Feel Again (Louis Tomlinson)

{Book 3 - COMPLETE} All Marley Pennington wanted to do since her freshman year of high school was to turn her life around. To be someone she always wanted to be, and when she gets her dream job, everything seems to be headed in the right direction.
But Louis Tomlinson is another story. He's alone, afraid, and just wanting everything to go back to normal, before everything was ruined. Marley, a well-liked and cheery person tries to change Louis' look on life and love.

"Yeah with you
I can feel again
I'm feeling better ever since you know me
I was a lonely soul but that's the old me"


1. Marley

Ahola, and Welcome!

This is Feel Again, a Louis Tomlinson fanfiction. 

This is the third book in my independent series. This means you don't have to read all the books to read this one, but it'll give you a better understanding of the story line, plot, characters, etc. I have cast actors and actresses to play the people in this fanfic. If you don't know who they are or what they look like, I suggest you Google them.


HARRY STYLES as himself

LIAM PAYNE as himself

NIALL HORAN as himself

ZAYN MALIK as himself

ALY MICHALKA as Marley Pennington

AJ MICHALKA as Violet Pennington

NINA DOBREV as Parker (in Humane)

BRITT ROBERTSON as Amabel (in Back For You)

CARRIE MICHALKA (Aly's real mom) as Susan Pennington

JAMES FRANCO as Dan Pennington

This is the order of my One Direction series so far:

{Book 1} Back for You (Harry Styles) - COMPLETED

{Book 2} Humane (Liam Payne) - COMPLETED

{Book 3} Feel Again (Louis Tomlinson) - ON GOING

I will update this story every Tuesday and Friday. I will try my best to update as accuratley as I can, but if I don't please be patient. Thank you.

Please do not publish this story anywhere else without talking to me first. I will also be updating this fanfic on wattpad.com, where you can find my other works as well. 

I hope you enjoy this story, and thank you so much!

-Alli xo


Chapter 1 - Marley

“I think that’s the last one.” My mother sighs, setting down her coffee mug and the freshly sealed envelope.

I run my hands through my curly blond hair and take a deep breath. How many college applications would I have to fill out before I got accepted to a school I really wanted to go to? I’ve applied to probably ten and only gotten two acceptance letters so far, but those were the ones I’m not too sure about.

“Don’t worry, darlin’. You’ll get in to the best one out there, I know it.” My dad soothes me. I give him a smile, then stand up and put my dirty breakfast dishes in the sink and begin to wash them. 

I stare out the window and watch as the butterflies flap their wings and the children ride past on their tricycles. It’s another hot one in Nashville, Tennessee. I check my phone and see the time. What in the Sam Hill am I doing here so late? There’s a sale at Macy’s in exactly…thirteen minutes!

Jogging past my parents I go to my room and get dressed. My hair is still wet from last night’s shower after milkin’ the cows and feedin’ the chickens. I’m wearing my favorite white blouse, jean shorts going to my mid-thigh and my normal, every day brown cowgirl boots. Appropriate, don’t you think? I swipe some mascara on my eyelashes and some lip gloss on my lips. My phone, wallet and tube of lip gloss is thrown into my purse, which I throw over my shoulder.

“Where you headed?” My mom asks when I come downstairs again.

“To the mall. I’ll be back in time for dinner.” I answer her, already out the door.

My mother knows how much I love to shop. It should be considered a sport, really. I throw my purse into the driver’s seat of my blue pick-up truck and the engine roars to life. I smile, still amazed that my truck starts after fifteen years. It’s my baby, I care for it and get it whatever it needs. Being twenty years old, I grew up with it since I was five. My daddy brought it home and he said that it would be waiting for me for when I was sixteen. I named her Betsy. I just love that name. That day I drove Betsy for the first time was one of the best days of my life. There’s just something about her that’s so…loveable. She’s real reliable. She ain’t never let me down once. 

I pull into the Macy’s after the five minute drive and hurry to get inside. Once I push the door open, I smile and take a deep breath. Oh, how I love the department stores. I begin to walk around, passing the men’s and youth’s section. A yellow dress catches my eye and I make a bee-line for it, but something else makes me turn my head.

In the perfume, fragrance and makeup section there couldn’t be a bigger hoard of young girls. What are they all doin’? I walk over and see two girls, both looking around fifteen, holding a pink perfume bottle. They’re close to tears.

“Excuse me, what’s that?”  I asked politely. The girls look at me with wide smiles.

“It’s One Direction’s perfume. It’s perfect.” One of the girls says.

“It’s called Our Moment. It just came out a few weeks ago. We tried to come here as soon as it was out, but there weren’t any more left.” Her friend adds.

I smile too. One Direction? Swoon. They’re probably one of the most beautiful people on this Earth. Yes, I like ‘em, but my Mom don’t want me hangin’ up posters. I’m a twenty year old woman, I don’t own posters of boy bands. But I’ll admit it, I have all three of their albums on my iPhone. In case y’all are wonderin’, like you probably are, I am only living with my parents until I get either my dream job of becoming a stylist for celebrities (I just love the whole famous thing) or get accepted into one of my top colleges. So far, the college thing isn’t working out.

Looking around, I notice every girl is holding one, and some are leaving with it in a bag. I walk over to the nearest sample bottle and smell it. It smells better than my Grannie’s apple pie on Thanksgivin’! I put it back on the display and hunt down that yellow dress.

I grab that and a few others I like, along with some shoes. After finding the nearest dressin’ room I lock the door and slide into the yellow dress. The mirror is a little awkward so I open the door and go to the three mirrors at the end of the room. I almost run into someone, and I step back.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” The girl says. I smile at her.

“It’s alright.” I say.

“I was just coming out to see if this dress fit or not. The mirrors in there aren’t that well hung.” She says, tossing her long, straight brown hair over her shoulder.

I notice her accent, she’s not from around here. “You’re not from around here, are you?” I ask her.

“Nope, I’m from Miami.” Florida, hmm. “My name’s Parker, by the way.” She smiles and gives me her hand. She’s really nice.

“I’m Marley, it’s nice to meet you.” I look at her body. “That dress is really fine. You should get it.”

“Thanks.” Parker says. 

“What brings you to Nashville?” I can’t help but ask.

“Oh, my boyfriend’s work has him travel a lot, and I wanted to come with him.” Her face lights up.

“That’s something. What does he do?”

“He’s a singer.” She says, flushing a little.  “Do you have a boyfriend?” 

“No, I don’t. I haven’t had one since high school.” I answer her, going back into my dressing room and changing into a loose salmon colored dress that is made of thin material and reaches my toes.

“How old are you?” Parker steps out and this time she’s in a purple dress. It’s gorgeous.

“Twenty, you?”

“Twenty. I celebrated my birthday not too long ago.” She replies, pulling down the dress. It’s pretty short but I like it. “You like this one?” She smiles.

“Yeah, it’s a great one.”

She disappears into her dressing room and a minute later she throws it over the top. I catch it. “Here, you take it. It doesn’t fit right on me. Go, put it on. I want to see it.”

I laugh. “Alright.”

It’s a wonderful dress. “That’s hot. You should get it.” She’s right, it is hot. She’s taller than me by only a little, but the dress reaches a few inches above my knee. It has a sweetheart neckline and two thick straps.

“I’ll get this one.” I decide. 

“Get the yellow one, too. It’s really cute.” Parker calls.

I smile and nod. I was going to get the yellow one, anyways. It has a thick brown belt around the waist and yellow is one of my favorite colors, besides pink, so that just added to reasons why I need it. Parker gets a pair of shorts, telling me how it’s much more humid in Nashville than it is in Miami.

“No shoes?” I ask when Parker heads for the check out. 

She smiles and says, “I almost forgot. Let’s go.”

I like her, she’s funny and seems to be really nice. Her skin is tan but not too dark and I can’t help but be jealous of her hair. It’s perfectly straight and brown. When I tell her this she just about whacks me upside the head. She says that my blond curls are “to die for.” I shrug. I like my hair but sometimes I wish it was straight. I’m able to straighten it but it takes a long time and doesn't look right. 

We end up so deep in conversation that we finish in the Panera Bread right across the street. Her phone rings and she lights up at the caller I.D.

“Hey babe, what’s going on?”

I look away, feeling like I’m intruding when it’s only a phone call. 

“I’m just at the Panera across the street.” She explains. “I was, but I met a new friend.” She gives me a wink. I smile. “Okay, I’ll see you soon. Love you.” After she hangs up she says, “I know what you’re thinking. My boyfriend isn’t controlling. He’s just worried about me.”

“Does he have a reason to be?” I ask.

“No. I don’t think so. He’s very careful.”

“He sounds wonderful. What’s his name?”

“His name is Liam.” Her smile is so wide I know she loves him. Even if I met her two hours ago, there were multiple signs saying that she’s happy with her relationship. And for that I’m jealous of her. 

I check the time and see that’s it’s already four thirty. “Shoot, I have to go.” I say. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, really. I should be on my way too. Here, give me your phone.” Parker says and she takes mine and I take hers. I put my number in and she does the same.

“I’ll text you, I would love for you to meet my boyfriend and his friends. I think you’ll like them.” She laughs to herself, probably laughing at a joke I don’t understand.

“See you.” I wave and leave, finding my car and driving home.

When I walk in the front door, I see my mom chopping something and my dad over the stove. I lean in the doorway to the kitchen and see my dad sneak up behind my mom and kiss her on the cheek. She laughs and tries to swat him away but he isn’t having it. I half-smile. My parents have been very happily married for twenty-six years. They married young, but even after all this time they’re still madly in love, I can see it.

I hope one day I’m half as happy as they are, because in my book, that would be one of the greatest gifts.

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