” I said before sulking into my bed. I closed the curtain separating me from everyone, but couldn’t sleep. I spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling and thinking.

Grace’s POV

“Are you sure you want to sleep on the couch?” Ashton asked me for the hundredth time.

“Your bed is small enough without me in it with you,” I told him while rearranging the pillows on the couch.

“The closer to you I can be the better.” He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He lightly started to kiss my neck moving up it slowly. I pulled away knowing if it continued I would end up in his bed.

I moved my arms around his shoulders, “I will be fine out here. Now go to sleep.” He glumly followed my orders and left. I laid myself down on the couch. It was comfortable considering, but I still was not able to sleep. Something was still bothering me about the way Luke reacted to Ashton and I. I didn’t think he would be this mad about me not telling him about it sooner. It must be something else and I am going to find out.


I managed to get a few hours of sleep, but still found myself tired when I woke up. It was only 7 so I am guessing I was the only one awake. I grabbed my suitcase and started rummaging through it. I chose a pair of jeans and a plain purple shirt. I changed quickly and started towards the bathroom. I reached for the door handle, but before I could grab it a tall figure opened to door. I was about to scream when a hand covered my mouth.

“Damn Grace don’t scare me like that.”

Luke. I instantly relaxed. “Don’t scare you? I thought I was about to be kidnapped. There was no need to put your hand over my mouth.”

“You were about to scream. Trust me you don’t want to wake the boys up to early. They’re cranky.”

I laughed a little although I don’t think it was a joke. “Then why are you up?” I asked. I don’t remember him being a morning person.

“Couldn’t sleep.” I now noticed the heavy bags under his eyes.

“Did you sleep at all?”

“For about an hour. I had a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” I wasn’t expecting an answer, but I asked anyway.

“Different things.”

“Is this how things are going to be between us now?” I didn’t mean to say the question out loud.

“What?” he looked confused.

“You always told me everything, but now you are hiding things I can tell. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Ashton, but I don’t wasn’t our friendship to…..”

“You’re so stupid Grace,” he interrupted me.

“Excuse me.” Somewhere in my chest I felt a pain as said his first mean thing to me.

“I admit at first I was disappointed you didn’t tell me about dating Ashton, but that isn’t why I have been so distant.”

“Why then?”

“If you don’t know then there is no point in telling you.” As soon as he finished speaking he walked around me and down to the other end of the bus. I stood outside the bathroom for a few minutes. What just happened? It would be so much easier to understand if he would just tell me what was bothering him.

A few hours later Calum, Ashton, and Michael had all woken up. I haven’t spoken to Luke since our talk outside the bathroom and I wasn’t planning on talking to him anytime soon. I decided he was just being ridiculous. He couldn’t expect me to know what he was thinking.

Right now all of us were sitting on the couch. Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum were in the middle of a conversation, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. I didn’t even hear Ashton saying my name over and over again.

“Hello? Grace?” He waved his hand in front of my face up and down.

“Oh sorry,” I blushed slightly embarrassed.

“We’re going out to do something fun. Want to come?”

“Oh sure. Of course I love fun things,” I smiled. I need to do something fun to help distract me from my mind. I shouldn’t be this concerned with whatever Luke was talking about, but I am.

Ashton stood up and I got up to stand next to him. He interlocked his fingers with mine and sparks ignited in my finger tip. Whenever Ashton touched me I could feel the sparks. I think sparks are the one of the most important thing to make a relationship strong.

“So where are we going?”I asked.

“If you had been listening to our conversation you would know, but since you weren’t we are going to keep it a surprise. Don’t worry we will all have fun.”





Author' Note: I am still the worst updater on the planet. It takes me forever to write a chapter because I procrasinate and then I get distracted easily. So yeah... Thanks for reading!

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