This is just a story about a girl. A girl and her feelings.


1. Feelings

She knew what she wanted. She knew she couldn't have it. But still, she craved it. 

  1 week passes. She wants it now, more than ever. All her friends have it. Why can't she?   2 weeks pass. Wanting it, she lays in bed. Thinking. About what? Nothing. She repeats, "nothing. nothing. nothing."   1 month passes. She doesn't understand why is God punishing her, and only her?   2 months pass. She's been in bed for 3 days straight. Muttering under her breath, "You don't deserve it." She finally found out why.   4 months pass. She goes to school. Not talking to anyone. Everything is a blur. She goes home and crawls back into bed. She feels nothing.   4 months pass. 1 week until a full year. She still doesn't have it. She surrounds herself with people who do.She examines. She thinks. She realizes she will never have it.   1 year passes. It has been exactly 11 months and 3 weeks. Nobody knew what she wanted. Nobody made the effort to ask her what she really wanted. Now everyone wanted to know, but it's too late.       All she really needed was a little bit of Love.    
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