Heartbreak Boy (5SOS not famous)

Abby and Luke have been best friends for forever, but when Abby starts developing feelings for Luke things get complicated. Abby knows that Luke is dating Boston, but she can't help her feelings... Can she? Eventually Abby turns to Luke and her's friends for help only to find out Calum, her next closest friend, has been crushing on her too. What happens when Abby crushes on her best friends? Who will fall for her? Will it ruin their friendship forever? Read to find out.


9. The Double Date

Calum's POV

   I wasn't sure whether I should pick her up or not, but it wouldn't be fair to Luke if I didn't. So I got on a white T-Shirt, some jeans, and my double jean jacket. Once I got to Abby's house I became really nervous. My palms started sweating and I thought of everything that could go wrong. Will she even come outside? I was too scared to go ring the doorbell, so I just honked the horn.

   Minutes later, Abby walked out. Damn, she's so pretty... Once she got on the car I couldn't help but apologize to her for earlier. "Abby, I'm so sorry about earlier, I shouldn't have kissed you. I hope we can still be friends, I'm so so sorry!"


Abby's POV

   "I'm so so sorry!"

   God, I wish he'd just shut up! "Calum! Shut up. I'm only here because Luke is making me go! Now just stop talking and drive!" He finally started driving. Thank god! I am so not looking forward to tonight. I just want to get this over with.


Luke's POV

   What is taking them so long?! We agreed to meet 20 minutes before the movie so we could get good seats and they're not here!

   I thought too soon. Calum and Abby walked in, both looking very uncomfortable about being here...

   Calum likes her; he should be happy about this! Uhg, whatever.


Calum's POV

   We walked into the theater and saw Luke with Boston, both were obviously annoyed. Probably because we're 15 minutes late, but oh well we haven't missed the movie.

   Abby was clearly ignoring me, she really didn't want to be here. Honestly, as much as I like her, I really wish I hadn't kissed her. I want her to be happy about being here, not uncomfortable. I guess Luke must have saw us walk in because he started walking up to us with Boston close behind.

   "We already got the tickets to White House Down. What's wrong with you two, why are you do late?" I opened my mouth to tell Luke everything when Abby spoke up.

   "Sorry, it's my fault we're late. I couldn't find my phone and Calum was getting frustrated. But we found it!" She held up her phone. "Sorry, now let's get to the movie!" Abby started walking away and I followed close behind her.

   Once we reached our movie I pulled Abby aside and let Boston and Luke go in. "What was that for?" I questioned.

   "We are NOT telling them! That's our cover story, okay? Now, act happy!"

   She started walking into the theater but I grabbed her arm again. "Abby, look. I'm sorry I kissed you earlier. Now I wish I hadn't, but I can't take it back. I really like you and I know you probably don't like me, but please don't hate me."


Abby's POV

   I was surprised by his words... I do kind of like him, but I like Luke! But maybe Calum would be better for me... I didn't know what to say.

   "Calum, I don't hate you, I never could. I won't say anything about the kiss right now, please we can talk about this after tonight is over. I'll come back over after. Please don't tell them what happened. Now, can we get in there before we miss the movie?" I really didn't want to talk afterwards either, but we need to.

   "Thank you. Yea; let's go." Then we walked into the theater and found Luke and Boston.

           ~skip movie~

   The movie was pretty normal. Boston and Luke were all lovey dovey, it disgusted me, while me and Calum actually watched the movie. Now it's time for dinner. I wonder where we're going.

   As if on cue Calum yelled, "To Olive Garden!"

   Haha, this should be nice. We got into our cars and drove there. It was only down the street so there wasn't much car conversation. Once we got there and got seated we all decided on what we wanted and ordered.


Calum's POV

   We ordered and Luke started some very boring small talk about Abby's Sweet 16 tomorrow. I really wasn't interested, I just kept wondering what Abby wanted to talk about. I mean, I know the gist of it, but what exactly.

   "Calum?" I felt my knee being squeezed.

   "Oh, er, ya?" I realized I had been in  my own little world again.

   "You okay?"

   "Ya, I'm fine!" I realized Abby's hand was still on my knee. Maybe she does like me...

   I looked at her questionably and she just smiled. What does that mean? I guess I'll find out later.

   Our food came out and the rest of the night was filled with pointless small talk and lots of Luke/Boston PDA, while Abby and I sat awkwardly.

   Finally, it was time to leave.

   "Shall we?" I asked while opening the car door for Abby. She gladly hopped in. The car ride was silent, I guess we were both saving the talking for my house. We finally pull into the driveway. I unlocked the front door and we both walked back to my room. I sat on the edge of the bed and Abby sat next to me.




   I didn't know how to describe his jacket so here's a pic. :)


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