Heartbreak Boy (5SOS not famous)

Abby and Luke have been best friends for forever, but when Abby starts developing feelings for Luke things get complicated. Abby knows that Luke is dating Boston, but she can't help her feelings... Can she? Eventually Abby turns to Luke and her's friends for help only to find out Calum, her next closest friend, has been crushing on her too. What happens when Abby crushes on her best friends? Who will fall for her? Will it ruin their friendship forever? Read to find out.


16. Talking to Luke

Abby's POV

   Soon enough Luke and I were sitting on the beanbags in the treehouse. "I'm sorry." Luke's words sent a wave of confusion over me.

   "For what?" I really did want to know. Did Boston fess up to intentionally throwing that dart at my foot? Did Calum tell him about my feelings?! Maybe I should just leave before something happens...

   Luke must have said something because he was staring at me. I gave him a questioning look in which he returned with a sigh. "I'm sorry I hadn't come to see you. Boston wouldn't let me, but we really do need to talk." Of course, Boston was probably afraid that I would tell Luke and he would believe me.

   "Oh... It's fine. What do we need to talk about?" The thoughts started flooding my mind again, but this time I heard Luke's words.

   "Calum." Crap! Did Calum tell him something? What if he thinks I'm closer to Calum than him? Luke spoke up again, "Are you two dating now or what? I mean, he likes you, but you have been acting all lovey dovey lately. If you are, why didn't you tell me? I'm your best friend! You can tell me anything! If you and Calum are dating then okay, I'll support you guys!"

   Wait... What.. That so wasn't what I expected... I was shocked at his words. Of course I wasn't dating Calum! Or did Calum think we were...? Crap, have I been leading him on?

   "I'm not dating Calum! Calm down. Did he tell you that? Maybe we've been a lot closer lately, but only because he comes to see me. I shouldn't have even left tonight. I, we, shouldn't be here Luke. My mom is going to kill me if she finds out."

   "When has your mom ever stopped you? We sneak out all the time! Abby, we've been best friends forever. I just wanted to know if you and Calum are together. If you're scared we'll get caught I can bring you home." At that, Luke started to get up. I stumbled a bit getting up, but still succeeded.

   As much as I wanted to stay here with Luke I also wanted to go home and sleep. "Let's go."
Luke then helped me down the ladder and back to my house.

   "I'll see you on your birthday Luke." His birthday was only in two days and I still planned on giving him his long awaited present.

   "See you then... Bye Jellybean." Luke hugged me, and I started walking back inside. Finally I can sleep.





   I'm SO SO sorry that I haven't updated in forever! School has been getting to me. I usually have homework and I stay after every day and go early Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm sorry that this chapter isn't very good, but I promise the next one will be much better! I have that one at least planned out, so I just need to find the time and write it. With this one I just made it up within about 15 minutes in science class... Well please like and favorite. It means a lot to me:) And if you have any ideas that you would like to share with me for this, or any of my other books, please comment or kik me at  AbbyM51

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